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Host, Editor & Producer of Fanboy Commentary & Rogue Squadron Podcast, Producer of Honest Ecommerce & The Life Stylist & Producer & Guest on Healing Hormones
Owner of Podcast Masters and producer/host of Rogue Squadron Podcast.
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035 | Teaching Engineering, Creativity, & Having Fun | with Armando Henriquez & Dean Alkire
Learning Unboxed
Joining us today are Armando Henriquez and Dean Alkire, who are going to talk about the role of university student clubs working with K-12 students and how we can get those young students to actively engage in their own learning in an after school setting. Armando is a fourth-year undergrad in mechanical engineering at the Ohio State University and Dean is an eighth grader at the Metro Early College Middle School participating in an afterschool program called the Innovators Club.Together, they talk about the experiences of bringing engineering into schools early in a fun, exciting way, and the wide-reaching education that comes from working on these projects.To learn more, visit: pastfoundation.orgResources:Metro Early College Middle School: Innovators Club: Unboxed is produced in part by Crate Media
21. Anita Rosenberg | Living Life Every Day in a Spiritual Way
Magik Vibes
Today, we are diving into spiritual teachings that may be new to you! My dear friend and incredible teacher, Anita Rosenberg, is here to share her deep knowledge on Chinese Metaphysics. This philosophy allows you to connect to the essence of yourself and the energy around you to have a better understanding of your journey. Anita explains the three components that control our lives, such as heaven luck, and how timing is a key component of this practice. When you know the timing and rating of each day, it allows you to take the right action. It helps you know when certain days will be better than others. These tools, like knowing your Chinese element, are here to help you feel empowered in life. Let’s go!***Our meditation begins at [27:38]!Learn more about Kelsey at Resources:Learn more: anitarosenberg.comBook: Heavenly LuckAnita’s Instagram: Vibes Instagram: Vibes is a production of Crate Media
238 - Managing with Inquiry 101 - Part 3 - Knowledge, Skill, & Awareness
Manage to Engage
In the last episode, I shared a conversation about how our education system is built on the knowledge deficit model. It’s the idea that whatever problem only exists because you’re missing some knowledge.   So, later in our lives, when we bump into a problem — whether it’s a problem with the world around us or ourselves — we first try to solve it by finding that little piece of knowledge that we’re missing. We look for blogs, podcasts, and books, accumulating knowledge just like we were trained to do in school.   But, eventually, after reality punishes us enough for our misguided beliefs about the world or ourselves, we wake up, we take the red pill — and now we’re ready to actually learn something!   You have to have this willingness to face reality before you can truly make inquiry a practice, and in this episode, you’ll learn more about why good managers need to sit in this space and how you can do that. I’d love your feedback. Click here to leave a rating & review for the show on Apple Podcasts.
Space + Trust in Relationships | with Tiffany Louise
Ceremony Wellness
Today’s episode is a fun one! Tiffany Louise, professional coach and licensed therapist, is here to talk about space, trust, and building healthy relationships with Conner and I. At the end of the episode, we receive our own personal therapy session, so you gain some insight into the way we operate. We also talk about being okay with being disliked, virtue signaling, and being in the masculine in a relationship. Tiffany shares how her people-pleasing tendencies have shifted over the years, and how she uses it as a strength versus weakness.   I deeply admire Tiffany and the way she approaches personal growth and spirituality—I don’t know anyone else in the space that does the work like her. She is also the author of the book/journal, This Year I Will. It’s a once a week journaling prompt that I use and highly recommend! Tiffany has truly helped me step into my power in an authentic and genuine way. I can’t wait to share this conversation with you!   Today on Ceremony Wellness… Our instinct to dim and downplay ourselves Having conversations around the support you need Power dynamics & giving/receiving in relationships Building trust by sharing your uncomfortable feelings How unsolicited advice is disempowering Men feeling unavailable because of their work or passion Creating healthy space in your relationship   To learn more, visit:   Resources: Instagram: @tiffany.louise Book/Journal: This Year I Will Sign-up for the Realness Retreat at Needed. | Visit and use code KELLIT for a free Omega-3 DHA+EPA test with the start of a Needed subscription. Ceremony Wellness is produced by Crate Media
188: Dolvett Quince | Trusting the Unknown
Work Hard Play Hard
Resources:Dolvett.comFacebook: @dolvettTwitter: @dolvettInstagram: @dolvettRead: Stealing FireMastermind: with us on Instagram: @kimmurgatroyd | @robmurgatroydDolvett Quince is a New York Times bestselling author, international keynote speaker, celebrity fitness trainer and personal development expert. He is most recognized for his seven seasons as a trainer on longtime hit TV show The Biggest Loser. He still has a strong relationship with the first five people he trained and calls them the Original Nickel. In This Conversation We Cover: [5:01] How Dolvett and his siblings were taken into foster care and then adopted[7:49] A social worker helped him create a life book to record his story[12:34] He got an office job with the YMCA then became a trainer[14:48] Training Bert Weiss gave him his first big break[22:36] How he got on The Biggest Loser[26:39] His friendship with the first five contestants that he trained[38:19] Current challenges in his lifeTo learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: workhardplayhardpodcast.comWork Hard Play Hard is a production of Crate
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