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Carolyn Kiel

Host, Voice Actor & Producer of Beyond 6 Seconds
Carolyn Kiel is the Host and Producer of the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast. She is also a Training Manager who designs and delivers corporate learning and development programs. On her podcast, she helps people share their candid stories about how they have overcome challenges in their lives to change their careers, achieve their goals and make the world a better place.
Recent episodes featuring Carolyn Kiel
Episode 69: Maria Pesin – Helping fashion entrepreneurs build successful businesses
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Beyond 6 Seconds
Maria Pesin is a fashion industry consultant and senior apparel industry executive with more than 25 years of field experience. She is the author of the e-book “14 Essential Truths Everyone in the Fashion Business Should Know” and the CEO of Vibe Consulting, where she helps aspiring fashion entrepreneurs build successful businesses. She has built multi-million-dollar brands, and has constructed and implemented business plans for New York apparel giants like Fleet Street and GIII Apparel Group. From a very young age, Maria knew that she wanted to be a businesswoman and make money, despite growing up in a blue collar family in the late 1960s/early 1970s that teased her for her feminist ideals and aspirations. She chose to pursue a career in the fashion industry, where she started working “below rock bottom” until she got jobs where she could learn about the business, and earned promotions all the way to the top. Maria shares her career journey -- including the story behind the incident that led her to leave the corporate world to start her own consulting business -- as well as valuable advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Learn more about Maria at her website , where you can also download a free copy of her e-book. You can also get in touch via email at .
Episode 68: Heidi Bennett – Bringing multi-creative dreams to life
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Beyond 6 Seconds
How do you build a life and career that fulfills your passion, if you’re passionate about multiple things?  This is a question that Heidi Bennett helps people answer. Heidi is a business and wellness coach for multi-creative professionals – i.e., people with a multitude of interests who can’t limit themselves to doing one thing only, day in and day out. She helps her clients design their own careers by bringing all their interests and talents together into different projects.  Heidi is also the host of the Vibrant Visionaries podcast, where she has candid conversations with multi-creatives from different fields and industries. On this episode, Heidi shares how she helps multi-creatives overcome mental barriers like negative self-talk, imposter syndrome and fear, while guiding them to practice their strengths, decide what impact they want to have in the world, and find the life and work that aligns with their values and creative processes. Heidi also describes some of her coaching techniques and strategies that help her clients, and can help you too! Learn more about Heidi at her website and listen to her Vibrant Visionaries podcast at
Episode 67: Justin Nguyen – Breaking with tradition to uncover career success for college students
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Beyond 6 Seconds
Justin Nguyen is the 22-year-old CEO of GetChoGrindUp and Co-Host of the Young and D.U.M.B. (Dedicated, Up-and-coming, Motivated, Bold) Podcast. Justin’s mission is to uncover the blueprint to career success for college students, and educate them about traditional jobs (through GetChoGrindUp) and non-traditional jobs (via the Young and D.U.M.B. podcast). On this episode, Justin talks about growing up in the United States as the son of Vietnamese refugees, the pressure he felt from his family to become either a doctor, lawyer or engineer, and how he discovered the worlds of finance, economics and business when he attended college. You’ll find out why he changed his major to Finance, turned down a dream job offer upon graduation, and became an entrepreneur instead – and how he broke the news to his parents! Justin also shares: How he grew his podcast’s reach using social media Advice for making contact with influencers How he taught himself marketing by researching it on the internet and watching videos of marketing experts How he wants to bring change and innovation to the education system A preview of the career fair that he’s hosting in 2020, where students can meet and get to know employers through engaging and interactive experiences Connect with Justin on LinkedIn, follow @GetChoGrindUp on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and listen to the Young and D.U.M.B. podcast on any podcast network – be sure to let him know that you heard his story on Beyond 6 Seconds!
Episode 66: Amir Bormand – "What if" doesn’t work here
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Beyond 6 Seconds
Amir Bormand is the Co-founder of Elevano, a candidate-centric technical recruitment company. On this episode, Amir and I talk about how he quit his job to start Elevano right when he got married, and how his wife’s support and belief in his abilities were critical to the success of his business. Most of our conversation, however, focuses on the aftermath of a near death experience that Amir had at the age of 17. This experience had a lasting impact on Amir’s life, as he struggled for many years to deal with the trauma and the meaning of being alive against the odds. He explains how both his wife and a therapist helped him let go of the trauma and shift his mindset away from thinking “what if.” Then, through a strange coincidence, he shares how his trauma and recovery prepared him to support his wife through her own crisis.   You can find out more about Amir at and find him on LinkedIn, Twitter and via email at
Episode 65: Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy – Helping dreamers become doers (explicit)
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Beyond 6 Seconds
Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy is an execution strategist, serial entrepreneur, community builder, speaker, author and diversity in tech enthusiast. She loves helping businesses and people become more productive, find creative solutions to their problems, and execute on their ideas, and she’s an expert at turning “dreamers” into “doers.” Her new book, “The Art of Getting Sh*t Done” was published in February 2019. On this episode, Georgie talks about: How, as a child, she became the go-to person for solving problems and getting things done within her family – a skill that she uses successfully as a serial entrepreneur Why flexibility and choice cause so many businesses to procrastinate and lose productivity How she found ways to use technology to become more productive, instead of letting it become a distraction How a simple request to her network led her to create the Get Sh*t Done Summit, an annual conference that provides authentic, practical and actionable guidance for executing on your ideas Why she wrote her book, "The Art of Getting Sh*t Done," where she shares her personal journey of entrepreneurship, life adventures, overcoming obstacles and figuring out how to make things happen with limited resources How she learned the importance of prioritizing her mental health, especially as an entrepreneur Her interest in exploring how nutrition can improve our health and productivity Learn more about Georgie at her website and @gsdwithgeorgie on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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