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Joe Fulgham is a 12th level Skeptic/4th Level Rogue. He steganographically encodes a complete personality backup in every podcast and also he is the host of Caustic Soda podcast.
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Battleship - Not a good plan - W/ Special Guest, Joe Fulgham!
Episode of
Stinker Madness - The Bad Movie Podcast
Special Guest - Joe Fulgham (Caustic Soda, The Dreaming, Onlightened) returns after our American Ninja episode and brings his Canadian goodness to the podcast with all his wit! Find Joe and all he does: You can find more on Joe and his projects at and follow him on Twitter @joefulgham When you are completely out of original ideas and need to have your own extended universe (because the other guy's have one), just take whatever licensed property you have and make a movie about it. Don't worry about whether the movie is a good idea or not, or if people will even care. Just make it. Worry 'bout all that stuff later. WRONG! Battleship is arguably one of the worst decisions made by men is ties. Deciding to make a movie based off one of the most boring board games (the kind that makes you quite playing all board games) and THEN chuck $200 million at it, will not pay off. With the stupid concept aside, Battleship is really poorly done. The plot is awful, the motivations are awful and the acting is especially terrible. The lead (Tayler Kitsch) is not only a terrible character but he can't get a line right. Then you've got all the non-actors surrounding them that make Rihanna look like she's Meryl Streep. Beyond that the primary problem with Battleship is that the front-end is atrociously un-entertaining. The entire first half of this film is just establishing how much of a butthole that Tayler Kitsch's character is. Seriously. The aliens that do battle with ships, don't show up on Earth until minute 54! Minute Freaking 54! Then the game of Battleship doesn't even begin until 1 hour and 30 minutes! Blech. So with that, the last 45 minutes is a lot of fun and if the film had just been that stuff, we might have really enjoyed this film. Yet, unfortunately, that is not the case - the front half ruins this film completely and we have to give it a very tough - do not.
Fanfare Finale
Episode of
Caustic Soda
Almost six years to the day of our first ever podcast, Mike, Toren, Joe and Kevin are bringing their journey through the absolute worst the world of science, history, and pop culture has to offer to an end. Veteran Guestpert Dr. Rob joins us for the first two hours of our massive farewell episode. We cover almost every followup we’ve got left, including Olfactory Reference Syndrome, necrotic cervix, decomposing corpse poo, toxic trucker pee, auto urine therapy, urine-repellent paint, helminthic therapy, synthetic marijuana, coffin-birth, outrageous anti-abortion laws, vagina potato, poop transplant, ancient viking shit, a creepy face transplant, compulsive-bad-joke-telling (more than our usual), a lethal silicone penis injection, self-amputation, elevator abandonment, an “autism cure” that rates on the Evilometer, the worst auto-racing disaster in history, a whale meat experience, ape answers, mite shit, a failed test of faith, a lethal posthumous snake-bite, crocodile guards, sword booby-traps, a bloody pillow fight, the 1904 Olympic Marathon, bouncy house dangers, a fire-boozenadeo, terrible gamer-parents, The Granny Ripper, and the very last Lesser of Two Evils! Music “Toot Toot Tootsie (Goo’ Bye)” by Al Jolson “When You Go” by Jonathan Coulton “The Caustic Soda Show” by Toren Atkinson and Rowan Lipkovitz (of The Creaking Planks) Charity O’ The Week: Rain City Badger Thanks Researchers/editors Cory, Dave E, Jonathan Snow, Kelly N, Mele, Raymond, Sheri, Teagan and Todd Dr Rob Dr Jenna Firefighter Allan Newell Mr Dr Greg Bole Gavin Pitts Steven Schwartz Yvonne Morrin Lisa Gemino Chris Pramas Chris Stewart from Kerberos Productions Fraser Cain from Astronomycast Nurse Katie Jordan Pratt, Warren Banks, Chris Woods from Horsetrack Hooligans Our amazing listeners, the Soda Jerks. Images Videos
Elephants, Part 2 of 2
Episode of
Caustic Soda
The caustic look at elephants continues with elephant attacks, beehive fences, Jumbo, Topsy’s execution, plus news and pop culture! Music: “Tiny Paper Elephant” by The Doubleclicks Links World Wildlife Federation of Justice Images Videos
Elephants, Part 1 of 2
Episode of
Caustic Soda
Yvonne Morrin joins Kevin, Toren, and Joe to talk elephants, starting with a mammoth pop-quiz and a ton of caustic elephacts: musth, the Phajaan ritual, and elephant artificial insemination. Part 1 of 2. Music: “Grown Man Cry (Piano Demo)” by Amanda Palmer Links: Elephant Artificial Insemination Video Elephant Charities: The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly Images Videos
Episode of
Caustic Soda
Caustic Hosts Joe, Toren, and Kevin get thirsty discussing the causes and effects of droughts including tumblefirenados, the Syrian Civil War, Indian and Chinese famines, the California Water Wars, Lake Karachay, a super-dry extremophile, the horrors experienced in Virginia’s Jamestown Colony, “shade ball” debunking, plus pop culture! Music: “Quantum of Solace” by Miracles of Modern Science Links Earth – a visualization of global weather conditions Syria’s Climate Conflict LA Aqueduct Dynamiting Vogue: Where Chinatown Began California Drought Before/After Drought Reveals Mexican Church Jamestown Mayor Letter Images Videos
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