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#468 - The Keto Diet: What, Why How (with Science)
Ben Coomber Radio
The Ketogenic Diet is talked about non stop, but why would you do it, what are the reasons, what are the benefits? Here is a full audio review on the Keto Diet by Tom Bainbridge, Head of Education at the BTN Academy, an evidence based Nutrition Education company
#467 - Giving you permission to Succeed with Ben Newman
Ben Coomber Radio
You do know success is a choice? And today we’re going to make you realise that. Ben Newman is a Performance Coach hell bent on showing people their potential. After watching his mum die just before his 8th birthday he saw just how precious life was. In this action packed podcast we discuss the importance of a personal vision, creating a personal doctrine you read daily, how one simple action can create the success you want, and more. As a coach to some of the top brains, sports teams and companies in the US, Ben knows how to inspire and drive success. Grab his free playbook at
#466 - Sugar Addiction & Sugar Cravings
Ben Coomber Radio
Is sugar addiction a thing? Scientifically, despite what people claim, it's not, BUT, how often do we have a sweet and want more? How often do we crave sweet things? How often is it food that's on the mind? Lets take a quick delve into the brain and all things sugar and addiction...
#465 - Release your inner Awesome with Danny Bent
Ben Coomber Radio
What does living an awesome life mean to you? Do you think you’re doing it? Do you feel confined, maybe by your job, your health, the people around you? Danny Bent runs the Awesome Project, and having come back from 9 days running across Iceland, along with many other past physical feats, we muse on what living an awesome life means, what adventures teach you, where survival fits into our modern life, where technology fits in and is it really serving us, what humans are capable of, what connection means for us, and more. Check Danny out at and
#464 - Is what you believe, true?
Ben Coomber Radio
Are there things you do or believe in that hold you back? Would you even know if they did hold you back, are you aware of these things? Perhaps we are told these 'facts' by the media, or our parents, or teachers at school, or a book we read? The more someone says something the more we feel it's true, but that doesn't make it true... Awesome Supplements now has samples, try us:
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