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Jo Piazza is a newly married human. In an attempt to figure out how to be married Jo traveled around the world interviewing hundreds of men and women about what marriage actually means in the 21st century. The result was the critically acclaimed book How to Be Married. She's also a fiction author and an award-winning journalist who has covered everything from Kardashians to Catholic nuns. Jo lives in San Francisco with her long-suffering husband Nick who has agreed to be part of her continuing experiment in dissecting the institution of marriage, their giant dog Lady Piazza, and son.
Recent episodes featuring Jo Piazza
I Wanted To Matter to Someone
Episode of
Shannon is a survivor. As a child she was repeatedly abused and raped. She became pregnant by her rapist at age 12. She wanted to commit suicide as a teenager. All of the trauma made her believe she wasn't capable of love. She constantly felt like she had to earn love, affection and protection. And then she met Lee in college. Lee had never experienced abuse or trauma, but he knew he wanted to make Shannon feel safe and loved. Today Shannon and Lee are married with six children. This is their story of strength and bravery, of what it takes to rebuild your life and embrace love, marriage and parenthood after a childhood of abuse and assault. This is a story about what it takes to be a partner who learns how to make that survivor feel safe and how to build a family that looks nothing like the family you grew up with.  For a long time Shannon wasn’t sure if she even wanted kids. Growing up the way she had was enough to make her think she might not be able to be the kind of parent she wanted to be. But meeting Lee and falling in love with him changed that.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
A New Plan
Episode of
What’s it like to be married to a famous professional athlete. Samantha Didn’t know much about professional race car driving when she met the bad boy NASCAR star Kyle Busch. But after they fell in love she was thrust into the wild traveling circus of NASCAR. It wasn’t part of her plan. But real life isn’t about plans. Kyle and Samatha were about to embark on an incredible journey of love, marriage, infertility and hope. Learn more about your ad-choices at
No More Secrets
Episode of
Maddie Corman thought that she knew everything about her husband Jace. They’d been married for 20 years. But Jace had a secret and in 2015 that secret became very public knowledge when Jace was arrested for the downloading and file sharing of child pornography. This is the story of their marriage—before, during and after. It’s a story of betrayal and one of hope. It’s about both anger and love and it’s one of the hardest stories we’ve reported and told here on Committed. Maddie is raw and honest about her pain and rage as a wife and mother. But she’s equally as honest about what it takes to forgive someone. We would like to offer a warning to our listeners. This episode contains strong language and references to child pornography and child abuse. If this is a trigger for you please consider that before listening.We also want to provide resources for victims of sexual violence.National Sexual Assault Hotline - 800.656.HOPEThe National Center for Victims of Crime Learn more about your ad-choices at
Now or Never
Episode of
Caroline Van Hemert and her husband Pat were in their mid-thirties and the realities of adulthood catching up with them. They knew they wanted to take a grand adventure before starting a family so the pair set off on a six month, 4,000 mile expedition from the Pacific rainforest to the Arctic coast, a journey that was beautiful, harrowing and, at times, life-threatening. And in many ways that grand trip prepared Pat and Caroline to take care of each other and themselves even better before having their two sons. This is a story of love and adventure and the places where the two find one another. Learn more about your ad-choices at
You're Different From Me
Episode of
Vause and Kayden were teenagers when they met and fell in love. Today they're the first queer married couple to work together in a legal brothel. This is how they found their way to a healthy marriage, through communication, setting boundaries and finding careers that give them confidence and self-worth. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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