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Executive Design Partner at @Innovatemap in Indianapolis, and co-host of the Better Product podcast, Christian helps tech startups and scale-ups design usable and marketable products.
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Scaling Your Product Team with a Customer-Centric Approach | Craig Sturgis
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Better Product
How do you know when your company is no longer in‘startup’mode? When does your team need project management more than product management?    Craig Sturgis, VP of Product at SmarterHQ, was a part of the company’s founding team, before he left, did his own thing, and came back to take the company from startup to scale up. It was at this inflection point where Craig realized one impactful thing - in order to grow the company and improve the product, the focus needed to shift.    In this episode, Christian and Anna discuss how each team in the organization from customer success to development can work together to best solve customers’ pain points. Craig also shares tactics on how to apply learnings cross-departmentally. Plus, you’ll learn what modern product management is and how to implement it into your organization. Connect with Craig Learn more about SmarterHQ Connect with Christian Connect with Anna Learn more about Innovatemap Past Episodes Referenced:  The Real Definition of a Product Manager | Marty Cagan Navigating a Complex Product Roadmap to Launch | Jeremy Leventhal Connecting the Product Dots by Looking Backwards | Dan Hanrahan Resources Mentioned:  Inspired: How to Create Products Customers Love Pendo Do Things That Don’t Scale: Paul Graham The Design Way: Intentional Change in an Unpredictable World by Harold G. Nelson and Erik Stolterman Erika Hall 
FAQ: Why do I need to do user research?
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Better Product
Key Points: Digital experiences are not like traditional customer interactions, it is immediate, there is a lot of competition, and expectations are really high — needs to start with user research. You don’t know them as well as you think you do. Your research is product-focused, not user-focused. Your users/market may have changed — not a one-and-done.
FAQ: What's This All About?
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Better Product
Founders Ask Questions: The only show that answers real questions from real founders trying to navigate the startup world and build a company from the ground up. Christian Beck has worked with dozens of startups, answering questions around product management, user experience, user research, design, branding... you name it, he’s heard it. If you’re a founder (or an aspiring entrepreneur) you’ve probably had some of these questions yourself. Tune in to founders ask questions to hear Christian’s answers in the time it takes you to commute to work (or less).
The Real Definition of a Product Manager | Marty Cagan
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Better Product
How are great products built? What is a good product culture? How can you get started in product management when there’s no blueprint for the role?  So many questions for this week’s guest, Marty Cagan, Partner at the Silicon Valley Product Group and author of INSPIRED (a book that ‘inspired’ the creation of Innovatemap). In this conversation, Christian and Anna dig into the details of what it takes to be a successful product manager and how it impacts the company’s product culture. Yep, product culture is a real thing and affects how a company delivers value.  In this episode, you’ll hear how product culture can harbor and produce great (or not so great) product managers regardless of where you’re located. This is an episode you may want to listen to more than once as Marty also breaks down the difference between a great idea and a scalable product company.  Connect with Marty  Learn more about Silicon Valley Product Group Connect with Christian Connect with Anna Learn more about Innovatemap Past Episodes Referenced:   Identifying Product Market Success in the Public Sector | Dan Moyers Resources mentioned:  Pendo Inspired: how to Create Products Customers Love
Growing Up With Your Customer Base Without Having to Recode | Nick Tippmann
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Better Product
What is product hierarchy and why does it matter? In this week’s episode, Christian and Anna are talking with Nick Tippmann, VP of Marketing at Greenlight Guru. Through thought leadership marketing tactics, Nick positioned the company as a leader in the medical device industry—and subsequently spurred impressive growth. This growth created new opportunities to offer additional value to its customer base. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Nick uses smart messaging to sell the exact same product to the same person, but at different phases of the relationship. In doing this, Greenlight Guru is able to grow its offering without having to code a new product.  Listen to this week’s episode to gain a deeper understanding of product hierarchy and how product marketers can use this framework for positioning.  Connect with Nick Learn more about Greenlight Guru Connect with Christian Connect with Anna Learn more about Innovatemap Past Episodes Referenced: What's in a (Digital) Product Name? | Cara Wagner What to Do When the Product Doesn’t Sell Itself | Jon Gilman The Growing Pains of Going from Startup to Scaleup | Eric Prugh
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