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469: From Posters to Printful | Davis Siksnans
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Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor
In 2011, my guest and his team started an online store that offered posters with motivational quotes, and they called in Startup Vitamins. The success of Startup Vitamins pushed the team to want to branch out and start selling apparel. They wanted to do it the same way they did with posters: on-demand. Unfortunately, at the time there were no services that would do print-on-demand apparel and be able to consistently supply quality products. So they created their own company called Printful. My guest today, Davis Siksnans, is the co-founder and CEO of Printful, the print-on-demand dropshipping company that makes it easy for anyone to sell custom print products online. He co-founded Printful in 2013, to solve their own problem, and in just six years he's grown the company from 5 to 500 employees across the USA, Latvia, and Mexico. Now, let's hack... Davis Siksnans.
468: Building the Most Respected Seafood Brand in the World | Luke Holden
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Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor
Whether you're just beginning to build your dream or are already well on your way, Pantheon can help you deliver the best online experience and future-proof your digital presence. Learn more at Pantheon My guest grew up in Maine, working in his family's seafood business. In 2007, he graduated from university and moved to New York City to work as a financial analyst. After a couple years he was earning a great salary, but he felt a calling back to his roots. So at 25 years old he decided to quit Wall Street and open a 200 square foot lobster shack in New York's East Village. With $30k in start up cash, from his savings and a 50% investment from his father, he founded Luke's Lobster. During the past 9 years, he has grown from that first hole-in-the-wall lobster shack to 40 locations across three countries. In this conversation, we discuss: Why you need to treat people the way you like to be treated Finding a co-founder on Craig's List What the most difficult part of entering a new market is Now, let's hack... Luke Holden.
467: Success Comes From Self-Awareness and a Bias for Action | Brian Ree
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Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Every day, over 500 million professionals engage with content on LinkedIn, and chances are, your future customers are among them! To redeem a free $100 LinkedIn ad credit, go to LinkedIn. My guest today has built and sold three businesses during his career. He's driven by the philosophy that things can always be better, and that you may as well take chances because really, what's the worst that could happen? Since 2011 he has been building DailyLook, a premium personal styling experience for the modern woman. What started as an ecommerce business, has become a VC funded and rapidly growing team of 120. In this conversation, we discuss: Why most businesses are not a good fit for venture capital Learning to say "yes" way less often How to acquire a high level of self-awareness and a bias for action Now, let's hack... Brian Ree.
466: How One Small Idea Became a Business with Millions of Customers | Marcin Kleczynski
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Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor
Marcin Kleczynski is a Polish-born immigrant who moved to the US at age of 3 and grew up in the Chicago suburbs. As a kid, he spent much of his time on forums and in chat rooms during the early days of the world wide web. Due to his families financial situation, he couldn't afford to buy computer games, so he downloaded them from the internet and one fateful time his family's computer became infected with Malware. Frustrated that his computer's anti-malware didn't prevent the infection, he took to seeking help from security message boards to troubleshoot and remove the malware by hand. While developing his own tiny solution to his problem, he realized other people could use it too, and so he founded Malwarebytes. In early 2008, his company's first product was released. What began in his suburban home is now an international company with a 750 employees, is used by more than 60,000 businesses and millions of people worldwide. Now, let's hack... Marcin Kleczynski.
465: Boxing Up Happiness and Turning it Into a Business | Rob Ridgeway
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Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Every day, over 500 million professionals engage with content on LinkedIn, and chances are, your future customers are among them! To redeem a free $100 LinkedIn ad credit, go to LinkedIn Have you ever thought to yourself, that would make a great app or that would be a cool idea for a game? 10 years ago my guest had the exact same thought, except unlike most people he took small steps to push it forward. He spent the next few years researching, testing, and developing his very own board game called Spontuneous before finally earning a full time living from game sales. This journey has taken many turns from selling individual games from mall kiosks to getting the game into 600+ retail outlets, before Rob finally discovered the power of Amazon sales. In this conversation we discuss: How to use the threat of regret to push you forward Reaching out for advice to people in your marketplace Going from ranch manager to board game entrepreneur Now, let's hack... Rob Ridgeway.
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