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Host of See in ADHD
Jennie Friedman is a Certified Mindset & Productivity Coach focusing on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), she is a coach at ADHD and host of See in ADHD Podcast.
Recent episodes featuring Jennie Friedman
Limiting Beliefs
See in ADHD
In this episode I talk about some of the limiting beliefs and fears that have impacted my life and my business. Then I delve into the top 6 limiting beliefs I hear from ADHD women. Including Everyone is judging me I cannot/will not be successful I'm not worthy or deserving I always experience rejection It's too late to make changes in my life I'm not strong enough to change/handle my life Just a heads up: These are all BS.  LINK TO MY PRIVATE COMMUNITY LINK TO THE ADHD CONFERENCE
Letting Go and Moving On
See in ADHD
The audio version of the written post. Not a post about ADHD. Or at least, not directly. We with ADHD often see things in black and white ways, so letting go of people and beliefs can be quite difficult for us. If you’re anything like me, you don’t catch the lessons that are layered in the middle of the shit sandwich. A lost relationship, or personal failure, is very hard for us to come back from and we have trouble seeing how any of our current suffering might benefit us in the future.
ADHD After Dark with Dr. Ari Tuckman
See in ADHD
I was going to call this episode something funny like "Lets talk about (ADHD) SEX."  Just to get people's attention.  But then I decided to behave like a professional and name it after Dr. Ari Tuckman's new book, ADHD After Dark. About a year ago I walked up to Dr. Tuckman after hearing him speak and sort of got all fan-girl on him. But he was really nice about it, and didn't even seem freaked out when I emailed him randomly and asked if he would talk about his book on my podcast. So we scheduled a time AND I enlisted the Hubs to talk about our sex life.  I'll be writing a more detailed post about ADHD relationships, sex, and Dr. Tuckman's book in the future.  For now, enjoy this funny but also VERY informative conversation.  In this episode, you will hear: The origins, and results of Dr. Tuckman's sex survey The ADHD effect on relationships and sexual satisfaction Gender differences in, "mixed" ADHD couples  The sexual eagerness cluster in men & women The importance of managing ADHD  All the ways ADHD squeezes out time for sex The parent-child dynamic My sex life (if you are curious) ADHD AFTER DARK - link to buy MORE ATTENTION, LESS DEFICIT - link to buy UNDERSTAND YOUR BRAIN, GET MORE DONE (EF WORKBOOK) - Link to buy
Liz Gets Some Career Coaching from Shell Mendelson
See in ADHD
Do you LOVE what you do? I mean really, really love it. Like you wake up on Monday morning and you are so excited to start another week. Ooooh here's another question: How many careers have you had? We with ADHD tend to have a fraught relationship with work.  Our interests and passions are forever changing. Even work we love can become routine and boring. And with ADHD boredom = inaction. Shell Mendelson is an ADHD coach with a background in vocational counseling - and yes, she has ADHD!  Listen in as she talks about : Her own diagnosis in her 50s The super successful business she created that ultimately FAILED Her training in the, "Parachute Method" from Richard Bolles The role of childhood passions in finding adult fulfillment Self-accommodation at work The importance of environment/working conditions for ADHD folks The true purpose of an interview How we limit ourselves based on our perceived limitations And enjoy listening to Liz get some career coaching of her own. 
Samantha Cooper has an Unconventional Mindset (about ADHD)
See in ADHD
Listen in as Samantha Cooper and I discuss her unconventional approach to coaching adults with ADHD. Samantha Cooper is a graduate of ADDCA and has a background in public health and epidemiology and takes an interest in recently diagnosed adults with ADHD and other comorbid conditions. Samantha is passionate about social justice and welcomes clients who have (or have had) unconventional, non-normative, and/or marginalized experiences and identities, including but not limited to: blended families (e.g. divorce, separation, adoption, multiple co-parents, chosen family, etc) family estrangement transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming LGBT, LGBTQIA, QUILTBAG — lesbian, gay bisexual, queer, asexual, pansexual, intersex polyamorous, polyamory, polyam, open relationships BDSM / kink unconventional occupations (e.g. activists, artists, performers, sex educators, sexuality coaches/surrogates) During this conversation you will hear Samantha explain the concepts such as intersectionality, boundaries, and verbal processing. Samantha will be presenting at the Annual International Conference on ADHD this November.
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