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Andi Clare is a player on Friends at the Table with a really good Twitter handle. After first joining the podcast during COUNTER/Weight, she has played the characters of Aubrey and Ephrim in seasons set in Hieron, and Echo Reverie in Twilight Mirage Andi is also a staff member and video producer at Video Game Choo Choo and cohost of Emojidrome, "a psychosexual journey into the little pictures on your phone".


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The Road to PARTIZAN 10: Microscope Pt. 2
Welcome to the final part of the final game (but not the final episode) of the Road to PARTIZAN. Building on the foundation of everything that has come before, this week Andi, Austin, Dre, and Keith fill in more important gaps in the history of the Divine Principality. A fourth and fifth Stel rise. Ploys, plots, and backstabbings abound. A centuries-long war begins in earnest. And final, a fracture forms at the heart of Divinity. As mentioned above, this will not be the last update on the Road to PARTIZAN. Next week, Dre, Jack, and Austin will walk through the entire Microscope timeline, offering a recap of history from the end of Twilight Mirage to the beginning of PARTIZAN. Whether you’re just jumping in or need a refresher, we hope that’ll be useful to you. And one week after that, we’ll be launching PARTIZAN in earnest with episode 00, where you’ll be introduced to the player characters, squads, and starting situation. As a reminder, if you want more info on the world of PARTIZAN, check out our Patreon at, where Austin has shown of tons of additional worldbuilding, including faction, region, NPC squad, and Mech creation!  Speaking of things worth checking out: We’ve also rolled out some special seasonal merch! Go to to pick up your very own Bluff City Zoo Winter Snowfari t-shirt, sweatshirt, or tote!     This week on the Road to PARTIZAN: Microscope Pt. 2   ////DIVINE SPACE TRANSIT RECORD ///LOCATION: PARTIZAN | ASHEN STRAND 001.01 | 33550336.8128.496 ///DATE 03/44/413 PM ///PORTCULLIS STATUS: STANDARD ARRIVAL ///ARRIVALS:  1x Machine Parts  | Destination: Girandole automated siphon station “Farmington” 1x Return Fuel Supply | Destination: Girandole automated siphon station “Farmington” 1x Waning Institute Trash Drone | Destination: Third moon of Girandole. (UNAUTHORIZED) Hosted by Austin Walker (@austin_walker) Featuring Andi Clare (@captaintrash), Andrew Lee Swan (@swandre3000), and Keith J. Carberry (@keithjcarberry) Produced by Ali Acampora (@ali_west) Cover Art by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot)
The Road to PARTIZAN 09: Microscope Pt. 1
Finally, the Road to PARTIZAN enters its final lap. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be zooming the camera out to look at the 5,000+ years that have taken us from the end of the Twilight Mirage to the very moment PARTIZAN begins, and to do that we’ll turn to Ben Robbins’ excellent Microscope, a game which we used in part during COUNTER/Weight’s “faction turns.”  In this first part, we’ll look directly at the moon world of Partizan, where a religious prophet makes a dramatic claim, performs apparent miracles, and winds up caught in the machinations of an empire. Will this shake the religious foundations of the Principality? Or will this prophet be stomped out like so many other challenges to Divinity’s rule… This Week on the Road to PARTIZAN: Microscope Pt. 1 ///YEAR:1418 PERFECT MILLENNIUM ////LOCATION: PARTIZAN | ASHEN STRAND 001.01 | ISLES OF LOGOS ///RECORD TYPE: AUDIOVISUAL This is a low-quality recording of a “Rededication Ceremony” at a temple or church. Across two dozens sequences, the footage follows members of this community as they prepare for, attend, and mingle after a religious ceremony. The footage leaps from scene to scene artlessly, offering only brief snatches of time as the camera operator inconsistently holds down the “record” button. Banners are hung. Seating is assigned. An orator speaks at a podium in front of a large, dark shape. They are in the middle of speaking, and the camera picks up the words “their war is our opportunity,” before being cut off. Afterwards, food and drink is provided. Over the sound of backround chatter, an attendee offers the camera a friendly hand sign and a smile. Hosted by Austin Walker (@austin_walker) Featuring Andi Clare (@captaintrash), Andrew Lee Swan (@swandre3000), and Keith J. Carberry (@keithjcarberry) Produced by Ali Acampora (@ali_west) Cover Art by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot)  
#78: Willy Wonka and the Bullshit Bathtub (Bath)
Brutalist baths! Terrible tubs! A cheeto? All this and more, as Andi and Ryan take a dip with the "Bath" emoji! Which of these baths accommodates tall people, and which one is comically small? How many of them enable Big Head Mode, and which one is secretly a living creature? Stay tuned for The President & The Pauper (Popper?), failed ergonomics, a new Willy Wonka sequel, and more!Follow along here: Play: us on Twitter: @emojidrome, @captaintrash (Andi), and @sewerpeak (Ryan).Find us on Patreon:
The Road to PARTIZAN 08: For the Queen
The Road to PARTIZAN continues, and it does so with Alex Roberts’ and Evil Hat Productions’ For the Queen, a card based storytelling game about the retinue of a leader on a critical journey through difficult territory.  Today’s game takes place about 500 years before the events of Partizan, at a moment where the Principality marches against two of the only remaining galactic powers not yet under the heel of the Divine Principality, each an echo of a past culture that fans of our second season, COUNTER/Weight, will know well.  Now those two cultures join on this crucial mission to the heart of Divinity. From the Empire of Apostolos, the Apokine (our stand in for the game’s titular Queen) has gathered around them a cadre of trusted companions: Eudora (Andrew Lee Swan), their adopted sibling, Antigone Gennadiy (Janine Hawkins), their former caretaker and a current soldier in their military, and Orbit Shard (Andi Clare), their bodyguard and most trusted fighter. They are joined by Modus Maria (Austin Walker) a member of the mysterious “Branched,” a people who have transformed their bodies into something spectacular and free—only to have the threat of war force them to rebuild themselves as soldiers first and foremost. In this moment, the future is unwritten. Can the Apokine finish their journey and secure freedom for their people? Or will Apostolos be conquered by the Principality, as so many other people and places have been? This week on the Road to Partizan: For the Queen   ////PARTIZAN PALACE DATE ENTRY | 1418 P.M. 09 01 \\\\ . . . ///OPERATION: CHOOSE SECTION: MILITARY ACTION && GALACTIC POLITICS: DISPLAY TOP ARTICLE\\\ . . . //APOSTOLOS STRIKES KESH, ESTABLISHES ‘FORT ICEBREAKER’ \\ . . . /OPERATION: GENERATE BULLETED PRECIS\ Hostilities begin on Partizan during fight between Kesh and Apostolos in the Verglaz Taiga Apostolosian forces led by elect of Motion, Hyacinth, who utilized wind and snow drift to disorient Kesh opposition and to misdirect their opposition long enough for Fort Icebreaker to come online. Brief description of Fort Icebreaker: “a mobile fortress,” “network of tunnels,” “treads and cannons” Neutral analysts from Orion and Columnar are quoted, citing the divine Motion’s ability to extend operation time of Apostolosian hollows as a key aspect of this victory, though secondary to Hyacinth’s strategy Melody Sefton East of the Church of Received Asterism calls for an end to hostilities. Additional context given re: current Kesh-Apostolosian hostilities across Divininty (see also: Princept (Dahlia), Princept (Cynosure Kesh) Hosted by Austin Walker (@austin_walker) Featuring Janine Hawkins (@bleatingheart), Andi Clare (@captaintrash), and Andrew Lee Swan (@swandre3000) Produced by Ali Acampora (@ali_west) Cover Art by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot)
#77: Bad Bird (Turkey)
Gobble gobble! It's time for the "Turkey" emoji. I was too busy playing Pokemon to take notes this week, but I know we talked about Robert Pattinson and embroidered gamer diapers. Enjoy!Follow along here: Play: us on Twitter: @emojidrome, @captaintrash (Andi), and @sewerpeak (Ryan).Find us on Patreon:
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