Jason Van Orden is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Co-Founder and course design at Internet Business Mastery, he also co-hosts Internet Business Mastery Podcast.
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585 | All the ingredients needed for the secret sauce of success.
For the first 6 years of my entrepreneurial journey I was completely obsessed with finding the secret sauce needed for success. I figured the "GURU's" kept the secrets to themselves, but I was determined to find them anyways. Secret sauce means the exact combination of abilities, skills, knowledge, mindset, etc, that makes success inevitable. I had found a type of secret sauce in the J-O-B I had before I became an entrepreneur, so there had to be with this. For 7-10 years of my entrepreneurial journey I no longer believed in a secret sauce. I had a lot of successful friends and I wrongly thought I couldn't really see a specific combination of traits that was in each of them. Or so I thought. Then, I found my way into a top level, secret mastermind group. Actually I earned my way in. I was one of the top affiliates for a BIG internet marketing duo. A couple of the biggest guys in the business. You probably know them, if you've been around for even 5 minutes. This mastermind group was held at a very ritzy hotel Even the room the mastermind was held in seemed classy and upscale, not like those low end, crummy hotel seminar rooms you've probably been in before. There were about 18 people in the room, including me. Half the people in the room were extremely well known to me, in many different markets. The other half where the “behind the curtain” guys behind the "GURU's", the guys that made the *real* money. I was blown away over the two long days I spent with them and I learned things about myself and business that changed me forever. One of those things was the 3 ingredients in the secret sauce of success. When I left this magical place I was shocked, angered, and extremely excited. I was shocked that I didn't know most of the massive secrets I learned in that room. Secrets that could have made my entrepreneurial struggle lessened to the point of ease. I was angered that no one taught the specifics of all I learned there. These big guys and "GURU's" keep the info for themselves, as I suspected they did! I was right all along... I was extremely excited that I had the knowledge and could put it to use right away. I generally knew about the 3 secret ingredients. They all seemed obvious once I knew about them, but I never have seen anyone focus on them to the degree they need to be focused on. I started focusing on them right away. The first ingredient is that you have to *deserve* success. You have to take the small steps everyday that lead to the success you desire. I actually talked about this quite a bit on this daily show and I'll be talking about it a LOT more. It seems simple, but it's massively important and there is a lot behind it's simple looking exterior. I had used this first ingredient myself and was able to help 1,000's of people and enjoy 7 figure paydays because of it and that was without focusing on it! This is why freeloaders and get rich quickers will never be successful, they want to simply "push a button once and money endlessly comes out" opportunity, but that doesn't exist and it's a loser mindset from the get go. Deserving success isn't hard, but it cannot be skipped. I built this first ingredient into every course I've made. Simple, step by step plans on how to deserve success is really what all 10 courses are in the Freedom Club are designed as. I've gotten really good at adding it for you. The next ingredient seems to have a bit of a negative vibe around it. I have a Facebook group I run JUST about this second ingredient. I asked the members what emotions came up about this ingredient and mostly seemed to be negative. Don't be tricked into thinking it is negative, it's extremely powerful and extremely important. The second ingredient is *persuasion*. I've currently dedicated myself to mastery with this subject. I love learning about it.
584 |  If you want to feel different, act differently.
BTW, this episode if from a daily email I wrote in May of 2017: So, this week is moving week for me. A couple months ago I decided to make some huge life changes and this week I leave "the ordinary world" and I enter "the special world" of the Hero's Journey that author Joseph Campbell talks a lot about. I'm leaving my 6000 square foot home in a secret valley to move into a 1200 square foot apartment in the city in order to train for the first level of my new adventure. I've spent the last 2 months selling my house and donating 90% of my stuff. I'm going after a dream I've had since I was 19 and it's going to take everything I've learned and experienced to make it work. I believe that when you have a dream, you give your all towards achieving it. I believed it and went after it when I left my 6 figure career 14 years ago and ended up starting Internet Business Mastery and now it's time to do it again. Nothing is going to change with Internet Business Mastery. I'll still be doing these daily episodes and looking in on the winners masterminding in the Freedom Club Facebook Mastermind group, as always. BUT, I'll also be starting the business I conceived 27 years ago and didn't have any earthly idea how to start. I do now, so I'm giving my all, embracing change like a lover, all in order to encourage success in this new venture. I not only teach this stuff, I live it. You have this desire too. I know it. That is why you're here listening to my show. You don't have to sell everything and give up your past in order to make it happen, just get the guts to join the Freedom Club and set aside some time everyday. It can be just 30 minutes a day. Schedule and do it. Join me on the Hero's journey NOW: http://www.FreedomClubVIP.com Jeremy Frandsen World Leader in Freedom Business Education
583 | Success is not for these type of people…
Here's a quote I ran across during my reading time yesterday. It comes from a man that studied some of the biggest successes in history. "Success is not for the lazy, procrastinating, or mercurial." ~Dean Keith Simonton There is a whole bunch more to that quote, but that part is the essence. It all boils down to, "take action now and keep going until you get the success you desire." That's it. Take action now: http://www.FreedomClubVIP.com Jeremy Frandsen World Leader in Freedom Business Education
582 | Let’s set a record today, together.
I decided to set a record today and I can't do it without you. You know I'm big on small steps. The tiny, daily steps that lead to success. BUT, Today is not that day. Sometimes, it's time to go big or go home. Today IS that day. I want to set 2 records today with the Freedom Club. I want to set a record on how many people finally get the guts to join. I also want to set a record on how many people finally admit that this internet business thing is just a pipe dream and they stop listening to my show. The records are for definite YESes and NOs. If you are tired of all the excuses and are ready to use all the courage you have in your possession... If you are ready for a step by step system to help you gain the freedom you've wanted for a long time... If you want to be a part of a group of your peers that are ready to mastermind with you and be part of your journey if you so choose... If you KNOW you are a winner and are ready to prove it... Today is the day, it's time to come on in to the Freedom Club: http://www.FreedomClubVIP.com Okay, if you're listening to this and not joining, it's time for you to help me make a record by unsubscribing right now. If you love your bullshit excuses then nothing I can say will ever change you're mind... If you get offended easily and love to complain to anyone that will listen... If your significant other is the real boss of you and you don't have the ability to talk them into your dream... If you're really just an employee at heart and need to be told what to do to help your boss and business owner achieve their dreams... If you just don't have the balls, guts, and/or grit to get it done... It's time to unsubscribe to this show, right now. Let's face, you're never going to get the guts to get started, go unsubscribe. It's time to be honest, the freedom club is the place to actually get the business you only dream about and if all you can do is whine about all the reasons you can't start now, it's not the place for you. Unsubscribe from the show now. Jeremy Frandsen World Leader in Freedom Business Education P.S. If you do have the balls to start and just wanted to see what I was going to say to the Employee Mindset people, no problem, here’s the end of the show, join now http://www.FreedomClubVIP.com
581 | Bittersweet day…
Recently my youngest daughter moved out and is on her own. She's got her first apartment and is heading out into the world. I look back on her childhood with great satisfaction as I got to be there for everything. When she had a mid-afternoon music recital, I got to be there. Every soccer game, I got to be there. Every morning doctor's appointment, I got to take her. Every ballet performance, I got to be there. When she had an opportunity to go to Spain on a class trip, I could afford to take care of it. Anything at any time, I got to be there. My freedom business allowed that to happen. It wouldn't have been the case with my old job, I barely got to see her. When she was really young, I would just barely make it home to see her go to bed or on the weekends, then I took the chance and started my freedom business. That one choice changed the lives of everyone I'm close to. A freedom business opened my life to live the way I wanted to all while helping others achieve the same lifestyle if they had the courage to go for it. It was the pain of no control and never getting to see my family that helped me go for it and do what it took to make it happen and I'm so glad I did. As I watch her leave, I didn’t have to feel the regret that would have certainly been there had I kept my ol' day job. There are so many upsides to making the choice to follow your dream of having a freedom business, killing regret is certainly a beautiful one. Kill regret right now: http://www.FreedomClubVIP.com Jeremy Frandsen World Leader in Freedom Business Education
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