Dave Jackson has been podcasting since 2005. He has helped thousands of podcasters launch their podcasts. He is a 2018 inductee into the Academy of podcasters Hall of Fame.
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135: Promoting Your Back Catalog
Podcasters' Roundtable
  Are your episodes designed to be evergreen? Do you promote your back-catalog?  Join Ray, Dave, Evo Terra, Candace Spears, and Michael Teske to discuss getting more mileage out of past episodes and other podcasting news.  You can subscribe to the episode mailing list to get new Rounds delivered to your inbox automatically. Sign up, if you'd like to appear on a future Round. Thanks and I can't wait to see you at the Roundtable!
Where Should I List My Podcast?
School of Podcasting
In the same way that kids on Halloween want candy, podcasters want downloads. How much? MORE is the only answer.  Should your list your show in (insert directory name)? Well, will it help you potentially grow your audience? Then the answer is yes. Yes, Stitcher and Luminary both run ads in between your episodes (and you get none of that revenue), but for me the potential of more listeners outweighs it. Luminary has also burned through 100 million and has received another 30 million to burn through.  Links Mentioned In This Episode Social Subscribe and Follow Plugin Podlords Text Expander Karen Jackson A long look Slow Art Your Podcast Consultant School of Podcasting Podcasting Resources More Information There are tutorials, videos, and links to directories at  www.schoolofpodcasting.com/696
The A&P Professor
Podcast Review Show – Get Your Podcast Reviewed
Description Explore human anatomy and physiology (A&P) teaching and learning with host Kevin Patton. An experienced professor, textbook author, and mentor, Kevin is a recognized leader in A&P teaching. The A&P Professor builds on the practical approach taken in Kevin's popular blogs, newsletters, and websites. Want some ideas to supercharge your A&P course? How about some support from a fellow A&P professor? This is the podcast for you! What We Liked Nice intro – I know where we are going, and you’re right into the content Did a great job of talking to one person – no “Group Speak”Lots of great tips for fellow teachersNice job referring back to episode 50Nice transitions and the ads were short, relevant, and to the point. Solid bio on the site Things That Need Polished Gave good qualifications at the end. Move it up to the front of the show. It's against Amazon's policy to say shopping through your link will help you (go figure…)A few too many calls to action at the end.The website lacked an overall style. The two players may cause confusion.We would like to hear who the show is for at the beginning. The A&P Professor Details Website: https://theapprofessor.org/ Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Are You Looking For an Honest Podcast Review? Sign up today and get scheduled to come on with Erik and Dave and find out what you're doing right, and what needs polished (while getting exposure for your show). Subscribe to the Podcast Review Show The post The A&P Professor appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
Why and who is your podcast for when you are getting started with THEE Hall of Famer Dave Jackson!
The Indie Pod Podcast
Why and who is your podcast for when you are getting started with THEE Hall of Famer Dave Jackson! Sitting down with Dave Jackson on a Saturday morning to talk about podcasting is always a special treat! We discussed why you need to think about your why and who is your podcast made for. We also took several questions throughout our time that you may find helpful, you can read those below. Questions Answered Lew Austin Hastings · 52:36 What is your favorite website plugin that you use? Joseph Foley · 14:57 How do you feel about pre-interview calls? Kyle Bondo · 39:47 Ever tried the strategy of sending your guest a loaner USB microphone with a postage-paid return box? Mykel Ferrantino · 41:01 Good morning from San Francisco, what kind of headphones are you using? Anita Sonya · 14:01 What apps do you usually use best to interview podcast guests? Anita Sonya · 31:31 If we interview someone for the 1st time for our podcast, it won’t be too pushy or considered arrogant to have pre-interview cos we can’t guarantee how many listeners he/ she can get? and more.. Connect with Dave Jackson School of Podcasting Come hang out with us in Philly on November 17th 12-3PM! RSVP Spots Are Limited Join our facebook group: IndiePodCon.com/group Register today and get 10% off your Indie Pod Con 2020 ticket with offer code: ipp Episode 43 The post Why and who is your podcast for when you are getting started with THEE Hall of Famer Dave Jackson! appeared first on Independent Podcast Conference.
Shipping Microphones to Guests
Ask the Podcast Coach
01:26 Shipping Microphones to Guests 04:04 Jared Easily on Podlords 4:52 Where did Dave's beard Go? 7:48 What podcasters can learn from Peloton bikes (the Nordictrack S22i is less expensive is very similar) 17:28 Reddit Groups 21:16 The Case Act https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CASE_Act 22:34 YouTube Changes and Commercial Viability? 27:37 Facebook and YouTube Censorship 31:46 Our Awesome Supporters 34:02 Simplecast 37:36 Free Podcasting: you get what you pay for 39:52 SEO and your Podcast Feed 44:16 IG and Facebook Pages For Your Podcast 50:38 Being famous has its drawbacks 53:56 Outsourcing Social Media Find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com and Jim at www.theaverageguy.tv
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