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A mysterious and prolific podcast theme producer.
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#277 – Im mniej masz pieniędzy tym lepiej
Episode of
Yes Was Podcast
Sklep Microsoftu, Rower elektryczny w Warszawie, Blackout, 3D print, To Live and Die in LA, Cuphead. Dziękujemy za przesłuchanie tego odcinka. Yes Was Podcast powstaje dzięki waszemu wsparciu. Dostawaj powiadomienia o najnowszych odcinkach na: Twitterze, Facebooku lub dołącz do naszego forum albo grupy na Discordzie, Telegramie lub Reddicie. Możesz też napisać do nas maila: Wojtek – Paweł – Razem – Do usłyszenia za tydzień!
What raids?
Episode of
Today, Explained
Immigrant communities across the United States spent the weekend on edge awaiting so-called "ICE raids." Reporter Tal Kopan explains what happened and immigration attorney Claudia Cubas describes the detention process. (Transcript here.)
React + WebAssembly = ❤️
Episode of
JS Party
KBall catches up with Florian Rival about bring a C++ based game engine to the web by compiling to WebAssembly and creating a React-based frontend. Discuss on Changelog News Sponsors Rollbar – We move fast and fix things because of Rollbar. Resolve errors in minutes. Deploy with confidence. Learn more at DigitalOcean – The simplest cloud platform for developers and teams Whether you’re running one virtual machine or ten thousand, makes managing your infrastructure too easy. Get started for free with a $50 credit. Learn more at Keen – Keen makes customer-facing metrics simple. It’s the platform that gives you powerful in-product analytics fast with minimal development time. Go to and get your first 30-days of Keen for free. Fastly – Our bandwidth partner. Fastly powers fast, secure, and scalable digital experiences. Move beyond your content delivery network to their powerful edge cloud platform. Learn more at Featuring Florian Rival – Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website Kevin Ball – Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website Notes and Links GDevelop emscripten Rust AssemblyScript Electron React Native TypeScript Flow C++ Standard Library Gatsby VSCode Storybook Create React App webpack-merge Babel Macros Native Web Apps: React and WebAssembly to Rewrite Native Apps (video) Native Web Apps: React and WebAssembly to Rewrite Native Apps (slides)
Episode 52: Callie Wright
Episode of
Gender Reveal
In this week’s episode, Molly speaks with Callie Wright (she/her), creator of the podcast Queersplaining. Topics include: Shifting away from performing femininity as a trans woman Exploring your gender twice… and knowing when to stop Atheist activism in LGBTQ communities and vice versa “All of the worst things in my life have come from keeping secrets” Genders aren’t plots! (h/t Cass Adair)  Read more about our This Week in Gender topics: New Hampshire, Sarah McBride, Australian car fire. Support Callie at, please! Listen to her show at and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Support trans media! Pledge any amount at to receive our weekly newsletter. We also appreciate donations via PayPal or Cash App. Join the Gender Detectives Slack at Submit a piece of Theymail: a small message or ad that we’ll read on the show. Do you have gender questions that you’d like answered on the show? Submit questions anonymously via this Google form. Questions? Comments? Feelings? You can reach at; via; or on Twitter or Instagram. Logo: Michelle Leigh Music: Breakmaster Cylinder Additional Music: “Colrain” by Blue Dot Sessions Sponsors: YOU! Thank you!
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