Bryce is a big fan of horror movies whether they are straight to VOD or the latest theatrical release. He is also a classically trained singer, likes to wax philosophical about mythology and religion, contemplate the void, and spend time with his family. Along with David Day, he co-founded and hosts Horror Movie Talk.
1BR is one of the most interesting movies that I’ve watched in 2020 as I feel like it fooled me at the start and made me love it at the end. I worry that the somewhat goofy beginning of this movie will make people jump ship in the first act, but I really hope they watch it to the end, because it’s got some interesting tricks up it’s sleeve. @dgoebel00 on Instagram provided this amazing artwork. Follow him and check out his website. (0:55) – Intro (7:20) – Trailer (9:30) – Synopsis (10:15) – Review (16:45) – Score (18:47) – Shudder (26:00) – Spoilers (1:08:55) – Final Recommendations (1:10:32) – Interview (2:12:00) – Outro Synopsis 1BR is the story of Sarah, a young woman who moves to LA in order to start a new life away from her troubling family. She finds a great apartment complex that seems strangely kind and welcoming.  Sarah sneaks a cat into her new apartment and soon realizes that’s too much pussy for a one bedroom apartment.  Watch 1BR Watch on Amazon Click Here to Watch Review 1BR is written and directed by David Marmor and stars Nicole Brydon Bloom as Sarah. This is a somewhat unique movie as it’s a bit of a bait and switch and I fear that will hurt it on a streaming platform like Netflix where people can switch to watching The Office at a moment’s notice. Strange Start 1BR starts out as a kind of silly, jumpscare-laden spookfest – and a lot of the themes early in the movie left me laughing at what I thought to be a pitiable attempt at a story. The characters felt fake, the scenarios felt unbelievable, and I kept asking, “Yeah, but why would anyone care?” Solid End At ⅔’s through, 1BR threw me for a real loop as I realized the movie had played me the same way the characters had played Sarah. The start of this movie felt like a facade to me, and the end left me with a lot of respect for it. This is really, at its core, a social commentary, or a warning tale meant to alert people to complacently accepting social movements at face value and believing it’s the right thing not to fight back.  Parts of this movie are very similar to one of my favorite thrillers of all-time, The Invitation. Makes me feel…trapped That Gas Lighting Feel I’ve said this before, I’m a big fan of movies gaslighting me, and this one did exactly that, it played me like an instrument. I thought it was a silly little thriller and it ended up smacking me in the face with cold-hard truth.  This is a particularly timely movie to watch right now, and one that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a solid thriller.  My biggest fear with 1BR is that people will turn it off before it heats up, the start seems intentionally goofy to me, and at the end I think the viewer will appreciate it. Score 8/10 Final Recommendations If you enjoy thrillers, or the feeling of being gaslit, this is a wonderfully strong movie for that. 1BR will age very well with time. I just hope people will make it through the somewhat silly feeling start of this movie.
Saw may have dulled over time, but it is still a good horror movie and was definitely influential during the 2000s. The simple premise of catch-22 torture traps is an effective hook, but sometimes the twisty turny plot is a bit forced. (0:29) – Intro (8:41) – Synopsis (10:09) – Review (18:33) – Score (24:03) – Spoilers (1:16:12) – Horror Movie Talk Whoooores (1:31:39) – Outro @dgoebel00 on instagram Synopsis Saw is mainly about two strangers trapped in a High School boys bathroom with a mysterious dead body. They are both chained to pipes just out of reach of each other and the dead body in the middle of the room. They find that they are being toyed with by a villain named Jigsaw, who set up a trap to pit them against each other in a race against time. They are both left with the tool to escape, a saw blade too dull to saw through metal chains/pipes, but just the right sharpness to saw through an ankle. Wacky hijinks ensue. Saw Poster Review of Saw Saw has dulled over time, but it’s still a good horror movie. It was the first film of the now well established horror director/writers James Wan and Leigh Whannel. It feels like a short film stretched to fill a feature length film, and Wan and Whannel did make a short before this movie, but it was originally written as a feature length script and the short was an excerpt from it. It’s undeniable that this movie and it’s sequels have made a mark in the pantheon of horror movies based off of the simple concept of catch-22 torture traps. The problem that the franchise faces and has from the beginning is the need to stretch out the simple premise with overly complicated labyrinthian plots and character motives. The original Saw is well constructed and has an engaging plot that unravels nicely, but it’s still at its heart, a cheap exploitational premise. Score 7/10 Saw Add the Blu-ray to your collection or stream on Amazon Buy/Stream Now
Se7en is one of the most enthralling and horrific crime thrillers ever made, right up there with Silence of the Lambs. With an all-star cast all delivering incredible performances and some of the most depraved imagery and ideas ever to make it into a big budget box office movie, Se7en is a work of art. @dgoebel00 on Instagram provided this amazing artwork. Follow him and check out his website. (0:55) – Intro (9:15) – Trailer (11:30) – Synopsis (15:30) – Review (23:00) – Score (31:50) – Spoilers (1:45:00) – Final Recommendations (1:46:15) – HMT WHOOORORS (2:12:00) – Outro Se7en Trailer Synopsis Se7en is the darkest buddy cop story you will ever find. It is directed by David Fincher, and is one of his best movies, which is saying something.  It’s the story of detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman), a disillusioned PI at the end of his career, and Mills (Brad Pitt), a baby-faced newbie who has something to prove.  They arrive on the scene of a grizzly and totally strange murder of a man who was tied up and force fed until death. As they find more murder scenes they begin to realize that there is a pattern emerging – the seven deadly sins: Lust  Gluttony Greed Sloth Wrath Envy Pride We are taken through the lives of these detectives and learn how they cope with the total depravity that they see on a daily basis. We are given a look into the incredibly perverted and seamy underbelly of a big city with huge crime problems. Mills and Somerset end up getting more serial murder than they bargained for. Review Se7en stars Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kevin Spacey and all of them give career topping performances. The storytelling in Se7en is beyond compare and the twist is one that will leave you gasping for air. The idea that a human could do these things to others in the name of God is simultaneously vile and extremely true to life. The story isn’t exactly a detective story, even though it involves detectives. It’s very formulaic, while holding the audience’s interest through the sheer depravity of the murders and backdrops. Watch Se7en Watch on Amazon Click here to Watch Se7en is, at its core, a character study of a young man who wants to be a real detective and his older counterpart who helps guide him through the most insane settings that any city could offer. I’m going to quote Roger Ebert who I think explained this movie best: “What’s being used here is the same sort of approach William Friedkin employed in “The Exorcist” and Jonathan Demme in “The Silence of the Lambs.” What could become a routine cop movie is elevated by the evocation of dread mythology and symbolism. “Seven” is not really a very deep or profound film, but it provides the convincing illusion of one. Almost all mainstream thrillers seek first to provide entertainment; this one intends to fascinate and appall.” Spacey’s performance is one only he and very few other actors I can think of could pull off. He is the embodiment of evil, almost the devil in the flesh. The end of this movie could have gone a few different ways, and I think the way it went was, by far, the best version that could have possibly been told. It’s shocking, and cruel, and the perfect end to one of the most twisted mainstream movies you will ever see.  Se7en contains some of the darkest subject matter that I can think of and it has stuck with me since I saw it as a young teen. This is storytelling at it’s finest. Score 10/10 Final Recommendation Everyone who can handle some serious imagery should see this. It’s a fabulous and dark story that will leave a mark on you for as long as you live.
This week we review the 2012 horror hot, Sinister. A film with properly disturbing imagery, but improperly matched script. Later on we check our voicemail and answer questions from listeners. (0:21) – Intro (5:10) – Trailer (7:47) – Synopsis (9:42) – Review (14:53) – Score (26:04) – Spoilers (1:05:10) – Horror Movie Talk Whoooores (1:16:35) – Outro @dgoebel00 on instagram Synopsis Sinister is the story of author Ellison Oswalt moving to a new town to research for his next true crime novel. His wife, son, and daughter make up the most passive aggressively unsupportive family in the world. Unbeknownst to Ellison’s family, they have moved into the house of that family whose deaths his book will be based on. Review of Sinister Sinister is a serviceable, average horror movie. It heavily forecasts it’s twists from the very beginning in a “whatever you do, do not push that button” sort of way. I can see why people like this movie and keep bringing it up to us. It’s got a distinctive dark tone while still being very approachable for mainstream audiences. It’s like if The Crow had a baby with the Nun from The Conjuring. There were a couple effective jump scares and attempts to create believable relationships and stakes, but never has any moment that will keep this movie from melding with countless other horror movies in your head. That being said, Ethan Hawke offers up an excellent performance, and the ending was slightly better than expected. Score 6/10 Sinister Add the Blu-ray to your collection or stream on Amazon Buy/Stream Now
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