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The Edgar Cayce Story Part 2
The second half of Edgar Cayce's story would see more extraordinary experiences layered over an ordinary and humble man's life.  Even more unimaginable for his tastes was the non-medical information that would later come through him.  Though mostly remaining uncertain about the medical advice he'd been dispensing while in his sleep-like state, his answers to metaphysical questions distressed him, as they conflicted with his traditional Christian beliefs.  While suffering personal hardship and tragedy, Cayce was now also troubled by concepts his mediumship had introduced to him and would continue seeking philosophical reconciliation into his later years, which he would finally achieve.  But what remained constant throughout was Cayce's passion for helping others, and combined with the ever-increasing requests for treatment, it ironically wore down his health and shortened his life.  If we examine the Cayce phenomenon logically, there are several considerations.  If you believe it's impossible for a transcendental intelligence to exist, then Cayce was able to spend decades espousing folk remedies and comments on esoteric metaphysics, which he had merely picked up from voracious reading.  Some would view that as quite a trick for an average man with limited education.  If you believe an intelligence outside our physical reality could exist, then what is the nature of this force that communicated through him?  Who or what was it exactly, what are the mechanics of the process, and could it be trusted?  If omniscient, why did it seem to work with some subjects and not as well with others?  On the other hand, if Cayce was a total fraud, would he have not been found out years ago?  Was it all just a fault of human nature that so many claimed relief for their ailments, growing his popularity to global levels, and why are his readings still studied to this day?  While Cayce and his supporters attempted to conduct formal case studies for the treatments, the conditions for the experiments would not be rigorous or controlled enough to convince the scientific community.  Harder still would be to prove any veracity for his metaphysical teachings.  However, there may be one thing all sides can agree on, and that's Edgar Cayce's overall message to the world.  Rather than self-aggrandizement, his message was one of encouraging love and acceptance of our fellow human beings; of spiritual and personal growth, all of us united in universal truth, regardless of creed or culture.  Hopefully, that would be one "reading" of our shared condition that would be hard to argue against.Visit our website for a lot more information on this episode:
The Edgar Cayce Story Part 1
Edgar Cayce is often remembered nowadays as the "father of holistic medicine" and the rightful originator of many of the beliefs and practices of the "New Age" movement. Yet what is remarkable is that although you might naturally think Cayce was a pop-culture product of the 1960s and '70s, his mystical talents gained him worldwide attention beginning from just after the turn of the last century until his death in 1945. Even more astounding was that the valid diagnoses and cures for the ailing that he was first known for apparently came to him while in a sleep-like state and unbeknownst to his conscious mind. Yet Cayce was a hesitant and modest "medium."  Born in 1877 in a farming community just south of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, he experienced interactions with the supernatural throughout his life.  In his early childhood, Cayce claimed he played with invisible "little folk" and could communicate with his deceased grandfather. While in his early teens and suffering from learning disabilities, he said he was visited by an angel who told him his difficulties would be over.  Cayce soon realized he could thoroughly memorize entire books merely by resting his head on one as he slept. As a young adult, Cayce's medical condition led to the discovery that if he laid down and entered his meditative state, diagnosis and treatment would relay through him from a seemingly omniscient source. And not only did this work for himself, but the source could accurately diagnose and offer a remedy to others no matter the distance, with him only needing the name and location of the patient. Even more incredible was that this intelligence could also reveal answers about great mysteries like the Egyptian Pyramids, Atlantis, reincarnation, future wars, and prophecies, to name a few. Ironically, for many years of his life, he would remain skeptical and disturbed about the information that was coming through him regarding these topics.  He preferred to focus on curing the sick while reluctant to gain much profit from his abilities. Whether you believe Edgar Cayce was a gifted healer or a charlatan, there is no doubt his results made him one of the famous names in the subject of metaphysics and arguably the most documented psychic of the 20th century. His legacy lives on as "America's Sleeping Prophet." Visit our website for a lot more information on this episode:
The Lost Christmas Eve Special
Some time ago, we attempted a hybrid holiday special that combined a traditional episode with a call-in show. Unfortunately, it didn't really go as planned. Still, Scott seemed to think it had some value of some kind, so he talked Forrest into releasing it here and now in 2019. So tonight, the Astonishing Legends team is pleased to present a commercial-free, family-friendly Holiday episode for you to enjoy with or without your loved ones as you see fit. While it contains some fascinating background on the evolution of St. Nicholas, be warned, this is not like anything we've ever released before, but we figured now or never. Happy Holidays listeners, and thank you for your stalwart and ongoing support. We are so grateful to you.Visit our website for a lot more information on this episode:
Connor J Randall and the Estes Method
Those skeptical of the existence of a spirit world will often cite that there is no credible evidence leading to proof, this being the basis for their disbelief.  Yet what constitutes as evidence or proof seems to be a personal decision, as there is an endless supply of visual and audio recordings and environmental data which at the least appear to be genuinely anomalous and unexplainable.  For the mainstream scientific community, these anomalies would need to be consistently repeatable under laboratory conditions for the implications of the data to be accepted.  But for paranormal researchers attempting communication with the "Other Side," although elusive, there are enough occurrences of contextual dialogue that their practices have become meaningful.  The phenomenon of contact with the unseen world via electronic devices is described generally as "Instrumental Trans-Communication" or ITC.  First defined in the 1970s by Ernst Senkowksi, researchers have been refining and evolving new techniques for ITC ever since, employing new technologies and modifying established methodologies.  One such creative experimentation resulted in the "Estes Method," developed by our last episode's guest, Connor J. Randall, and his investigation teammates Karl Pfeiffer and Michelle Tate.  Named for the place where it was first conceived, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, the Estes Method has not only added a layer of objectivity to Spirit Box ITC sessions but has also yielded some compelling "evidence."  Join us for another conversation with Connor as he discusses this and other ITC practices used at the Stanley Hotel, which then lead to the experiments seen in the Hellier documentary series. Visit our website for a lot more information on this episode:
Preview of New Show from Wondery: Detective Trapp
 In a brand new podcast from Wondery and The Los Angeles Times, Detective Trapp takes you into the life of a cop who conducts herself relentlessly. Hosted by Dirty John’s award-winning journalist, Chris Goffard, Detective Trapp is the story of a detective who fights through her own personal struggles and society’s indifference to bring a serial killer to justice. Trapp’s strongest resource for catching dangerous criminals? Personal experience.  Listen now at
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