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Jeremy Montoya is a self-help speaker, business consultant and entrepreneur, he is also the host of What Up Jeremy and The Montoya Experiment Podcast.


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"Spinning” your content to get a landslide of email subscribers
The Montoya Experiment
What I realized about list building and being a podcaster Where to start (and what to offer) if you want to collect names and emails from your listeners Why having a podcast doesn’t mean you have a business The ONE question you NEED to ask yourself to help your audience implement your advice How to get your audience to go from listeners to website traffic (and then into email subscribers) How to be narrow and specific with your lead magent (and avoid being general and vague) The mindset from blogging that translates perfectly into podcasting Where you should look to find out what to offer your audience  (hint: you’ve already done the hard work) What happens when you actually solve your target audience problems How to spin your content and get even more opt-ins Why it’s not a bad thing to repurpose existing blog posts, podcast episodes, and content (and how it will STILL impact your audience) What to do if you’re not in the internet marketing space (and why this concept will probably work better) How to integrate your natural talents to build your list The genius offer Amy Porterfield made to her audience (that will probably boost her sales and create even more success stories) The two questions to ask yourself the next time you sit down to create content for your audience (that will cause a massive boost to your email subscriber list) How to get your new subscribers to spread the word for you on social media People mentioned: Bryan Harris of VideoFruit Brian Dean of BackLinko Rory Vaden of The Rory Vaden Show Lewis Howes of The School of Greatness Amy Porterfield of  
What I've been doing (wrong)
The Montoya Experiment
The biggest business lesson I’ve learned in 2015 (and how it’s shifted my priorities) The “content trap” and how to avoid it Is content (podcasts, blogs, videos, etc.) worthless? (hint: It is unless you have this specific type of business) What happens when you don’t “right hook” or have anything to offer your audience The major mental change that’s caused me to slow most of my content creation down to a minimum What to do if you want to be like one of your heroes (online or in “real life”) - even if you have to pay What most podcasters end up doing when they don’t know what to do (and what you should focus on if that’s you) Don’t know what to say to your audience? Start doing this. Why it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or not (and how to overcome this mindset) Why you should share what you’re experiencing in your business (and be as transparent as possible) The OTHER kind of email list you NEED to build if you’re just getting started or want to make money online (or want to work with high-profile entrepreneurs and companies) Why I’m glad I had to learn the hard way about how to make money and grow a business online Who I decided to target online, and how I identified what he needed help with (before I even reached out) The lessons I learned about ‘pitching’ (and how I outline why I’m the best person to solve your problem) How I doubled my efforts (and exploded my email list) by sharing my client experiences with celebrity entrepreneurs Imposter Syndrome. Full of sh*t? Or completely true? How to become an authority (especially if you’re just getting started online or in business) What happened when I realized content wasn’t going to cut it with my first podcast (and what we had to do to dig ourselves out) Why I got into creating content online (and why that’s NOT the right place to start) What to do when you’re want to make money online (and how to get a kickstart building your authority with your future audience) What to do when your products, coaching, and services aren’t ‘sticking’ with your audience
Invest, or have a podcast like the rest...
The Montoya Experiment
What you'll hear in this episode: Download The Top Time-Saving Podcast Resources straight to your hard drive. How podcasting is like raising a kid (and how to avoid raising a nutcase) What you get by investing time and money into your show What you need to invest in if you have a show, or are starting one soon  Why I recommend you avoid MailChimp (and the service you should sign up for, for a buck) What will happen if you use HTML newsletters (and how this impacts the way your listeners and readers see you) How to avoid the ‘guard from going up’ with your email communications Why I don’t help people start podcasts What to do if you want to have a relationship with your audience My number 1 tool for buying time The ONLY metric you should actually be focusing on (hint: not social media followers) How to actually solve problems your audience has Why my content upgrades take longer than recording, editing, and launching my podcast (but why it's oh-so worth it) The language you HAVE to learn if you want to be successful with online marketing Why you should sign up for time-leveraging services BEFORE you’re ready Why GoDaddy and I don’t get along How to stand out in ANY niche (on or offline - it doesn’t matter) The issue with focusing on broad markets (this is where 11 out of 10 get hung up) Where to put your attention to build your authority, credibility, and leadership How to find one problem that your audience has (and the steps to take to solve) What to do once you start becoming know to your market (this is how you become BIG in your niche) How to break up your industry so that you can identify holes you can plug with your knowledge Where you’ll instinctually want to give up when becoming known in your niche (and how to keep pushing through) Done listening? Download The Top Time-Saving Podcast Resources here.
Why your favorite 'expert' is overrated and how to avoid their trap
The Montoya Experiment
Here's what you'll get in this week's episode: When you're done listening, be sure to download the 'Digital Delivery Postman Method' by clicking here. This is the exact workflow I use, and will help you to stay top of mind with your email list and podcast listeners. The ONE purpose your podcast should serve (besides your audience) Why you should stop asking for ratings and reviews in your show How to connect with your audience beyond your show (hint: it’s not social media) Why podcasting is a one-way street (the reason why I share my SoundCloud link OVER iTunes any day of the week) The the three things you need in order to build your audience (miss one of these and you’ll stifle your growth) The step 99% of podcasters skip (this is what keeps podcasts from becoming businesses) Where you should drive listeners if you want to build a conversation (and relationship, for that matter) The little technique I used to double my email list (and a step-by-step walkthrough I’m giving away for free so that you can do the same) Why podcasting is the WORST way to grow your email list The metric you should be measuring (hint: it’s not podcast subscribers or downloads) Where I failed with all of my previous podcasts (miss this, and you’ll probably fail, too) Give this away if you want to grow your community (and get them to your webinars to convert) The BIG mistake the ‘big guys’ are making by emailing weekly (and the trap you’ll fall into by following their thoughtless lead) Why you should be emailing more frequently (this is how you can become the ‘stand out’ leader in your industry) The difference between leaders and experts (and why you don't want to be the latter) My framework for communicating with your list daily (and why you’ll want to stop weekly communication all together) How to tie your marketing and business into your personal life with lessons The scheduling tactic to implement that will ensure your success with email communication The power in being observant of your life (and the method I learned to start exercising the ‘pay attention’ muscle ASAP) The full-proof method you need to use if you want to avoid or breakthrough writer’s block (this is what gets the words flowing) What not to do at the end of your email (and how to get responses, clients, and sales) The BEST thing to include in your emails to get your readers to take action (and what steps to take once they do) How to get email opt-ins with ‘podcast upgrades’ by ‘talking it into existence’ in your show What I’ve learned from using 'podcast upgrades’ in my shows (and what you're missing out on by delaying this in your podcast) Probably the single best method to get influencers to work with you and post your work on their sites (this is how you build, or start building traffic) What you need to do in order to make landing guest posts and podcast interviews virtually impossible to say ‘no’ to (and how to network with big-time influencers in your industry) Why I gladly pay high-dollar amounts to advance my knowledge and business How to avoid being a commodity in your market (especially if you have a media, freelance, or a service-like business) Where I’m taking my knowledge in the near future (and how you can avoiding being a ‘generalist’) Download 'The Digital Postman Delivery Method' now to start positioning yourself as leader with your list and market by communicating daily.
8 - How rookies think about business
The Montoya Experiment
Want to grow your audience? Discover how the psychology of your podcast listeners can explode your business with leads and sales by signing up for my newsletter here: -- Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and leave your honest feedback with a rating and review - or follow in SoundCloud.  I don't bug you with these things during the show, and your thoughts help The Montoya Experiment, and me, get better. -- Highlights: The underlying business lesson in being overweight my whole life, and why you SHOULDN’T do what I did to shed the pounds What I did to transition from a 'meat-eating' to a plant-based diet, and how it can impact the outcome of your business The single biggest problem with choosing sides, and what to do instead The easiest way to explain yourself when you know others won’t understand Why I sometimes judge others, and why that isn’t a bad thing How to avoid playing by other people’s rules, and the issues that arise when you do The problem with online courses that will set you back months (and keep you from being yourself) Why the method doesn’t matter (and what actually does) Creating your own ‘playbook’ while becoming successful at the game you’re playing The underlying lesson in getting a puppy (and what that means for you and your audience) The importance of putting something before yourself (this will help you never come of as slimy or pushy when it comes to sales)
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