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Keith Callahan is a mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist and he is the host of The Business of Life Podcast.
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165 - Keith Callahan - Hitting Rock Bottom Twice And Bouncing To Greater Heights
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Keith Callahan is a leader, philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, husband and father of four. He went into entrepreneurship right out of college. He has built 6 Multi-Million Dollar Businesses across various industries, raised 10+ Million in Public Capital and 2+ Million in private capital. Keith and his wife Amy currently are owner-operators of AKC Fitness, a distribution channel for health and wellness products where they have a team of 25,000+ distributors. Keith is also the host of The Business of Life Podcast, dedicated to helping others overcome their past and live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. In this episode, Keith will share how he was able to bounce back and build a very successful business empire after hitting the rock bottom twice. Keith’s story will inspire you to take action and have full faith in your own journey. 02:10 – Do not fall victim to people’s highlight reel and performing at our best under pressure 05:30 – Keith’s rock bottom experiences and how he get there 09:58 – Building a strong inside will get you through the storms 12:02 – What made him started his business and create freedom 18:12 – Why timing doesn't matter 22:07 – Strategies that will help you create passive income and enjoy freedom 25:05 – How he focus on the big picture through the Seven Generations of Change 28:48 – Two things that will help you find clarity when you’re struggling 26:02 – Wrap Up Tweetables:   “Find happiness from the inside and the outside stuff mattered a lot less.” – Keith Callahan “It doesn’t matter when you get in, what matters is what you do when you get in.” – Keith Callahan Resources:
244: The Business of Life: Achieve Financial Freedom, Personal Freedom, and Create the Type of Business You Want with Keith Callahan
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Keith Callahan is a husband and father of four who can show you how to get not only financial freedom, but freedom of time as well. He's made money with real estate, financial consulting, network marketing, and life coaching. He has a number of insights about the difference between inspiration vs. perspiration, along with self-obsession, […]
Keith Callahan | Shawn Lee
Keith Callahan is a leader, philanthropist, serial entrepreneur. He has built Multi- Million Dollar Businesses in various industries. Keith and his wife Amy are owners of AKC Fitness, a health and wellness products. Keith is the host of The Business of Life Podcast. Shawn Lee is the founder of Beacon Wealth Advisors, a successful financial advisory firm specializing in providing retirees and near-retirees well-grounded, income producing portfolios. Connect with Bert Martinez on Facebook. Connect with Bert Martinez on Twitter. Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez. Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!
EP 164  Why Wishing Happiness For Others Leads to a Happier You
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