Brooklyn-based journalist, currently writing a book about social science, social justice, and the replication crisis for Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Contributing writer at New York Magazine, where he was previously editor of the behavioral-science vertical Science of Us, and then a writer-at-large covering everything from social science to politics to weird internet lingo involving staple crops.
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Quillette's Jonathan Kay talks to writer Jesse Singal about the reaction to his controversial cover story for The Atlantic on trans adolescents
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Quillette Podcast
Canadian editor Jonathan Kay talks to Jesse Singal, a New York-based writer, about the reaction to his controversial cover story for The Atlantic about transgender adolescents. Among other things, Singal interviewed a number of adults who have "detransitioned" – had a change of heart about switching genders after undergoing irreversible medical procedures. This provoked accusations of "transphobia" from trans activists, who argued that highlighting these cases would make parents and mental health professionals needlessly sceptical when reacting to children's self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria and make it more difficult for those children to get medical treatment.
Episode 13: What's Wrong with the IAT? (with Jesse Singal)
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Two Psychologists Four Beers
Journalist Jesse Singal joins Yoel and Mickey to talk about the state of science journalism, what he thinks is wrong with how people interpret the Implicit Association Test (IAT), and the pros and cons of moral outrage. Why do so many science journalists simply repeat talking points from university press releases? Is it ethical to administer the IAT as a teaching tool? What is social media like for a journalist? Bonus: Yoel, Mickey, & Jesse discuss a new paper arguing there are upsides to moral outrage.Special Guest: Jesse Singal.Links:Dunham Orange de DunhamBrasserie Dunham — Dunham brewery was founded on June 1st 2011. Our portfolio reflect our passion for this fine nectar.Jesse Singal (@jessesingal) | TwitterThe Upside of Outrage: Trends in Cognitive Sciences — The Upside of OutrageOnline outrage: The good, the bad, and the uglyScience of Us: Productivity, Mental Health, & Relationships - The CutPsychology’s Racism-Measuring Tool Isn’t Up to the Job -- Science of Us — Almost two decades after its introduction, the implicit association test has failed to deliver on its lofty promises.How to Think about "Implicit Bias" - Scientific American — Amidst a controversy, it’s important to remember that implicit bias is real—and it mattersBlindspotDisproportionate Use of Lethal Force in Policing Is Associated With Regional Racial Biases of ResidentsBoston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors | October 19, 2018 - YouTube
Episode 5: Jesse Singal
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Victor Rivera
Jesse Singal is a contributing writer at New York Magazine, where he was previously editor of the behavioral-science vertical Science of Us, and has written for The New York Times, Slate, The Boston Globe, The Daily Beast, and other outlets. Jesse's piece on Gender Dysphoria and Transitioning: Jesse's piece on the IAT: Jesse on twitter:
03 - Jesse Singal - Covering the Trans Beat
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Two for Tea with Iona Italia and Helen Pluckrose
1:23 How Jesse first became interested in trans issues and how his views have evolved 19:00 The N-word 24:09 Trans children 30:42 Puberty blockers 40:16 Non-binary people 46:00 How and why Jesse has fallen foul of some trans activists 50:01 Jesse’s upcoming book on the replication crisis Jesse’s writing for New York Magazine can be found here: Especially relevant articles:; Sign up for Jesse’s blog here: Follow Jesse on Twitter @jessesingal Further References: Alice Dreger, Galileo’s Middle Finger: Heretics, Activists and One Scholar’s Search for Justice (2015) Michael Bailey, The Man Who Would be Queen: The Science of Genderbending and Transsexualism (2003) Hannah Louise Poston, “The News from the World of Beauty: A Close Reading of a Snapchat Scandal” (2018): Natalie Wynn (“Contra Points”): Natalie Reed’s blog:
111 w/ Jesse Singal "Dangerous Convos, Unite the Right 2, The War on Journalism"
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The Fifth Column - Analysis, Commentary, Sedition
w/ Jesse Singal (Contributing writer at New York Magazine | Author, "The Quick Fix") - Jesse's New Book- Jesse's Atlantic Cover Story ('When Children Say They’re Trans')- Omarosa vs Trump- Unite the Right 2- Laura Ingraham- The War on Journalism (Recorded August 15th, 2018)
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