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Host of Woman's Hour
Dame Jennifer Susan "Jenni" Murray is an English journalist and broadcaster, best known for hosting BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour Podcast.


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International Women in Engineering Day
Episode of
Woman's Hour
Sunday 23rd June is International Women in Engineering Day. We hear from three female engineers about their routes into the industry. Why despite various campaigns to attract women is it still such a male-dominated trade? The Resolution Foundation Think Tank studied changes in pay, housing, taxes and benefits to see if it was still true that newer generations are better off than their predecessors were. It found under-30s are spending less than that age group did 18 years ago. Over-65s' spending has risen by 37%. But they also found a huge gender wealth gap for baby boomers. While men and women have similar amounts of individual net wealth until their 50s, a huge divide opens up after that. The report finds that women in their late 60s have just over half the wealth of their male counterparts. Jenni speaks to Laura Gardiner, Research Director for The Resolution Foundation, to find out why. Friendship in modern times: longing for closer ties in the digital age, forging close friends as family, and idealised female friendship in the media – is social media making us lonely, and do we have perhaps ever higher expectations of those real life friends we do have? How important are our friends and what expectations should we realistically have? The author Jessica Francis Kane, whose character in new book, Rules For Visiting, longs for closer ties and has high expectations of her few and distant friends; is joined by Natalie Lue of the Baggage Reclaim blog and podcast; and by friendship expert Kate Leaver, author of The Friendship Cure: Reconnecting in the Modern World and friendship columnist for Metro. As part of Radio 4’s Four Seasons poetry we celebrate the summer solstice with the poet and academic Elizabeth-Jane Burnett. She reads ‘Preface’ from her poetry collection Swims. Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Kirsty Starkey Interviewed Guest: Laura Gardiner Interviewed Guest: Naomi Climer Interviewed Guest: Michelle Hicks Interviewed Guest: Olivia Sweeney Interviewed Guest: Jessica Francis Kane Interviewed Guest: Natalie Lue Interviewed Guest: Kate Leaver Interviewed Guest: Elizabeth-Jane Burnett
Elly Pear, Teachers talk teen mental health, Ebola
Episode of
Woman's Hour
Elly Curshen, better known on social media as Elly Pear, is passionate about encouraging people to eat more vegetables. She cooks spiced paneer, spinach and grains and discusses cooking from scratch. We continue our look at teen mental health by talking to teachers about the increasing support they have and want to offer. We hear the latest on the outbreak of Ebola in the DRC, why it so often affects women and what is being done from the woman leading the UK government's aid effort. And, as the BBC 2 series Mum draws to an end, we look at the issue behind it - a widow worried about how her family will deal with her new partner. We discuss why introducing a new partner to your family and friends, after the death of a loved one, can be a tricky and emotive thing to do with widows Colette Jelfs and Barbara Want, and the relationship therapist, Cate Campbell.
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May 12th, 1950
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