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Teaching from a Full Tank with Chase Mielke
Vrain Waves: Teaching Conversations with Minds Shaping Education
Connect with Chase MielkeWebsite: | Twitter: @chasemielke | Newest Book: The Burnout Cure: Learning to Love Teaching Again, ASCDConnect with Vrain WavesWebsite: | Twitter: @VrainWaves | Becky Twitter: @BeckyEPeters | Ben Twitter: @mrkalbLinks & Show NotesOut of Our Heads and Into the Classroom (01:56)Tammy Trzebiatowski (@ttrzebiatowski)- Exercise & alone timeAndy Leiser, Hastings MN - EL Tech Integration (@AndyLeiser): from Amy Fast, EdD (@FastCrayon) - cards written to future selfTyler Tarver, Dean of NLC College (@TylerTarver) - Set 3 goals each weekTemple Hayles, Instructional Technology Coach (@haylessvvsd) - Hold Fast, Stay TrueBen: Exercise gratitudeBecky: Practice mindfulness; Getting Mindful about Race in Schools, Elena Aguilar (@brightmorningtm); EFGHI (Empathy, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Humility, Intentionality)Chase Mielke Intro (10:56)Chase’s story & origin of the book (11:17)Subjective Well-Being, Circumstances v. Action (12:57)Sustainable Happiness Model Meta-Analysis, Sheldon & LyubomirksyCircumstances = 10%; Intentional Actions = 40%; Genetics = 50%“Circumstances matter but my actions matter more.”What can we do? Internal locus of control (15:06)Empowered Thriving Model: Awareness → Attitude → ActionsAwareness (16:27)Matthew Killingsworth & Daniel Gilbert, Harvard University Research - 47% of our time spent thinking about something other than the present momentApp = Track Your HappinessTwin challenges of focus (17:57) - Rambling & Rumination“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” - William JamesRumination & Rambling (19:03)Rambling - can’t always control; Rumination we can start to improve with practiceTangible tips for being in the present (20:55)Thich Nhat Hanh: Piece Is Every StepMindfulschools.orgCalm app has free accounts for teachers!! ( Habits: habit stackingSocietal acceptance of mindfulness & meditation (24:15)Excitement from studentsStaff mindfulness (27:01)2 components of happiness: Hedonia v. Eudamonia (27:58)Living purposefully - live our best so we can give our bestRecognizing your own triggers (29:49)Check in with your bodyTechniques for re-energizing (32:39)Better sleep habits; hobbiesGratitude practices, altruistic practicesGratitude (35:20)Upward vs. downward comparisonsPracticing with students / children“What made your heart happy today?”Frequency & Recency of Positive Emotions (39:02)Wired to be more alert to threats than rewardsHebb’s postulate: Neurons that fire together wire togetherInattentional Blindness (41:16)Invisible Gorilla“When I look for X, I notice less Y.”Celebrating the goodFinite Framing (47:35)Moments are unique, this one will end, cherish each onePractical Optimism (51:16)Habits of thinking: Permanence (this will always be as it is) & Universality (everything - a whole child, a whole school, education as a system, etc - is affected by this)Wrap Up & Take aways (54:49)‘Gratituesday’ newsletter at affectiveliving.comASCD one hour webinar from Mr. Mielke
Fisher & Frey PLC+
Vrain Waves: Teaching Conversations with Minds Shaping Education
Episode 041: PLC Plus with Nancy Frey & Doug Fisher Join us for this discussion with the potent pair Doug Fisher & Nancy Frey! We learn about their new book, PLC+ and the five questions that get to the heart of what collaboration time should look like in schools. Stay tuned until the end for a special promo code for our listeners for the PLC+ Institutes the authors will be hosting in Colorado in October! Connect with Fisher & Frey Website: | Twitter: @DFisherSDSU; @NancyFrey | Newest Book: PLC Plus, Corwin Press Connect with Vrain Waves Website: | Twitter: @VrainWaves | Becky Twitter: @BeckyEPeters | Ben Twitter: @mrkalb Links & Show Notes Out of Our Heads & Into the Classroom: (01:30) American Express: Simple Guide to Lean Meetings Robyn Jackson on weekly team meetings Have an agenda / protocol Techless meetings Pre-mortem from Daniel Pink Collaborative notes & DRIs Toby - Chrome Extension Introduction to Fisher & Frey & PLC Plus (08:12) Their School: Health Sciences High & Middle College in San Diego Questions: Where are we now? & the importance of pre-assessments Side note: common questions for PLC work come from DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, & Many, 2010 as a PLC foundation: Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work; we acknowledge this foundational work when discussing PLCs : What do we want students to learn? (essential standards) How will we know if they have learned? (team-developed common assessments) What will we do if they don’t learn? (systematic interventions) What will we do if they already know it? (extended learning) Collective Efficacy Graham Nuthall, Hidden Lives of Learners Students already know between 40-50 percent of what the teacher is teaching (Nuthall, 2007) Equity: Removal of Barriers vs. intervention as responses to student data Activator: Someone to guide the group What are PLCs getting wrong? (13:21) Emphasis on the structural conditions can overwhelm the focus and mission of the group PLC must continually reinvest in itself Lack of attention to instruction - “How do we move learning forward?” Literacy example (16:49) Curriculum / Instruction / Assessment Recent research that ~20% of in-class tasks are on grade level TNTP’s The Opportunity Myth - and an article from EdWeek PLC+ Protocol - Assignment analysis (from The Education Trust) (19:34) Equity in Motion work from The Education Trust Trust and the importance of Relational Conditions (21:18) Activator helps keep the conversation moving Protocols provide consistency PLC+ / PD (22:57) Roughly a 1 to 3 ratio - Full staff Professional learning to PLC+ Time Credibility & Efficacy (24:33) Teacher Credibility: Trust, Competence, Dynamism, Immediacy Self-Efficacy and Collective Efficacy (27:17) Albert Bandura’s research on self-efficacy - From Leading Impact Teams, by Bloomberg & Pitchford (& based on Bandura’s research, as well as Goddard, Hoy, & Hoy): Efficacy = Mastery Moments, Vicarious Experience, Feedback, and Trust “Where are we going?” and “Where are we now?” (31:08) 5 Questions in PLC+: Where are we going? Where are we now? How do we move learning forward? What did we learn today? Who benefited and who did not benefit? Bringing data to the PLC+ (33:22) Student feedback Equity / Cognitive Bias / The Decisions we choose to make: (35:52) Quote from PLC+: “Underlying every decision about what we choose to gather data on is an unspoken decision about what we won’t look at.” Data should be aligned to team’s common challenge; then did we impact learning or not? Invite students to PLC+ times for feedback Protocols for learning walks Microteaching protocols What did we learn today? Every single day we should be formatively assessing Scheduling logistics (44:56) Two PLC+s - Grade level & Content level Vertical & Horizontal conversations are necessary Grading at their school (48:19) Competency-Based / Mastery of Standards Formative homework & classwork All Learning is Social Emotional (50:41) Social Emotional Academic Learning Removing institutional barriers vs. Intervention (54:27) Support each learner individually - help them find a way to mastery Special offer for Vrain Waves Listeners!! (58:50) Promo Code: VRAINWAVES Go to to register; Oct 3 & 4 in Denver at the Curtis Hotel
First Week of School Activities
Vrain Waves: Teaching Conversations with Minds Shaping Education
Episode 042: Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!!! A quick intro episode after our summer break. Listen for some inspiration, activities, and free resources to help get your year started off right!! Please consider sharing with a friend, and point some feedback our way at! Thank you! Connect with Vrain Waves Website: | Twitter: @VrainWaves | Becky Twitter: @BeckyEPeters | Ben Twitter: @mrkalb Links & Show Notes Temporal Landmarks (01:08) Episode 009 with Daniel Pink Atomic Habits, by James Clear Habit stacking (02:13) Three Minute Know Me (04:51) - Design School X, dK12 Network, Design Tech High IDEO Teachers Guild Episode 006 with Dan Ryder (06:58) Ed Tech Team Blog Post: 15 Ideas for Back to School Creativity with Intention Tableau for teachers (07:57) Breakout tasks (09:04) Unsplash - royalty free images (11:55) Goals (12:53) Beth Comstock, Imagine it Forward “Tell me something I don’t want to hear.” “The pace of change will never be slower than it is right now.” Tech Insider Video (2:52): 7 Amazing Technologies we’ll see by 2030 Consumption v. Creation (15:15) Ben’s platypus / Tutorial he used
Making the Most of Your Summer
Vrain Waves: Teaching Conversations with Minds Shaping Education
Episode 041: Making the Most of Your Summer A compilation episode highlighting advice on how to make the most of your summer, courtesy of the interviews from some of our amazing guests. Don’t let decision fatigue get you down! And share with us your summer plans at #makesomevrainwaves. Connect with Vrain Waves Website: | Twitter: @VrainWaves | Becky Twitter: @BeckyEPeters | Ben Twitter: @mrkalb Links & Show Notes Physical exercise (03:53) Brain Rules, Dr. John Medina Episode with Doris Kearns Goodwin Benjamin Hardy blog post in Medium: “Behavior drives motivation.” Robyn Jackson: “First you make your habits, then your habits make you.” (VW Episode with Robyn Jackson Dan Willingham: “Never rely on willpower when you can make a plan to avoid it.” (VW Episode with Dan Willingham Distraction (07:42) Episode with Cal Newport 30-day digital detox Dan Willingham: “Memory is the residue of thought.” Making Memories (10:06) Episode with Dan Heath: Power of Moments Love Reading the Most (11:00) Episode with Cornelius Minor The Road, by Cormac McCarthy The Art of Gathering, by Priya Parker Stop Talking, Start Influencing, by Jared Cooney Horvath Spark! The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, by John J Ratey (720) 900-1741 let us know how you are making the most of your summer! Or tweet us at #makesomevrainwaves
Doris Kearns Goodwin & Michael Goodwin - Learning Through History
Vrain Waves: Teaching Conversations with Minds Shaping Education
Episode 038: Doris Kearns Goodwin & Michael Goodwin, Learning from History Connect with Doris Kearns Goodwin Website: | Twitter: @DorisKGoodwin Connect with Michael Goodwin Website: Connect with Vrain Waves Website: | Twitter: @VrainWaves | Becky Twitter: @BeckyEPeters | Ben Twitter: @mrkalb Links & Show Notes Constitutional Convention Story (01:32) Doris Kearns Goodwin (Website) Leadership in Turbulent Times Rivers and Revolutions (3:51) How Doris & Michael got started in education (04:01) The impact of Concord on their lives (05:46) Layers of history Richard Goodwin (08:22) NPR story on Richard after his death Doris’ many books (09:48) Remembering America: A Voice from the Sixties (10:38) “It’s not a question of capacity, it’s a question of will.” Social mobility, rising to our potential Involvement in politics for our youth (13:17) Help students create change on a local level first Rivers & Revolutions (16:14) Interdisciplinary approaches to education - holistic way of looking at the world Concord Carlisle High School Rivers, Revolutions, Air, Fire, & Love A Plea for Captain John Brown by Henry David Thoreau The Power of Storytelling (22:12) Forbes article on Lincoln & Storytelling, based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s work Squaw Sachem Education is about building community Investigation of Love Empathy (27:07) Through public life you experience other people’s worlds Seeing people as ‘other’ is a threat to our future Diverse classrooms v. Tracking Open exploration of that diversity in that classroom Soliciting feedback live from students in the classroom - how can we support each other “If you think you have more to contribute than someone else, you don’t, and if you think you have less to contribute than someone else, you don’t.” Everyone has something to add. Team of Rivals (33:17) NPR story with Doris talking about Team of Rivals Lincoln put 3 of his biggest rivals on his cabinet Internal confidence that he could learn from those people around him who all thought they could do a better job than he could Vulnerability & confidence It’s not about giving up control, it’s about sharing it. This is not work we can or should do in isolation. Leadership in Turbulent Times (36:41) Story about LBJ and Doris Kearns Goodwin working for him White House Fellow program Lyndon B. Johnson’s Presidency Building Learning Communities through the Arts (39:42) Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Concord River Institute Resilience / Failure (44:18) Role of Public Education in our society (47:10) History can give us perspective and build empathy Making connections Takeaways (51:48)
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