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Kenneth, the inventor, founder and CEO of Hot-Can self-heating can packaging product technologies having received his first utility Patent at 22, has designed, developed and patented more than 15 products and holds more then 27 patents worldwide during the course of his career having successfully commercialized many of these products in the marketplace worldwide. Having graduated from Tulane University Cum Laude in Biological Science in 89, conducted scientific research under Nobel Laureate in Medicine, then worked as the VP of Product Development and VP of Overseas Operations for a US based importer, thus attaining his solid background in research & development, manufacturing, product development and business. He has worked and lived in Malaysia since 1990. Establishing several successful businesses in Asia, over 32 years. In 2016 Kenneth’s interest in growing censorship on the web via algorithms started the Save_1st_Amendment on @Integritymaters to highlight the main purpose of the 1st amendment - to have a “free” and “independent” Press to allow the People to have full disclosure of our government’s actions. Kenneth is now focused on using his years of multi-cultural life, business and political experience to explore topics via “the RIGHT view podcast” for fair and balanced discussion of topics outside the comfort zone to look at issues from different points of view, being intentionally provocative trying to elicit thoughtful debate by looking at the social impact of virtue signalling and political correctness.


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Climate Change – The absolutely terrifying "existential threat"
Episode: 4 Climate Change – The absolutely terrifying "existential threat"How the liberal left has made climate change the indisputable existential threat to humanity, the globe and existence as we know it. Don’t’ believe it? Burn in Hell you will!All is not well on this big blue planet of ours. Indeed far from it, as it appears that the Earth itself is facing what has been called, an existential threat from climate change.Now, what does the term "existential threat" actually mean? Honestly, I don't know. But it sounds absolutely terrifying -- "A threat to our human existence?"But the politically incorrect question that needs to be asked - is climate change real? Climate change activists say that’s an easy question. Of course, it's real. We all know that the climate is changing – and changing for the worse If you're in the United States, the ground that you're standing on right now was not so long ago - in geological time - covered with glacial ice a mile thick. Now, it's not covered in glacial ice at all -- so what happened?What happened is climate change. That's been happening since the Earth first cooled after forming. Over the eons the earth has been much hotter and much cooler then it is today -- but is human activity accelerating climate change now? Can we reverse it or slow it down? Despite what they tell you, no one really knows. Scientists cannot accurately predict weather on a daily much less monthly or yearly bases. So, it’s not surprising that none of the climate models within the last 50 years have predicted with any accuracy or certainty changes to the climate thus far. Since 2006, when his movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ hit the silver screen, former vice president & green-activist Al Gore has been making these end-is-nigh proclamations. He said the Arctic would be ice free by 2014. He got that wrong. In fact, a UK judge forbade it from being shown in British schools without “guidance notes to prevent political indoctrination.” So in defense of his missed prediction in 2014, green-activist Gore told Rolling Stones that we have reached a turning point, have seen “the worst effects of climate change and have saved civilization as we know it.” Al “sees the future and it is good,”.To keep the doomsday narrative alive Gore said in a 2014 interview “The forward journey for human civilization will be difficult and dangerous, but it is now clear that we will ultimately prevail,”. “The only question is how quickly we can accelerate and complete the transition to a low-carbon civilization…” Apparently not fast enough because Gore then flip-flops once again on the end-of-world tipping point in 2016 when he said we only have two years left to save the planet and to convince people of global warming’s imminent threat. However, the real question here has nothing to do with climate science. It has to do with people who pretend they understand climate science. Do those people actually believe in what they're selling? Climate change activist are like a doomsday cult that keeps setting end-of-days prognostications that as with all dooms days cults since biblical times come and go – the countdown clock only to be reset over and over like a bad version of Groundhog Day.Are you surprised? Don't be. This is what climate activism has become -- a performance art - a mix or riotousness and hypocrisy seasoned lightly with judgmental condemnation. These are the people who lecture down at you about eating cheeseburgers while flying across the country, on private jets. No one daring to point out the ironic hypocrisy. Last week, millions of concerned progressives took part in the so-called climate strike. In their wake, they left mountains of litter. In Washington, climate activists dSupport the show
Woke Equality - Word Control equals Mind Control
Episode: 3 Woke Equality - Word Control equals Mind ControlHow the liberal left is using Woke Equality to impose Word Control knowing that those who control your words, control your mind.For the past couple of years, it has been reported in some horrifying detail on how the woke left has completely transformed the city of San Francisco from one of this country's most beautiful cities into one of the scariest besieged by crime, homelessness and drug addiction.  That is not an exaggeration. There are now more drug addicts in San Francisco than there are high school students.And if you haven’t visited San Francisco in a decade or so you may be surprised to learn that the city has become threatening and dangerous. So much so that the rate of property crime in San Francisco is the highest of any big city in America. More than five-dozen cars are smashed and robbed every single day of the year. It’s very depressing.But don't worry; the city's leaders have a plan to respond to this. And of course, it's not more policeman or stricter enforcement of the laws. That would be using too much common sense. Instead, the city of San Francisco’s leaders see that as bigoted and have decided to solve the problem by banning words that imply San Francisco has a crime problem. If people aren't allowed to talk about crime, maybe they won't notice crime exists. That's the government’s woke logic anyway. How can there be a problem if you can’t adequately describe it?So recently, the city's Board of Supervisors decreed that there'll be no more "convicted felons" in San Francisco. Going forward, ex-cons are to be called, "justice-involved individuals." Well, as it happens, the people they committed crimes against are also called "justice-involved individuals."So, in other words, victim and criminal are now morally indistinguishable. That's on purpose. This is woke equality. If there are no criminals and no victims – one is not morally superior to the other. It also means that there are no crimes, but therein lies a problem. Crime nevertheless continues to rise in the city.Meanwhile, the city of San Francisco, continues the woke quest for equality - there are no longer any "juvenile delinquents." The whole category has disappeared. Criminals under 18 are now referred to as "young people impacted by the juvenile justice system" -- as if the system, and not the kid, committed the crime and is at fault, which is what the left in fact believes. It's your fault, not theirs. Check your privilege, Middle America.Drug addicts, meanwhile, in San Francisco are now called "people with the history of substance use." "Use," not "abuse." Get it? Heroin addicts are now the same as insulin-dependent diabetics; both use "chemical substances." You can't call one better than the other. They're both exactly the same.Now, you could laugh this off. San Francisco, after all, is where all the crazy things happen but it is also the forefront of cultural and legal changes for the rest of the nation historically. But language makes thought possible. When the words disappear, so does our ability to think, describe and debate about the ideas the words represent.When they prevent you from saying the obvious, over time, it becomes impossible to see the obvious. And that's exactly of course, why they do it.In San Fran the political majority’s woke agenda has gone off the rails and is disregarding and disenfranchising the honest, hardworking, taxpayers who pay the salaries of these elected officials. It was Marcus Aurelius, that said “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – but in this case it would seem that the majorSupport the show
The 1st Amendment and a “Free” and “Independent” Press
Episode: 2  The 1st Amendment and a “Free” and “Independent” Press  How the 1st amendment specifically a “free” and “independent” Press is being replaced & undermined by a politically bias mainstream media pushing “a Fake News narrative”  When I was a child growing up in a very strongly opinionated family, dinner nearly always corresponded with the national nightly news. And I was always bemused and slightly confused as to why these great news broadcasters always seemed to make a positive case for a news topic and then immediately make the opposite case before closing. It appeared to me that they did not know where they stood on any given issue. It was only later in life that I understood the meaning of an unbiased independent press and would appreciate its incalculable value to a free republic. In a letter by Thomas Jefferson to G. K. van Hogendorp - in 1785 he wrights“The most effectual engines for [pacifying a nation] are the public [news] papers….  [A despotic] government always kept a kind of standing army of news writers who without any regard to truth, [invent] & put into the papers whatever might serve the minister. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper.”   However, today the news is nearly all bias and regardless of your view on any topic you can find a plethora of YouTube news in which you can live in a protective echo chamber bubble never being exposed to opposing view points.If we seek truthful and independent news we are now forced to seek out conflicting opinions ourselves. This is not at all easy for a multitude of reasons – firstly, it takes effort to seek out the opposing view; secondly, its grading on our ears to listen to the opposing view that is disagreeable to us on an emotional level; and lastly admitting to watching the opposing news sights or worse quoting specific points that to you seam sensible is punishable by social excommunication. This is creating deeply entrenched political & social positions that are dividing friends, families and a nation.The entire purpose of the 1st amendment is to have a “free” and “independent” Press to allow “We the People” to have full disclosure of what our government is doing. The government answers to the People and a Free Press is the watchdog to ensure that it happens. However, it would seem that the Press is not independent, and if that is the case they should not be afforded protection under the 1st amendment because with every privilege comes a responsibility. Today in America it seems that everyone one expects the privilege without the responsibility that come with it. Given that this protection is so broad, special and absolute – the penalty for its betrayal should be equally as harsh – when front-page headlines that are proven to be untrue should be retracted on the front page and not berried in an obscure paragraph at the bottom of page 48. Editors in chief should be sanctioned and the protection of the 1st amendment pierced. If the industry will not self regulate them the government will have too.It may sound outrageous but along with the protection that the 1st amendment offers to the press should come their fiduciary duty to be independent and nonpartisan in the news – clearly delineating thSupport the show
Historical Erasure
Episode: 1 Historical Erasure  How the Left is changing society by controlling the historical narrative.  srh61mTWBj821dtQoojQIn 2001, the barbaric intolerant Taliban blew up two ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan on grounds that their very existence was sacrilegious to Islam.In 2015, ISIS militants entered a museum in Mosul, Iraq, and destroyed ancient, pre-Islamic statues and idols. The crime? These artifacts insulted the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.The West prides itself for being a society of liberal open thinking tolerance that would never descend into such barbaric mindless oppressive destruction. Ah think again.Not since the epidemic of statue destruction during the French Revolution or China’s cultural revolution has the world seen anything like the current war on history. Unlike political revolutions cultural revolutions have at their core not only political but basic social reprograming and to achieve a dramatic cultural change all historical facts underpinning the culture must also be rewritten. Make no mistake there is and has been a concerted effort by the liberal social/political elite to execute sweeping dramatic core changes to western culture and values. Veiled as globalization, political correctness and woke culture the basic end game is a cultural revolution on the size & scale of the Chines cultural revolution and we see it in the current actions to remake history by demonizing for removing murals, statues and historical figures.In America there has been a crusade to erase the memory of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Los Angeles removed a Columbus statue in 2018 based on the premise that his 1492 discovery of the Americas began a disastrous genocide in the Western Hemisphere.In New York there is a renewed zealot push to remove the statue of Columbus that was erected in 1892 by Italian immigrants in memory of the 11 Sicilian immigrants that had been acquitted of murder and were then lynched in New Orleans. It was one of the largest mass lynchings in American history – yet the meaning of the statue to the Italian American community is lost on those who only see it as a symbol of bad & not good. Yet knocking down images of Columbus will not change the fact that millions of indigenous people in Central America and Mexico are currently abandoning their ancestral homelands and emigrating northward to quite different landscapes that reflect European and American traditions and political, economic and cultural values.If we are to judge Columbus by strictly only one metrics, a single dimension such as “disastrous genocide” Likewise, communities should topple statues honoring various Aztec gods throughout the Americas. After all, the Aztec Empire annually butchered thousands of innocent men, women and children captives on the altars of their hungry gods. The Aztecs were certainly far crueler conquerors, imperialists and colonialists than were the Spanish conquistadors. Yet apparently the Aztecs, as indigenous peoples, earn a pass on the systematic mass murder of their enslaved indigenous subjects.If you read the federalist papers, specifically Madison's Federalist No. 10, Madison, was fearful of what he called tyranny from the minority – that is what is happening today in many aspects of our nation. He drew a distinction between a “republic” and a “pure democracy” wherein a republic government is scheme of representation that takes place via elected officials. The basic problem that Madison addressing was the danger of factions in a democratic government, and the way this danger could be cured, i.e., how the government could be organized so as to prevent factions from undermining the purposes of good government. He knew that in a democracy -Support the show
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