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ADH Podcast S01E07 - Cole Raven Podchaser Interview
The Audio Drama Hub Podcast
Podchaser started in 2016 to provide somewhere to discover new podcast and fiction shows, their creators, hosts, guests, cast and crew and provide tools for fans to follow and curate lists of their favourite shows. Karim speaks to Cole Raven, founder of Podchaser. Episode Transcript
Cultivating a Startup Mindset—with Cole Raven
Men On Purpose Podcast
Cole Raven truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. He knew he wasn’t meant to be in a 9-to-5 desk job, working for somebody else. He’d always had a passion for travel and independence and building his own thing. So, when the opportunity came to leave his W-2 and commit fully to the startup he’d cofounded, the decision was easy. Cole is the cofounder of Podchaser, the leading podcast directory and destination for podcast discovery, ratings and reviews, creator credits, playlists and search. The startup was founded in 2016 by a small team of podcast enthusiasts, with the goal of creating the ultimate, platform-agnostic database. Cole’s independent spirit extends to his lifestyle; he is currently training for obstacle course races and traveling the country full-time in an RV! In addition, Cole earns passive income as the owner of five Airbnb properties. On this episode of Men on Purpose, Cole joins Emerald to explain how the lack of discoverability called Cole and his cofounders to serve the podcasting community. He shares the Podchaser origin story, discussing how the team formed through a Reddit forum, how they knew they had a good business concept, and what they did to raise $500K in seed funding in eight months. Listen in for Cole’s insight on using Podchaser to find and share shows that fit your podcast personality and learn how to take small steps every day to become the person you want to be! What You Will Learn How the lack of discoverability called Cole to serve podcasters How the Podchaser team formed through a Reddit forum How the Podchaser team raised $500K in eight months Podchaser’s plans to monetize through a SaaS subscription model Cole’s role at Podchaser in marketing and product development How Cole’s entrepreneurial mindset prepared him to quit his 9-to-5 What inspired Cole to earn passive income through Airbnb The impetus for Cole and his wife to travel the country in an RV Cole’s invitation for listeners to create a user profile on Podchaser The consistency and commitment it takes to stay fit and healthy Connect with Cole Raven Podchaser Connect with Emerald GreenForest Creative Age Consulting Group Emerald’s Website Emerald on LinkedIn Emerald on Twitter Emerald on Instagram Email: Resources Reddit Airbnb This episode is sponsored by the Creative Age Consulting Group. Men - Is it time NOW for you to make your mark? Visit to apply for an invitation-only consultation.
197 Cole Raven - Passionate Podchasing
Podcast Junkies
04:00 – Harry welcomes Cole Raven to the podcast 04:40 – Cole reflects on the state of podcasting 08:11 – The genesis of Podchaser 10:27 – How Cole’s co-founder Bradley convinced him to join the Podchaser team 11:20 – Cole’s thoughts on the podcast marketplace 13:54 – How the Slack community has helped grow Podchaser 14:56 – Cole talks about some of Podchaser’s competitors 17:08 – The various podcast apps on the market 20:09 – Integrating user profiles to target listeners 22:48 – Striving to become the IMDb of podcasts 25:40 – Cole’s passion for podcasting 27:08 – The mission of Podchaser 28:00 – The importance of data collection 29:10 – Advertising 30:18 – The Chatty Broads case study 34:15 – Revamping the Podchaser website 37:23 – High-visibility creators within Podchaser 38:46 – Where Cole envisions Podchaser going 41:25 – Cole and Harry discuss what other competitors are doing 43:07 – What is something Cole has changed his mind about recently 44:35 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Cole 46:04 – What Cole’s family and friends think of his work 47:33 – Where listeners can follow Cole and Podchaser Click here to subscribe on your favorite podcast app!Does your podcatcher support chapter marks? They're embedded here as well!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Tapping into the Power of Podchaser
Podcast Me Anything
Cole Raven, the founder of Podchaser joined us on Podcast Me Anything with a deep dive into the IMDB (and in one case MySpace) of podcasting.  We talk about the user profiles, creator profiles, the top 8, their partnerships with tee public, other current features, and new features coming to the platform.  Learn how you can leverage your Podchaser show page and personal profile to grow you show.  Check out Podcast Me Anything on Podchaser -  Mathew Passy user profile (please follow) and creator profile. Tom's link coming soon! 
EGO Search on Cole Raven of Podchaser
Martin Lindeskog
Cole Raven is a co-founder of the podcasting service, Podchaser. He is a podcast media influencer, with a mission to connect creators and listeners. Cole is candid about his vision for the site and you will learn about web statistics, future features, and some of the partnerships planned ahead. I have a creator’s page on Podchaser, and I will add my “appearances” on the different podcasts that I am involved in. I am working with about 10 podcasts at the moment. ;) Call to action: After you have listened to my interview with Cole, please go to EGO NetCast’s page on Podchaser, and take a moment to rate and review my podcast. Thanks so much in advance! Your support will give me fuel for my blogging and podcasting!   Show notes with links to articles, blog posts, products and services: 01 Patreon brand and new logotype 03 Podchaser Cole Raven, Running Wild - EP056 - Growin’ Up Rock 05 IMDb (Internet Movie Database) 07 The Long Tail - Wired 07 The Feed podcast - Libsyn 13 Philosophy category (6312 podcasts) - Podchaser 13 Introducing Podchaser: The New Epicenter of Podcast Appreciation and Discovery - Nerdy Show 17 Poddindex (Swedish Podcast Measurement Standards) 18 Podchaser with Cole Raven - Startup Competitors 18 Why your organization needs podcasting | Ep. 64 - The ROI Podcast 18 Podchaser with CMO & Co-Founder Cole Raven - The Podience 20 Merchandise by TeePublic - Tea Party Media 24 Libsyn sticker: #podcastersftw 26 All Ears (Signal Signal) 27 Audible - EGO NetCast 29 Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman 30 This Is Marketing: You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See by Seth Godin 30 Pen Meets Paper podcast 30 The Erasable podcast 43 Mastermind Community - BizSugar 47 Podfest 47 Podcast Movement 47 The Perfect Cuppa: Tea Sketches podcast 47 Dr Pepper 48 “Lover of Dr Pepper” - Tim Sinclair on Twitter 49 Podchaser on Slack   Episode 72 (51 minutes) was recorded on February 21, 2019, by podcaster, Martin Lindeskog, with Ringr app, IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast podcasting microphone, PreSonus HD7 professional monitoring headphones, and SnapRecorder portable recording booth. Post-production through the podcast maker, Alitu. Notes written in Ulysses app. Bumper and jingle by Jim Jonsson, JTunes Productions. Download EGO NetCast’s standalone app on Amazon appstore for Android, Apple App Store, and Google Play. The podcast app is free of charge. It is easy to send feedback straight from within the app. The users of the app will receive extra bonus material (e.g., video clips and PDFs). Rate and review EGO NetCast podcast on Podchaser. Your support will give me fuel for my blogging and podcasting! Thanks for reading the show notes!
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May 20th, 1992
Indianapolis, IN, USA
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