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Amanda Bucci is an American fitness model and social media personality who is known for her brand of products, workout routines, and diet plans. She hosts Bucci Radio podcast.
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196: Becoming a Force of Nature - Mental Health, Productivity and Positive Psychology with Niyc Pidgeon
Have you ever wondered why some of us go through trauma and adversity and go on to perform better than before, and some of us decide to quit? What makes some people more resilient than others? How can we bounce back more quickly from a negative experience?   Today’s guest is my incredible friend Niyc Pidgeon. Niyc is a Positive Psychologist and Success Coach for entrepreneurial women. She’s a Hay House author, and has her second book coming out soon. Niyc has been named Entrepreneur of the Year and won the award for Best Psychologist book of the year. She’s lived through her own traumatic experiences, and has learned how to turn her pain into her purpose.   In this episode, we discuss tips on how we can bounce back more quickly from a negative experience and come out stronger than before. We also discuss how to move out of a dark place to create a new and better version of our own reality with strategies of gratitude and meditation.    Moments: 1:40- How did you start getting into positive psychology and get into this line of work? 5:35- In terms of positive psychology, what is it that switches people from a negative spiral into something that allows us to feel better immediately? 11:00- What does the success practice look like in your own business? 15:00- What were those challenging times that lead you to consistently show up and do these practices? 20:58- Were these experiences that lead you to write the book you’re writing now? 24:00- What are the things that people choose or dont choose to do to come out of a dark place? 31:00- Once you’re back to neutral, how do you move on to performing better than before? 37:00- Where do you see this conversation going in 2020? Quotes: You don’t know the power of your own potential. It’s amazing what the human spirit can do to not only bounce back but to thrive.    Why is it that some of us go through trauma and adversity and go on to perform better than before, and some of us decide to quit?    You don’t need to get back to how you were before, you can create a new version of reality that allows you to find the strength through the struggle, that not only lets you find the light at the end of the tunnel but go on to build a whole new amazing thing while you look back on the former version of yourself.  Instagram @niycpidge Sponsor Info:Klassy Network Glasses: My Intent: Head to and type in the code BUCCI for 30% off.
195: Doing and Being - Take Your Business to the Next Level
When building a business, getting to the next level means we have to expand our capacity as humans to hold a larger vision in order to have a larger result. In each level, we can find ourselves in a battle between two opposing forces such as being a creator vs. entrepreneur, hustle vs. flow, or being vs. doing. At the same time, we need to allow space to let this happen. In today’s episode, we talk about balancing your energies and opposing forces in order to get to the next level you’re trying to move in.
194: How to Go All In, Separate Yourself, and Own Your Uniqueness - with Megan Yelaney
There’s a difference between vanilla messaging and trying to be like everybody else, verses separating yourself and owning what makes you uniquely you. One person who continually embraces her real, true, #PrettyAwkward self is today’s guest, Megan Yelaney. Megan owns her “Megness”, and crushes it with her marketing by showing up as herself every single day and creating a business that makes her feel at home.  Most of you know that Megan is one of the few people who has been a mentee and client of mine, an incredible friend, and was the head coach of FCA for over a year. Megan started off as a Network Marketer in an MLM before eventually joining Influencer Academy (now FCA) and starting her own business coaching and scaling it to multiple 6-figures. She’s an incredible example of someone who has always shown up with integrity and continually steps it up to the next level. In this episode, we talk about transitional and pivotal moments in business, being real and not caring what other people think, separating yourself by not becoming a carbon copy, getting out of your bubble, and creating a routine and business that feels light and exciting.
193: Somatic Sexology and Healing Your Body from the Inside Out - with Julianne Vaccaro
Many of us are moving through trauma in our lives. We know that it’s important to work through our trauma and heal ourselves but knowing where to even begin can be scary. Our guest today is Julianne Vaccaro, one of my good friends and Mastermind client. Julianne is a Spiritual Health and Trauma coach for leaders who are looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and heal to reclaim their life. She uses Somatic Sexology and Spiritual Psychology practices to support her clients moving through trauma. Julianne was a fitness competitor and had her own fitness and health issues. When she started doing her own inner work to heal, she realized how important it is to heal from the inside out. I love how she is helping people get to the core of their issues, rather than covering surface-level stuff. Today we will cover what Somatic Sexology is, how our body holds onto trauma and emotions, and how we can release, clear, and heal our own trauma with these practices. @juliannevaccaro on Instagram
192: How to ACTUALLY Be"Authentically Yourself" On Instagram
We all want to represent ourselves accurately and for people to see us and recognize us at authority on social media. But maybe we haven’t figured out how to represent ourselves in the best way. We see what other people are doing and we can get so deeply wrapped up in the bubble of the people we are following that we can lose ourselves in this process. So what does authenticity even mean? This word is overused and I want to break it down for you. There is such a high level of inauthenticity out there. Everyone can feel it. You can feel when a person posts something that they mimicked from someone else. Everyone is saying the same exact thing and saying things because they think they are supposed to. Its an influencer mask we put on. In today’s episode, I’m going to cover content creation that feels like you and inauthenticity and authenticity in terms of actual life experience. Get on my new Instagram Course Waitlist-
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