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David Leonhardt is an Op-Ed columnist at The New York Times. Prior to that, he was the founding editor of The Upshot section, the Washington bureau chief, and writer of the column “Economic Scene,” for the Business section. In 2013, Leonhardt wrote "Here's the Deal: How Washington Can Solve the Deficit and Spur Growth," an e-book co-published by Byliner and The Times. In 2011, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for his columns. Prior to going to joining the NYT in 1999, Leonhardt worked as a staff writer and contributor for The New York Times Magazine and the Economix blog, and as a journalist for Business Week magazine and The Washington Post. In 2009, Leonhardt won the Gerald Loeb Award for magazine writing his Times Magazine article, “Obamanomics.” Leonhardt studied applied mathematics at Yale.
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Will New Candidates Shake Up the 2020 Race?
The Argument
Why are Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick flirting with jumping into the 2020 presidential primary this late in the game? The columnists debate what the pair’s maneuvers say about the state of the race and whether either stands a chance of becoming the Democratic nominee. Then, the anonymous author of a controversial Times op-ed is out with a new book about the resistance inside the Trump administration. The columnists discuss whether that resistance has been effective in constraining the president. For background reading on this episode, visit nytimes.com/theargument
Is Mayor Pete the Answer?
The Argument
Is Pete Buttigieg the best Democratic candidate to take on Trump? The columnists size up the South Bend mayor’s rise in Iowa and a new Times poll terrifying those who fear Trump’s re-election. Then: California is beset by catastrophic wildfires, growing income inequality and a decrease in overall livability. Are the state’s woes a leading indicator of America’s bleak future? For background reading on this episode, visit nytimes.com/theargument
Should Facebook Be Fact-Checked?
The Argument
Should Facebook be more strict when it comes to fact-checking political ads? The columnists debate growing concern over the social media giant’s role in American politics. Then, the writer Tara Isabella Burton joins Ross and Michelle for a Halloween-inspired discussion of astrology, witchcraft, the decline of religious observance and American millennials’ growing interest in the occult. For background reading on this episode, visit nytimes.com/theargument
The #Resistance Is Coming
Impeachment: A Daily Podcast
On Sunday, a stadium full of baseball fans chanted at the president, "Lock him up." Could a vocal grassroots protest campaign move the needle on impeachment, as it did on Obamacare? On today’s episode,David Leonhardt, op-ed columnist at The New York Times and co-host of The Argument, talks about the role that mass demonstrations can have on these proceedings, and runs down the latest impeachment headlines. 
How to Win Impeachment
The Argument
Impeachment seems destined to end with President Trump’s acquittal in the Republican-controlled Senate. But is there anything Democrats can do to change that outcome? The columnists debate the Democrats’ impeachment strategy so far. Then, they discuss the increasing rise of deaths from drug overdoses, alcohol and suicide. What’s driving these so-called “deaths of despair,” and what — if anything — can be done about them? For background reading on this episode, visit nytimes.com/theargument
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