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🎧 Soundtracking The Internet with Oscar Höglund, CEO of Epidemic Sound
Sweden has become a powerhouse in digital music, and one of the companies leading the charge is Epidemic Sound. The company has quickly become the go-to source for creators looking to find music, with many YouTubers turning to their service to avoid the hassle of licensing. In this episode, CEO and…
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187. Aml Ameen (actor) - how the world teaches you who you are
They say Confucius said “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” I did the research. Confucius probably didn’t say that. But whoever said it was right—revenge bites back.Victor Headley’s 1992 book YARDIE launched a genre of Jamaican pulp fiction. It’s the story of a life driven …
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What kind of moisture sensors do you use?
We discuss the news (built-in modules, OpenJSFoundation, Lambda School stipends), chat about the internet of JS things, and finish up with one of our favorite segments: shout outs! Discuss on Changelog News Sponsors Rollbar – We move fast and fix things because of Rollbar. Resolve e…
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The great divide reprise
Chris Coyier joins Suz and Jerod to continue the discussion on The Great Divide in front-end-land. We also use this as an opportunity to gush on how much CSS-Tricks has done for the community, get Chris’ perspective on the history of the website, and finish up by sharing some amazing Pens on CodePe…
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After the Pitch: From Startup Novice to Veteran (Shift)
After a stellar pitch on our show back in 2017 — one that got $100K in the first five minutes — founder Mike Slagh hit the ground running with his startup, Shift. In this episode, we catch up with him to find out if Shift, a job-placement service for military vets, has continued to dazzle investors…
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