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Joseph Daniel "Joe" Bereta is an American comedian and YouTuber.
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77 - A Wild MATTHEW BOMAN Appears!
Episode of
The Valleycast
Welcome to The Valleycast! This week we have special guest and Valleyfriend, Matthew Boman! Thanks to our sponsors! CANDID: Just use our dedicated link, to learn more and get $75 off. MeUndies: To get your 15% off your first pair, free shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, go to ! Stitch Fix: Get started today at and get an extra 25% off when you keep everything in your box! As always, our VIP patrons get early access to this podcast, so join now and help us reach our goal of 5,000 patrons - so YOU can decide what color Elliott is going to dye his hair! Head on over to WHY DON'T YA?! Follow BOMAN and all his GREAT STUFF HERE: Boman AKA dadass - @dadass_films BLURRING MAN - @blurring_man Tarantina - @tarantinashow (insta)
76 - Our Secret Peanut Butter Album (ft. Kait Elizabeth)
Episode of
The Valleycast
Steve and Joe reveal the peanut butter album they've been working on without knowing they've both been working on a peanut butter album. Also, we talk dying Elliott's hair and Bring the Funny. Thanks to our sponsors! Get 20% off your first order of Blowfish at See why Upstart is ranked #1 in their category with over 300 businesses on Trustpilot and hurry to to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is. Use code VALLEYCAST for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS of free delivery credit for your first seven days when you download the Postmates app.
75 - Lee Saw a Girl Get P**ped On
Episode of
The Valleycast
Turn this on for several seconds. Thanks to our sponsors! MeUndies: To get your 15% off your first pair, free shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, go to . Honey: Get Honey for FREE at . And RAYCON: Go to to get 20% off your order! They're wondrous! As always, our VIP-and-up patrons are always getting this hot bag o' garbage early, so join the madness now! Elliott will dye his hair whatever color the patrons want! Sign up now at !
74 - You're Gonna Wanna Write This Down
Episode of
The Valleycast
Go ahead. Write it down - this is a special all-dude episode of The Valleycast, coming at you amidst our absolute exhaustion! Whoo! Thanks to our sponsors! Robinhood: Sign up at and get your FREE stock today! Audible: Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial and your first audiobook plus two Audible Originals are free. Visit or text VALLEYCAST to 500-500. Just go to and enter code VALLEYCAST to get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale. Thanks to our patrons, all of whom get this distilled magic earlier than everyone, along with discounts, exclusive shows, fireside chats, and all sorts of other shenanigans! Join the madness now at and maybe you can have a cool shoutout like THIS ONE: Part of the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival, "Mr. Yunioshi" is a solo performance piece written and performed by J. Elijah Cho that follows a fictionalized Mickey Rooney as he attempts to create his character for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This comedic show aims to explore the controversial topics of yellow-face and “colorblind” casting. Mr. Yunioshi runs through June 28th, and tickets are available at so what the heck are you waiting for? It's THEATRE! Fans (and sweet, sweet patrons!) of The Valleyfolk are also sure to love "Some Sort of Show L.A." #SSOSLA brings together performers from the Pack Theater community, the Los Angeles comedy scene, and industry professionals to put on some sort of show! Past shows have included sketches, stand-up, musical comedy, video shorts, and more. Some Sort of Show L.A. happens every Fourth Thursday, 8PM at the Pack Theater! (Elliott is offended he hasn't been asked to be on this and would like to speak to the manager.)
73 - We Discover What Our Phones Think Of Us
Episode of
The Valleycast
Instagram is nuts, y'all! Play the game by going to Settings, Security, Access Data, and Ads Interests: View All. Thanks to our sponsors: ExpressVPN: Protect your online activity TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free at . CandidCo: Learn more at and use code VALLEYCAST at checkout to get $75 off. As always, our VIP patrons get this podcast early, as well as exclusive shows, huge discounts, and a constant feeling of being better than most people. Join now at . Your life depends on it.
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Nov 13th, 1982
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