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Karen Stollznow is an Australian-American writer, linguist, and skeptic. Her books include The Language of Discrimination, God Bless America: Strange and Unusual Religious Beliefs and Practices in the United States, Haunting America, Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic, Hits and Mrs, and she is a host on the podcast Monster Talk.
Recent episodes featuring Karen Stollznow
#199 - We Never Play Ouija Bored
Is the Ouija Board a tool for talking to the dead? Or is it just a game from Hasbro? We dig into the history of Talking Boards with Robert Murch!   LINKS: The Talking Board Historical Society (Est. 2013) Helen Peter Nosworthy Michael Faraday & Spiritualism  
#198 - The Grotesque 10
In a follow-up to our episode on Gargoyles, photographer and author Mathew M. Duman has produced a new book visiting ten American campuses with gothic architectural and artistic features to document them for your edification and delight. Check out his book, The Grotesque 10 at his website. During our interview, we talked about the term for the sculptures on a church bench. Some of these are called Bench Ends, and others are called Poppy Heads. I thought I should include that detail here. You can check out my new show, The Horror Podcast by subscribing via the links on this page.
The Frighteners
Check out our Audible deal, where you can select Peter Law's book The Frighteners or any of the amazing titles from the Audible collection.   What is it like to be an ordained minister who loves the macabre? And is there a value to the morbid, horrific and dark milieu beyond the financial? What if it turned out that horror can even be therapy? We talk with author Peter Laws about these questions and more. The Frighteners: A Journey Through our Cultural Fascination with the Macabre    Peter's author page  Peter on Twitter  Peter's website    Want to support MonsterTalk's website re-design?  Help us out here:  http://bit.ly/gofundmonstertalk  
What Makes US Tick
  There are a lot of weird Tick stories in the news lately.  From stories of exsanguinated cows in North Carolina, to books about government conspiracy and bioweapons testing of ticks as delivery vehicles for disease, it seems everybody's trying to latch onto tick and tick-borne disease stories.  Acarologist Dr. Danielle Tufts, visits with us to help debunk some of the outright myths about ticks, to tell us more about how these diseases are transferred, and to get a better grip on how frightened we should be, and what we can do to protect ourselves from the millions of tiny vampires waiting out there. Photos of tick lifecycle and academic articles on relevant tick species are attached to the show notes. Some terms from the show you might not be familiar with: Serology - the scientific study or diagnostic examination of blood serum, especially with regard to the response of the immune system to pathogens or introduced substances. We discuss three types of chromosomal polyploidy: Diploid - containing two complete sets of chromosomes Triploid - containing three complete sets of chromosomes Aneuploid - contains an abnormal number of chromosomes
Thomas Jefferson: Monster Hunter
If you thought Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was fun - wait till you hear the shocking true story of Thomas Jefferson, Monster Hunter!  We're joined by Justin Mullis who presented his paper on Jefferson's work in Cryptozoology at the Of Gods and Monsters conference at Texas State in San Marcos, in April 2019. Links of interest: Martin Rudwick - The Meaning of Fossils  Glossopetrae - an outdated theory about fossilized shark teeth  Lee Alan Dugatkin's Mr. Jefferson and the Giant Moose   Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon - "the father of all thought in natural history in the second half of the 18th century " The full poem about Lewis & Clark's pursuit of Mammoth is on Page 11 of this digitized document. Some additional reading suggested by listeners: Big Bone Lick: The Cradle of American Paleontology  American Monster: How the Nation's First Prehistoric Creature Became a Symbol of National Identity
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