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Anahit Misak "Ana" Kasparian is an Armenian-American political commentator, university instructor and writer and co-hosts The Young Turks - FREE (Video) Podcast.
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The Young Turks 04.16.18: Michael Cohen, Hannity, Starbucks Arrests and Kendrick Lamar
The Young Turks - FREE (Video)
A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 16, 2018. For more go to Hour 1: Cenk. Republican donor has finally had enough and contributing now to democrats, Seth Klarman, CEO of Baupost group. Trump has lately done some things against Russia, such as the bombing of Syria… Michael Cohen has been raided, Trump wanted to decide what evidence could and could not be used. Sean Hannity is Cohen’s third client. Alex Jones is apparently done with Donald Trump, so done he was brought to tears. Syria airstrikes add $5 Billion to missile-makers’ stock value. Hour 2: Cenk & Ana. Starbucks employee calls police on two patrons for loitering. Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize for DAMN. He is the first rapper to win the award. Bevin blaming teacher strike on children being harmed by sexual assault or ingesting poison due to not having anyone to look after them. Leading gay rights lawyer died after setting himself on fire, suicide note stated it was to make a statement toward the use of fossil fuels. Scott Pruitt’s soundproof phone booth.
The Young Turks 04.11.18: Rand Paul vs Pompeo, Corey Booker vs Pompeo, Bank of America, and Teachers With Bats
The Young Turks - FREE (Video)
A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 11, 2018. For more go to Hour 1: Ana, Michael, Ben. Trump keeps tweeting unhinged updates on Syria. Mike Pompeo’s differing foreign policy positions under Obama and Trump. Wendy Vitter fumbles answering whether or not she agrees with Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Updates on MO Gov. Eric Greitens sexual misconduct allegations. Hour 2: Ana, Mark, Ben. National Enquirer paid Trump doorman $30,000 to kill rumor about love child. Bank of America to not finance companies that make military-style firearms. Parkland teacher in favor of arming educators leaves gun in bar bathroom. 1/3 of Americans do not believe that 6 million Jews died in Holocaust. Mariah Carey opens up about bipolar disorder.
TYT - 04.09.18: Joffrey Trump, Ted Nugent, and Kimmel vs Hannity
The Young Turks - FREE (Video)
A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 9, 2018. For more go to Hour 1: Cenk. FBI raids Michael Cohen. Ivanka clothing company exempt from new China tariffs. Boston Globe parody page foreshadows current events. Keystone pipeline leak in South Dakota is double the estimate. Michael Kelly disguises meetings as playtime for Trump. Ted Nugent comments on shooting Democrats. A portion of Trump voters shifting away. Establishment trying to push for war in Syria. Hour 2: Cenk, Ana. Michael Cohen update. Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for Sean Hannity comments. Hannity comes to Melania’s defense. Gender pay gap statistics for mothers. Topless protestor confronts Bill Cosby. Sarah Huckabee Sanders hosts Easter story time.
TYT - 04.04.18: New York Politicians, Alison Hartson, NRATV, and Surprise DNA Test Results
The Young Turks - FREE (Video)
A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 4, 2018. For more go to Hour 1: Segment 1 Cenk Uygur & John Iadarola, New York politicians are at odds with themselves. Alison Hartson focusing on income inequality. Hour 2: NRATV- saying members must rise up against youtube censorship. Oklahoma governor is getting annoyed with teachers protests. Woman finds out via that her father is her parents obstetrician.
TYT - 04.02.18: Condom Challenge, Trump Easter Rant, and Shulkin Fired
The Young Turks - FREE (Video)
A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 2, 2018. For more go to Hour 1: Segment 1 Snorting condoms, not a good idea. Donald trump goes into military rant alongside the easter bunny. Shulkin says his dismissal was somewhat a surprise. Segment 2 Sinclair broadcast group made dozens of local news anchors recite the same script. Exposing local news for the actors that they are. Trump tweets in their defense. Trump changes language around global warming to be “politically incorrect”.
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