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Jeff Goins is an American best selling author, blogger, speaker, founder of Tribe Writers - an online community for writers and host of The Portfolio Life Podcast.
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Your Questions Answered: Writing, Marketing and More
The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
A few weeks ago, I did an episode of The Portfolio Life called "Don’t Build an Empire, Find a Few Friends Who Care." It was about how the secret of marketing and getting your ideas to spread is really just about having a few friends who care. You want to create remarkable work and put it into the right hands to get it to spread. So, in the email that I wrote for that podcast and blog essay, I asked people to email me a question, something that they were struggling with or need help with, and I got a ton of questions. Here I am a few weeks later, still not having answered those questions (sorry!) and so I decided to just turn on the old mike, pull up the inbox, and answer those questions in a podcast. Hopefully, these are answers to questions not just a handful of folks asked but maybe questions that you're wondering about. Often, when you're in a classroom or workshop setting, some brave soul raises their hand to ask a question. It's often something lots of other people around are wondering as well so hopefully, that's the case here, and you get your question answered, even if you didn't ask it. 
The Secret to Innovative Work: Be Different, Not Better
The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
Often, we think the way to stand out from the pack is to be better. And sometimes that is the answer: to become an improved version of who you were yesterday, to do what the “other guy” is doing with a few added features. However, this is often a losing strategy, as you are making iterative improvements on someone else’s work. A better way to become world-class at what you do is to change the game completely. Don’t be better; be different. 
Episode 220: Interview with Matt Kepnes
The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
I've often wondered what would it be like to be a nomad and travel the world. I did this for a brief time in my early 20s and then stopped, and recently I've been falling back in love with travel. I’ve bumped into some really interesting people who have traveled the world. I've learned that travel is not so much about the places you go or the people you meet, but instead, it's about the person you become. In this episode of The Portfolio Life, I talk with Matt Kepnes, aka Nomadic Matt. Matt spent 10 years of his life traveling the world. He's the New York Times bestselling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, as well as a follow-up book he just published called Ten Years a Nomad. In this interview, Matt and I discuss: How a movie changed Matt’s trajectory and a vacation led to a new career What is means to like the “art” but not the “job” of being a creative professional as well as the difference between a hobby and a profession How travel and a change of environment makes you uncomfortable and why you should lean into that Why you should travel alone at least once How familiarity leads to complacency Why one of the greatest gifts of travel is learning to be your own best friend
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Yourself
The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
"Just be yourself" is probably the worst advice we could ever receive or give a person. Few of us actually know who we really are. And yet, if we can acquire this art of self-awareness, everything changes. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." But how do I do that? For full show notes, click here:
044 How to Become a Better Writer with Jeff Goins
Christian Publishing Show
Today we are getting back to the fundamentals and talking about how to become a better more successful writer.  And who better to talk to about this than Jeff Goins? Jeff a writer, speaker, and podcaster. He is the best-selling author of five books, including You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) and Real Artists Don’t Starve (Affiliate Links). His award-winning blog is visited by millions of people every year. Through his online courses, events, and coaching programs, he helps thousands of writers succeed every year.  Questions: One of the things you talk about in your book is that as writers we have to chose between creating and reacting. What do you mean by that?Hot ones confessions. Celebrities focused on thier craft.How do we make writing a habit? Three Bucket SystemWhat does it mean to practice in public? Why is this so important? Freshmen Comp ClassScott SiglarWhy do authors avoid getting feedback?How do we make writing a habit? Does writing require suffering?5 Different Kinds of Platform Links: War of Art by Steven PressfieldThree Bucket SystemThe Portfolio Life Sponsor: Christian Writers Institute The Course of the Week: How to Craft Amazing Blog Posts Your blog is a key for building a platform, establishing your expertise, and gaining a loyal following. In this special video course Thomas Umstattd Jr. helps you craft the kind of blog posts people want to read and share. Whether you are writing articles for someone else’s site or crafting posts for your own blog, this course will help you get to the next level. When it comes to blogging, Thomas Umstattd Jr. knows what he is talking about. His two blogs have several million page views and he has also coached authors all over the world who collectively get millions of visitors each year. Use coupon code “podcast” to save 10% or click the link in the show notes to activate the coupon code automatically.  The post 044 How to Become a Better Writer with Jeff Goins appeared first on Christian Publishing Show.
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