Joe McCall is a consultant and writer. He wrote a #1 Kindle book, “Making Extra Money Flipping Houses While On Vacation“ and also co-host of The Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast.
If you’ve missed Gavin’s virtual flip in Maui, make sure you check it out on his website. He loved it so much that he’s decided to repeat the process in the South Arcadia area of Phoenix. For real estate flippers who are interested in the challenge of a bigger project, or who just want that bigger payoff, Gavin has some tips for how you can get a property up to the high-end price tag.The high-end seller isn’t going to be a normal burnt out landlord or desperate property owner. You’ll need to go in prepared to show proof of funds, your past portfolio, and your website. They’ll want proof that you can handle a property of their caliber. But go in savvy, warns Gavin, because the money is made when you purchase the property. If you can’t negotiate a good price from the seller, then no amount of remodeling is going to make this property worth your time and money.In Phoenix, because the neighborhood matters, sometimes it makes more sense to buy a property and tear it completely down. But for a place like Maui, it made more sense to remodel the existing structure. This is going to depend on your market, so Gavin walks through some scenarios that you need to consider as you go looking for high-end properties to purchase.And of course, none of this remodeling can be done without a team. You’re going to need a team that can handle high-end properties, including lenders that work in this space, contractors who are familiar with the finishes on these types of homes, and Realtors who can find buyers that can handle the price tag. Expanding your network is going to be vital as you take on this new challenge.What's Inside:—Creative financing just won’t look the same when you’re dealing with 7-figure properties, so Gavin talks about why you’ll want to double close.—Gavin’s tips for expanding your network to find upscale contractors for these larger and more expensive properties.—Sometimes purchasing a property and tearing it down to rebuild from the ground up is the best approach for high-end properties, and sometimes it’s not.
As in-person events are gradually coming back, now is the time to decide what kind of events you’re going to attend to get your name out there. Navigating the blend of virtual and in-person networking can help you strengthen your business connections, and Gavin Timms is going to share how you can kick your excuses to the curb and improve your net worth.Every time you go to a REIA meeting, are you more likely to talk to familiar faces? Stop that! Every in-person meeting is prime networking time, and Gavin recommends that you chase down the oldest member of the group to chat them up. And by oldest member, he doesn’t mean age-wise. The oldest group member who’s been there the longest is more likely to know everyone. They’ll be a great resource to plug into a wider network.Virtual meetups or virtual networking are not going away any time soon. So whether you find yourself in a Facebook group or a real estate forum, you can use that opportunity to provide value and answer questions. Then you can move that relationship offline in a casual way.Don’t get complacent and talk to the same people over and over again. If your business is feeling stale, Gavin is throwing down a networking challenge. Pick up the phone and call three new people a day. That can mean bankers, brokers, Realtors, cash buyers, or just other wholesalers, but get out there and get to know some fresh faces!What's Inside:—When you collaborate with other investors, you don’t need to be the best at everything.—Gavin’s techniques for connecting or collaborating on Facebook groups and expanding your network virtually and with just a little bit of effort.—Take Gavin’s networking challenge that will quickly expand your ability to reach out and tap into experts, investors, brokers, or Realtors across the country.
With a hunger to give back and inspire his students, Zack Boothe from DFD Mastery flew down to Florida from Utah to show that you can support your family with only $1,000 in seed money. The pressure was on as a cameraman followed him around recording his attempts to open a new market away from his family, his friends, and his network.There’s no trick or hack to Zack’s success. It’s just a non-sexy driving for dollars campaign, cold calling, and hustling. One of Zack’s favorite tools is the Deal Machine app, so he shares how he pairs it with targeted driving in blue-collar neighborhoods. You don’t even have to get out of your car to capture the data from Deal Machine and create a spreadsheet full of potentially distressed or vacant properties.Driving around neighborhoods, Zack was able to find between 60-70 houses an hour. Combined with his killer cold calling skills, he was able to start closing deals, and at his last count, he’s made $40,000 and counting. In a new market. With only $1,000. That’s some serious hustling.Right now Zack is running an experiment on segmenting his lists. From his experience with driving for dollars, he realized that vacant homes have the most motivated sellers, followed by absentee owners, then owner-occupied homes, and finally corporate owned. Check out his YouTube channel DFD Mastery for the results on how successful list segmentation is.If you don’t have a massive belief, you won’t take massive action and have massive results. Instead, your half-hearted effort is going to give you half-hearted results. Get inspired by Zack’s success story with good old-fashioned wholesaling.What's Inside:—After the state made his code violations and evictions list available for everyone, Zack had to get serious about finding a better source for lists, and that’s when he found driving for dollars.—Is the virtual driving for dollars app worth it? As a DFD expert, Zack gives his honest opinion.—From window washer to giving away a million dollars in 2019, if Zack’s origin story in real estate doesn’t inspire you, then you’re not paying attention.
You’re going to recognize the Creative Financing Giants I have with me on this new series that we’re calling Creative Financing Lab. Pace Morby and Matt Theriault are amazing at what they do, and we’re thrilled to bring you our best ideas about all things creative financing, including subject-to financing, lease options, and owner financing. If you’re watching a recording of this series, great! But if you’re watching this live, that could be your chance to meet and partner with other investors. The Facebook and YouTube comment sections of our live podcasts are going to be a networking goldmine to find investors across the country. So put this on your calendar and make our live broadcasts a priority! In our first episode, we talk about the potential death of subject-to. Banks always have the option to call due a loan, but they only seem to exercise that right when a red flag goes up on a loan. Crazy low interest loans right now may mean that in a few years when interest rates rise that banks are going to pay more attention to getting cut out of those rising interest rates. Matt gives us a little background on the history of subject-to loans, and Pace, who has over 100 subject-to properties, talks strategies. Stay tuned for more high-level discussions about wholesaling lease options, assignment lease options, and all of the other creative financing options that are out there. Get ready to take notes, network with others, and learn new real estate financing strategies.What's Inside:—The insurance issue that’s going to force the bank to get involved in your subject-to.—The historically low interest rate on homes could have a negative effect on subject-to properties going forward.—How Pace has worked around insurance problems with banks and subject-to properties. —Are small margins worth it on subject-to loans? Maybe, says Pace.—If you buy on a lease option instead of a subject-to, you don’t have the option to use depreciation.
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