Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality. Formerly known as a wine critic, he expanded his family's wine business, and he is also best known for his work in digital marketing and social media leading New York–based companies VaynerMedia and VaynerX.
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This is a Reputation Game | Mortgage Marketing Expert Podcast
The GaryVee Audio Experience
Podcast Listeners! Think you're going to love this conversation with Phil, especially if you're in the Real Estate / Mortgage business. We talk about the evolution of marketing in this world, from Yellow Pages to Facebook Groups, and how building your reputation through adding value is the move. There's ton of little moments and insights in this episode and would love to hear which you're going to apply. Tweet me @garyvee, I'm watching ;)   Topics from Today’s Episode: 1:10 | Reputation matters 4:45 | Running fbs ads vs direct mail 7:15 | Being a firefighter is the business 8:30 | Everything is my fault 10:00 | All awareness isn’t equal 10:25 | Internet Eliminates everyone who doesn’t add value 12:00 | Where my ideas come from 13:50 | Chamber of commerce <> Facebook groups 17:00 | Where my talents meet my happiness 17:10 | ROI vs ROE (crossover) 18:05 | Sales vs Marketing 21:15 | Trust vs Relevance
How Practical Optimism with Accountability Leads to Happiness | Tactical Baby Gear Podcast
The GaryVee Audio Experience
Podcast family!! I loved today's episode as I get to share what I learned from my parents and how they taught me valuable lessons I carry today. I think you'll love some of the deep topics we cover here around parents and what things really catch my eye about modern parenting. Would love to hear from you on this episode!! tweet me @garyvee   Topics from Today’s Episode: 1:30 | Introduction 1:45 | Perfectly Parented 2:50 | Practical optimism with accountability 3:30 | My years as a student 9:00 | Never complaining 10:15 | Beginning of my relationship with my dad 12:15 | Life is about circumstances 12:30 | Empathy for our Parents 12:45 | Leads to my strengths and weaknesses 14:00 | Turning bullshit into gift of gab 17:00 | Not convincing anyone 18:30 | Merit of the game 24:00 | Stigma is the worst 28:00 | Impact 32:45 | Speed Round 33:20 | Self-esteem > delusion
Talking Church and Social Media with Gary Vaynerchuk: Podcast 272
Social Media Church Podcast
In this throwback podcast episode, Nils Smith and Gary Vaynerchuk talk about social media and the church. While this may be a past episode, we’ve come to realize how relevant this is and how the forward-thinking Gary Vaynerchuk is still spot on on some of the things the church can do to be more accessible, not only in the age of new technology, but in having the skills to provide content people are interested in. Listen to this episode to learn more about it.   Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.
Gary Vaynerchuk Stops By To Talk Product Placement And The Future Of Attention
Made Theory
Our CEO Travis spoke with Gary Vaynerchuk about product placement and the future of attention.
Reframing Your Success | Successful Mind Podcast Hosted by David Neagle
The GaryVee Audio Experience
Hey Podcast listeners, today we go DEEP on some of my favorite topics. David does a great job digging into where my self-awareness first came from, lessons I learned from my father, why I love the merit of the game. Think there's going to be a lot of takeaways from this episode and would love for you to tweet me @garyvee with your favorite moment and a takeaway from today's episode.   To Learn More About David: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE:   Topics From Today's Episode: 00:30 | Self-Awareness is the Key 4:30 | Facing Delusion 5:00 | Sensitive Kid 5:40 | What I learned from my Dad 9:00 | Socialism & Communism 11:00 | Prosperity 12:00 | Merit 14:30 | Reframing Success 16:45 | Do you love your process? 24:30 | 3 Interactions 25:00 | Admiration > Vanity 26:15 | The Truth is Universal 26:45 | Favorite Food 27:05 | Why do I Make Videos 30:20 | I’m the delivery service 31:30 | Practical Optimism 33:30 | Unlimited levels of Freedom
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