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Esther Ludlow

Host, Producer & Editor of Once Upon A Crime | True Crime
Esther has been following true crime cases since she was a teen. Using a storytelling style she details the cases that have long fascinated her. Using her background in criminal psychology she researches the crime, criminals and victims to discover the “why” behind some infamous crimes as well as fascinating lesser known cases.


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Recent episodes featuring Esther Ludlow
Episode 150: Fugitives from Justice: Nazira Ugalde and Brenda Delgado
Once Upon A Crime | True Crime
In this episode I’ll share two separate cases of women who became part of a very small and exclusive club - women who made the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.   Nazira Ugalde killed for financial gain and flees to South America.  A young woman in Texas, Brenda Delgado, plans the murder of her romantic rival and disappears soon after being questioned by police.   Resources:  "New details emerge about Reno 'Black Widow', Behind the Crime Tape Blog, Nov. 27, 2012 "Fugitive Black Widow wanted in ex-husband's 2008 murder arrested i Peru", by Nina Golgowski for New York Daily News, Jun 5, 2014.  "Mother of Hygenist at center of deadly love triangle sas her daughter is 'not the jealous type'", by Shekhar Bhatia for, Sep 12, 2015.  "Duo Behind Killing of Dentist in Murder-for-Hire Plot May be Linked to Drug Cartel", Chicago 5 News, Oct 23, 2015.  "Brenda Delgado: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know",, Jun 7, 2019.  "The State of Texas vs Brenda Delgado", Criminal Indictment, October 2, 2018.  Sponsors:  Onyx and Rose: and use offer code ONCE at checkout for 15% off your first purchase.  Hello Fresh: and enter ONCE9 at checkout for 9 free meals plus free shipping on your first box.  Podcast Recommendations:  Crime Machine by Jack Luna and Sam Swenson.  You can now find us on Stitcher Premium!   
Episode 149: Fugitives from Justice: Jesse James Hollywood
Once Upon A Crime | True Crime
A small time drug dealer kidnaps a rival's younger brother in order to settle a debt.  The unfolding series of events would become one of California's most bizarre and tragic kidnapping cases on record and would even inspire an award-winning Hollywood movie.   Resources: Jesse Katz for Los Angeles Magazine, "The Last Ride of Jesse James Hollywood", February 2002.  Colby Frazier for Daily Sound, "Hollywood tells his story", June 24, 2009.  Henry Chu and Solomon Moore for The Los Angeles Times, "Fugitive Kept Low Profile in Quiet Brazilian Beach Town", March 11, 2005.  Chris Hansen for Dateline, "The Real Story Behind 'Alpha Dog', Jan 15, 2007.  Tyler Hayden for The Santa Barbara Independent, "Meet Mrs. Jesse James Hollywood", Feb 4, 2014.  Sponsors:  Native Deodorant - - Use promo code ONCE for 20% off your first purchase. Truman's Cleaning Products - - enter promo code ONCE for 50% off your starter kit plus subscription.   Solid Gold Pet Food - for 30% off your first order.  Music Credits:  Music from "Floating Cities" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( "Life of Riley" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (    
Episode 148: Rocktober: Rock and Roll Haunts
Once Upon A Crime | True Crime
In this episode I dig into my file of spooky stories to share some haunted happenings in the world of rock and roll.   #themansionatlaurelcanyon #redhotchilipeppers #slipknot #hauntedhouses #bonscott #joshuatreeinn #halloween #ghoststories  Resources:  Corey Taylor, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven (Or How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process), (Da Capo Press, 2013).  Inside the Laurel Canyon Houdini Estate,, March 30, 2012.  Funky Monks - Uncut Full Documentary (1st edit uncut w/bonus footage), YouTube, uploaded by MakingMonstersInk, April 10, 2013.  Sponsors: Bombas Socks - for 20% off your first purchase. Promo: Murder In My Family: Music credits from - License: CC BY ( "Halloween Theme 1" by Alexander Nakarada ( "Graveyard Shift" by Kevin MacLeod ( "Myst on the Moor" by Kevin MacLeod ( "Waltz of Treachery" by Kevin MacLeod ( "On My Way" by Kevin MacLeod ( "Life of Riley" by Kevin MacLeod (    
Episode 147: Rocktober: The Bob Marley Assassination Attempt
Once Upon A Crime | True Crime
Bob Marley went from singing R&B harmonies in Trenchtown, Kingston, Jamaica to becoming a pioneer of reggae music, bringing his own blend of reggae, rock and ska music to a global audience. But as a popular figure in Jamaica, he was unwillingly thrust into the country’s political strife.  The situation became so dangerous for Marley that on December 3, 1976, he became a target of assassins.  Several resources were used in the research for this episode including:  Chris Salewicz, Bob Marley: The Untold Story, (New York: Faber and Faber), 2010., "Bob Marley", Vivien Goldman, The Guardian, "Dread, beat and blood", July 16, 2006.  Hua Hsu, The New Yorker, "Manufacturing Bob Marley", July 17, 2017 Mike Lanchin, BBC World Service, "I was there when gunmen tried to kill Bob Marley," December 4, 2016.  Kief Davidson, Remastered: Who Shot the Sheriff?, Netflix, 2015.  Sponsors:  Truman's: - use promo code ONCE at checkout for 50% off your starter kit and subscription.  Solid Gold: for 30% off your first order.  Music Credits:  Music from Sunny Rasta" by Alexander Nakarada ( License: CC BY ( "Stealth Groover" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (  "Dub Feral" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (  
Episode 146: Rocktober: Altamont, The Rolling Stone and The Hells Angels
Once Upon A Crime | True Crime
A free concert took place in northern California in December of 1969 featuring The Rolling Stones.  It would descend into chaos due to poor planning, rampant drug use and the ill-advised use of the Hells Angels as concert security.   Resources: Joel Selvin, Altamont: The Rolling Stones, the Hells Angels and the Inside Story of Rock's Darkest Day, (New York: Harper Collins), 2016.  Lester Bangs, Reny Brown, John Burks, Sammy Egan, Michael Goodwin, Geoffrey Link, Greil Marcus, John Morthland, Eugene Schoenfeld, Patrick Thomas, and Langdon Winner, Rolling Stone Magazine, "The Rolling Stones Disaster at Altamont: Let It Bleed," January 21, 1970.  Albert & David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin, Gimme Shelter (1970),  Note: Meredith Hunter can be seen in the crowd at timestamp 1:18:50. The attack on him begins at 1:23:26.  Sponsors:  Hello Fresh: and enter ONCE80 at checkout for $80 off your first month of meal kits.  Away Travel: and use promo code ONCE20 at checkout for $20 off a suitcase.  Native Deodorants: and use promo code ONCE during checkout for 20% off your first purchase. 
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