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Kelly McEvers is the host of Embedded, NPR's podcast that takes stories from the news and goes deeper.
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291: General Drip and Tinkle
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Karl Auerbach of InterWorking Labs spoke with us about how the internet works. We talked about domain name services (DNS being the primary one), registries and registrars, domain thieves, and the History of the Internet project. Karl runs his own (non-DNS) domain name service on his site The site also includes notes from his time on the ICANN board (such as this one where they talk about redemption periods).
290: Rule of Thumbs
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We spoke with Phillip Johnston (@mbeddedartistry) of Embedded Artistry about embedded consulting, writing about software, and ways to improve development. In the Embedded Artistry welcome page, there is a list of Phillip’s favorite articles as well as his most popular articles. Some of Phillip’s favorites include: Embedded Rules of Thumb Improving SW with 5 LW Processes Learning from the Boeing 737 MAX saga We also talked about code reviews and some best practices. The Embedded Artistry newsletter is a good way to keep up with embedded topics. You can subscribe to it at What are condition variables?
289: Stamping HORSE on Zebras
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Alicia Gibb (@pipix) joined Elecia to talk about open source hardware, the OSHW association (@ohsummit), using trademarks for quality control, and light-up LEGO blocks. Alicia is the editor and author of Building Open Source Hardware: DIY Manufacturing for Hackers and Makers. It is a handy resource for any manufacturing. Alicia is the director of the Blow Things Up Lab, part of the Atlas Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder. Light up LEGO blocks are available at Build Upons. The LilyPad Arduino has many sewable electronics components. You can find more talks and hacks on Alicia’s personal site,
IMPORTANT: Embeddedfm DOT com
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If you are receiving this signal, you are doing great in life and everything is wonderful. However, we are having domain issues so is currently unavailable. We have switched over to (see title). You can get to our RSS feed from our Subscribe page or contact us via our Contact page. If you would be so kind as to tell everyone you know who might listen to the show where to reach us, we would very much appreciate it. The blog is currently offline but will be repaired.
288: You Got a Screen!
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Christopher (@stoneymonster) and Elecia (@logicalelegance) discuss embedded systems education and project documentation.Elecia wrote about her love of notebooks on the, for when you don’t have Visio., for when you don’t have yEd (or you want to put diagrams in your comments)We talked about many different documents and tried to note design vs implementation, product vs engineering vs user, and why we wanted them. We didn’t mention mechanical things because, ya know, software engineers. Some documentation we mentioned:Product documentationSchematics with block diagrams and comments. Also a GPIO to function spreadsheet.UI flow when the system has a screens (Balsamiq for wireframe testing UIs)SW spec and design doc: what do we plan to build and what are the tricky partsSW configuration and SW developer docs: how to rebuild the computer that can build the code from scratch, also notes on debugging methodologyUser manual: Usually not written by SW but may need SW’s patient inputCode comments: Functions and files get 5Ws: who, what, why, when, where, and how.Who should call this?What will its effect be? (“What will it do” but not in line by line detail!)How does it work?Why does it work this way?When should it be called?Where are its parameters? (“What” works here too but “where” is nice to remind you to check your memory assumptions.)Repository checkin commentsStyle guide (Such as Google’s or PEP)Manufacturing docs and tests docsAdafruit and Sparkfun both write good documentation, writing to users about how to use their code. Elecia likes Adafruit’s sensor library as a good set of code to review (including how much is in their docs vs their code).
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