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Running coach and podcaster who loves people, running and just being outside. Founder Run Tampa and Mojo for Running.
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MFR 140:  My Thoughts on the ‘Brittany’ Movie, Running Goals, and Your First Marathon
Mojo for Running
Recently, Hubby and I actually went to a theater, which we hadn’t done in over a year, to see the movie, Brittany Runs a Marathon. In this episode I discuss that film, and, knowing that it will inspire many, that leads to the topic of running goals and running your first marathon. No worries, I don’t give away the plot. I hope you’ll listen, and in this episode, since I talk about running ‘your’ first marathon, I also suggest that you listen to the four-part series I did on running your first marathon. Yes, it took four episodes of this podcast to sufficiently cover that topic. They are episodes 55, 56, 57, and 59. In this episode, I also invite you to my race, the Run Tampa Tinsel Run, on December 21st, at Al Lopez park, right here in Tampa. I would love to have my listeners participate. The race will be gnome-themed this year, and besides finisher medals, we’ll have age group awards, three deep in 5-year increments, and those awards will be gnome figurines. You’ll love them. The finisher medals will be, a gnome ornament. You’ll want to collect them every year; so, don’t miss this first one. Below is a picture of the artwork that will be on the shirts. Here is a link to register. We’re capping registration at 500; so, register right away. Whether you live in the area or are visiting from out of town, it would be great to have you.  The post MFR 140: My Thoughts on the ‘Brittany’ Movie, Running Goals, and Your First Marathon appeared first on Mojo for Running.
MFR 139:  The Mental Side of Running
Mojo for Running
Even before you were a runner, you had probably heard the oft repeated line, “Running is 90% mental.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard any long-time runner argue against this, because you realize pretty quickly that this is true. iF your mind wills it, if your heart is in it, if you have the necessary grit, the you will become a runner, and you will achieve the goals you set. It may take time, and it will certain require more mental tenacity than physical. This is what non-runners do not understand. In this podcast, I pick apart the reasons why it is so mentally difficult, sometimes more than others, of course. You may not always realize the true cause of your mental struggle. I hope that understanding the root cause will help you deal with the mental side of running, and that will lead to greater success in every area of your running journey. In this episode, I mention The Human Race, and Velma Radloff, in particular. I hope, if you haven’t seen the documentary yet, you will. Here are a couple of photos of Velma. Velma is 81 and still running, of course. Two of my favorite runner girls. Both are in “The Human Race.” The post MFR 139: The Mental Side of Running appeared first on Mojo for Running.
MFR 138: Base Miles
Mojo for Running
How is your running base coming along? This is one of the most critical considerations for any runner’s success, but in my experience, the great majority of recreational runners ignore it. With this episode of the Mojo for Running Podcast, I hope to raise awareness to motivate every listener to give this area of their running life the attention it deserves. A great percentage of your running success – or failure – will be due to a properly executed training, but if you miss a key area of training, no amount of effort to the remainder of your training will make up for the gap. It’s that important.  By base, I mean the number of miles you run per week. If you keep a record of your miles – and most runners do – then go to your log book, right now, and see how many miles you were averagjng, per week, at the start of your last training cycle.  This episode is likely to change your attitude about this often neglected factor that plays a critical role in your running success as regards the effectiveness of speed work, your success in avoiding injuries, and your comfort all the way to the end of races. Your training base is that important. **In this episode, I mention my son’s new podcast. His name is Ben Voiles, and his podcast is The Internal Work. I hope you’ll check it out, especially Episode #3 about confidence. That one would be particularly helpful to any runner. His podcast is on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.Click  the  graphic  to  check  it  out. ***In this episode, I also reminded you of our documentary film, The Human Race. I decided I’ll mention one of the featured runners in each of the next several episodes. In this episode of mention Riorita Gaon. Here is a pic. I hope, if you haven’t watched The Human Race, you will. I promise it will provide great motivation. Many runners have told me they bought it and watch it whenever they need motivation. That’s Rio in the pink sunglasses and with the mimosa, with friends Maureen Wallace and Nancy Hannas. Click here to see a trailer for the film.   The post MFR 138: Base Miles appeared first on Mojo for Running.
MFR 137: Boston
Mojo for Running
Boston. That word inspires emotion in every runner, as it does with me. I’ve always been a word person, which is just part of the reason I was an English teacher for 15 years. I think about words. Those six letters move me. They have for years but much more, now. Six letters that, to me, carry a level of emotion just below the word, family, and that is saying a lot. Whether you’ve only watched the race on TV, been one of the thousands lining the race course on marathon race day, or you’re working toward a BQ right now, the word has the power of few others. I hope you enjoy this podcast about my Boston Marathon race a couple of months ago, the first time I have ever qualified to run it. Whether you ever get to do that race or not, I highly recommend you travel to Boston and do one of the many races there that you can get into every year. I took my Run Tampa group to Boston to do the Boston Run to Remember Half and 5 mile in May of 2018, a fantastic trip. The course is different, but we went out and ran the last mile of the marathon course, a great experience for all. If you aspire to run it, then go for it. Most people can qualify, but it will require a year of careful planning and strategic training. For others, it might seem impossible, and may require many lifestyle changes and several years to get there.  If you want to do it, and qualifying is out of the question, then, by all means, seek out a charity bib and commit yourself to honoring the opportunity and raising the money you pledge to raise.  One way or the other, it can be done, and I hope this podcast inspires you. Boston Marathon qualifying times    Athlete’s Village in Hopkinton The video is too big for my site, but I will put it on Facebook. Run Tampa Carly qualified in her very first marathon and requalified in this year’s race with a blistering time of 3:19. Yowza! The post MFR 137: Boston appeared first on Mojo for Running.
MFR 136:  Three Reasons to do a Plank Every Day
Mojo for Running
If you just do one exercise for your core, this should be it. Planks have many benefits for runners. In this episode, I explain the various ways of modifying the standard plank for even more benefit.  Adding this exercise to your cross training, will, I guarantee, impact your running performance and go a long way toward preventing injuries.  With publication of this episode, I’m launching a Plank Challenge. Instructions in the podcast. I hope you’ll participate. It starts on Sunday, May 26th. Become a Patron! The post MFR 136: Three Reasons to do a Plank Every Day appeared first on Mojo for Running.
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