Both Fallout 76 and Anthem released a little bit of news this week, which made us wonder, at what point should a game just stop trying to save itself? The answer (as it usually is) probably comes down to money.What We're PlayingColby: theHunt: Call of the Wild, Ocarina of TimeCliff: The Hunt, Mass Effect Andromeda, Kingdom Hearts 3NewsNo, Bethesda Isn’t Going to Charge You For Fallout 76’s Season PassAnthem Overhaul Might Be a Ways Off PUBG Adds Ranked Mode and Bots The Epic Games Store Adds Additional Features Embracer Group Has 118 Titles in Development Right Now (and 69 Unannounced) Play ⅔ of the New Mafia Remasters Now Want a Goofy Portable Gaming PC? Let Steam Decide What You Should Play Next And the Award for Worst Business Model Goes To... QuestionsDA VINSTER (Vinny): What year in the 2000's until the present has been the best year in gaming? Whether that be for games, consoles, etc. Each of you can have different answers, of course, doesn't need to be a consensus. It can also be what was the best year for you.Kim Cruz: In your opinion, who won this generation console war? How did it win?Mister Polite: The only time I buy Lego games is when they are super on sale (like under $10).  I always love playing them, and I make sure I get every trophy in the game, but there is no way I would pay close to full price on them. So that made me think, is there a game that you love but would only buy if they were on sale?PanchoPanda: All three of you are at 3 different" haunted houses". Make your own Scooby-Doo gang including a mascot. One house is haunted by a chef. Another by Bigfoot and the final house by Dylan's beard. Who are the actual villains in these locations?Princess_Megan: We are living in a world of microtransactions and multiple deluxe additions for video games, which have you spent the most money on? Was it due to buying an upgraded game package, the in-game transactions, or both?I have a second one. I'm currently playing the DLC for We Happy Few, and it's lacking compared to the actual game. This made me wonder if you had to choose between a great storyline with bad gameplay or great gameplay with a terrible storyline. Which would you choose?Cheap/Free GamesEpic Games Store: Mystery Game (that might be The Witcher 3)Game Pass XboxAlan WakeDayZ (May 7)Final Fantasy IX (May 14)Fractured Minds (May 19)Game Pass XboxHalo 2Endless LegendFinal Fantasy IXSteam Online NESRygarNintendo Online SNESWild GunsPanel de PonOperation Logic BombUPlay
This week we saw the announcement of three new remakes coming out this year, including Mafia 1-3, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 and Diablo 2. What You're PlayingColby: MudRunners, Streets of Rage 4, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, theHunter: Call of the WildCliff: Kingdom Hearts 3, Mudrunners, Streets of Rage 4Dylan: Fury UnleashedNews Epic Is Doing Some Very Cool Things  Sony Launches Playstation Studios  Ubisoft Forward Will Air in July  Don’t Hold Your Breath Quite Yet for Elder Scrolls 6  Steam Might Be Getting a Royalty Program  Leroy Jenkins Turns 15  You Can Now Play Disco Elysium on a Potato QuestionsDA VINSTER (Vinny): What game, technical aspects aside, would you like to see come to Switch or any portable platform? Also, do you think once XCloud and/or Stadia (maybe) becomes the norm, will the Switch's portability appeal decrease once those are officially out?Ideliverthings: What justifies a game being sold at $60, when games sold at a lesser price offer about the same entertainment value?Mister Polite: What is the dumbest thing you did on a dare and what is the dumbest things you did on your own free will?Squid_Princess: What’s the weirdest (think not a genre you normally play) that you really enjoyMegan: Casting an occult rite using Uwe Boll’s heart’s blood, you can enchant any one game-to-film adaptation, and make it a resounding critical and commercial success. Which game deserves it?Cody Greenwood Confirmed or not confirmed, even if its a game that will for sure come out or just a pipe dream that may never come out, what console exclusive are you looking forward to the most on PS5 and Xbox series X? Also what next-gen AAA title are you looking for that will probably be on both consoles? My PS one is a tie between the next Spiderman/ Horizon Zero Dawn sequels and my AAA on both consoles one would probably be a new game set in the Mass Effect universe.Cheap/Free GamesHumble Indie Bundle Mystery Game 25 demos in Steam's Indie Celebration Square Enix Stay Home and Play bundle includes 54 games for $40’s a new, free Thimbleweed Park adventure BitesForza Street
Geoff Keighley (creator of The Game Awards) is bringing you four months of summer this year in the form of Summer Game Fest, a virtual event billed as an "industry-wide celebration of video games". It will feature in-game events, playable content, demos of select titles and playable games on Steam and Xbox!What We're PlayingColby: SAO, Gato Roboto, Deliver us the Moon, Streets of Rage 4, MudRunnerCliff: Kingdom Hearts, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairDylan: Animal Crossing, Super Dragon Ball Heroes World MissionVideo Game NewsThe More I Hear About Crucible, the Stranger it Sounds Publishers are Trading IP Like They're Baseball Cards Facebook is Stupid Want to Get into Emulation? Now is a Great Time! Game Pass is Pulling in a Cool $100 Million a Month Want to Play Mario 64 on Your PC? It’s Looking Like the Last of Us 2 Leak Didn’t Come from Inside Naughty Dog  There Might Be More to the Doom Eternal Soundtrack Issues Than Mick Gordon Implied QuestionsDA VINSTER (Vinny): If you had to do a weekly podcast based off of one video game what would it be and what would you talk about?Mister Polite: I missed the question this week, I don't know how life is busier while in quarantine. Well here's a question to consider. Is there someone that you are in competition with even though they don't know it? For example, I am in a competition with my friend's achievements/trophies list. I slowed down with my Playstation friends because I am like 20 levels above my nearest friend so I assumed I am the winner in the battle. It's a much closer competition with Xbox as I am only a few thousand above my nearest friend.Ideliverthings: As I sit on this perch sipping on my last carton of Hi-C , waiting on a clear shot at that elusive Cliff a question pops to mind. Open bar for the toughest video game characters. Who will be the bouncer for this bar and who will be your usuals inside. Think of Cheers but tougher.Chad Martinez: Are any of you playing Valorant? It’s in beta but really fun.Kim Cruz: What features do you wish the next console would have even if may be impossible. (mine: crossplay ever game and rental service for games)JoeColeslaw: What's Up guys! Sorry I've been away for a while, life happens but THANK YOU for letting the Show Go On! I’m not sure how this will be read on the podcast, but like O'Reily... we'll DO IT LIVE!Yesterday I made the hardest gaming sacrifice I have to face today, for the better. I bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons on a whim after watching it and hearing plenty of talk about the game for days after it’s release. My "Step Daughter" was excited when she learned I bought the game. Five days later, she comes to find that she is NOT the Island Representative of her own place, but a resident of MY island, Wise Acres. Needless to say, she played a day and nothing more. Flash forward 150 hours of ME playing, and my girlfriend dropped a hint that her daughter was disappointed and asked if she could buy another game, or memory card, or SOMETHING to be able for her to have her own place. Unfortunately, the only two options were to buy ANOTHER CONSOLE and GAME or drop the nuke, delete the save, start from scratch. Being in my position, I wanted to do what was right, and responsible...R.I.P. Wise Acres. Parental Sacrifices are not taught, nor really talked about. it's just something you. do. Have any of you made some sort of Gaming Sacrifice to benefit your kid, spouse, or family member?Update to my story...My "stepdaughter" made her own island and I have a house set up. But I am not doing much on her island... if you would like someone to service your island. Hit me upCheap/Free GamesPlaystation PlusCities: SkylinesFarming Simulator 19Twitch PrimeUrban Trial PlaygroundThe Little AcreAvicii InvectorPankapuFractured MinesSnake PassEpic Game Store'Death Coming' is a non-linear puzzle game where you must harvest human souls ‘Final Destination’ style. However, pesky mortals are not your only problem, as the Agents of Light will do everything they can to stop you.Humble Bundle Learn more about Police Quest 4: 
If you wanted to play a ton of remastered amazing video games on your Switch, May is going to be a great month for you!Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Stadia) – May 1 - $50?, Free for ProJohn Wick Hex (PS4) - May 5 - $20Forza Street (iOS, Android) – May 5 - F2PLonely Mountains: Downhill (Switch) – May 7 - $20Void Bastards (PS4, Switch) – May 7 - $30Star Wars Episode I: Racer (PS4, Switch) - May26/May 12 - ???Deep Rock Galactic (Xbox One, PC) – May 13 - $30Those Who Remain (PlayStation 4) – May 15 - $20The Wonderful 101: Remastered (PS4, Switch, PC) May 19 - $40Saints Row: The Third Remastered (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) – May 22 - $40Minecraft: Dungeons (Xbox One, PC) -- May 26 - $20/$30/GPNinjala (Switch) – May 28 - F2PXenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (Switch) -- May 29 - $60BioShock: The Collection (Switch) – May 29 - $50XCOM 2 (Switch) – May 29 - $50Borderlands Legendary Collection (Switch) – May 29 - $50
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