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Lewis David Howes is an American author, entrepreneur and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness inspirational podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs, athletes, health experts and mindset thinkers. Lewis had a rough childhood but through hard work and perseverance was able to build a multi-million dollar business. Many experiences in his past influenced and motivated him to go after his goals.
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How To Find Your Creative Calling with Chase Jarvis
The School of Greatness
Often, we doubt ourselves and our creative ideas. We think that creative people were born with special abilities. And often, we doubt our creative talents. But, is that what we truly believe? If so, why are those creative ideas still in our heads? Ready to come out. Here’s the truth- they were given to you because you were born to create it. Creativity isn’t a birthright or destination, it’s a process. If you follow the I.D.E.A strategy and keep working, good things will happen. On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about how everyone has a creative force inside of them and what it takes to develop that creativity with an author, entrepreneur and photographer: Chase Jarvis. Chase Jarvis is an American artist, director, entrepreneur and author who co-founded the on-line educational platform Creative Live. Chase consistently uses his voice to educate and inspire people to achieve their creative potential. As a child, Chase Jarvis loved being creative and started making his own films, but after overhearing his teacher tell his parents “Chase is so much better at sports than arts”, he lost his creative passion and replaced it with a need to achieve athletically. In the following years he became a standout athlete in multiple sports, but his grandfather’s death reignited his creative spirit and since that time he has lived a creative life putting his creative spirit into everything he does. Now, his mission is to help people tap into their creative potential. So, get ready to learn how to unleash your creativity on Episode 853. Some Questions I Ask: Why do we shut down creativity? (13:20) How much happier are creative people? (19:44) How can you make creativity your daily practice? (33:40) Why is it important for artists to build powerful relationships? (38:09) Why did you decide to write the book now? (47:18) In This Episode You Will Learn: Why you should dream big (16:20) Why Mindset Matters (21:50) How to move with intent (34:00) Why building relationships is important (38:09) The I.D.E.A creative process (38:25) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes, and more at http://www.lewishoes.com/853 and follow at instagram.com/lewishowes
How to Handle Stress Without Tension
The School of Greatness
Stress is an unavoidable part of life. It’s not about having a stress-free life- it’s about learning how to deal with it gracefully. Think of the last stressful moment you had. How did you react? Did you get angry and tense up? Or were you able to breathe and move through it? The more we work on our reaction when things go differently than we’d hoped, the happier we will be. For this Five Minute Friday, I revisited a conversation I had with Dan Millman where he shared his definition of stress and the practice that helps him with it. Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. After an intensive, twenty-year spiritual quest, Dan’s teaching found its form as the Peaceful Warrior’s Way. He has now written seventeen books. Learn how to move through life without tension in Episode 852. In This Episode You Will Learn: Dan’s definition of stress (2:30) Stress with tension vs. stress without tension (3:50) How martial arts can help with stress (4:30) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes, and more at http://www.lewishowes.com/852 and follow at instagram.com/lewishowes
Sophia Bush on Speaking Your Truth
The School of Greatness
YOU TEACH OTHERS HOW TO TREAT YOU. Often, we don’t like how people talk to us. Whether it’s at home, at work, or with our friends, there are many times where we don’t get the respect we desire. It feels terrible. But how much ownership do we take of those situations? Here’s the truth- you get what you put up with. Unless you’re willing to set boundaries and tell people what’s not ok, you’ll end up being walked over. If you keep showing up, people will assume that it isn’t that bad. On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about what it takes to stand up for the things you believe with an actor-turned-activist: Sophia Bush. Sophia Bush starred as Brooke Davis in The WB/CW drama series One Tree Hill and as Det. Erin Lindsay in the NBC police procedural drama series Chicago P.D. Sophia consistently uses her platform for activism and fundraising and has a new podcast called Work in Progress. Sophia stood up for herself before the Me Too Movement began by quitting a television show where she was being mistreated. She shares her struggle to admit that something was wrong and the tricks her mind played on her in the process. So get ready to learn how to have the courage to demand change on Episode 851. Some Questions I Ask: What’s missing in your toolkit? (31:00) What needs to change for actual change to happen? (53:00) How do we know what to take on first? (58:00) What are the three accounts we should follow to be educated on what’s going on? (1:12:00) Who was the most influential person in your life? (1:18:30) In This Episode You Will Learn: The scary side of acting (27:00) About Lewis’ “Yes and No List” (34:00) The importance of opening up about what you’re ashamed of (40:00) The struggle Sophia had with quitting her toxic work environment (45:00) How to separate yourself from the system that you’re in (1:00:00) Sophia’s plan for the future (1:24:00) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes, and more at http://www.lewishowes.com/851 and follow at instagram.com/lewishowes
Tony Gonzalez: What it Takes to Become The Greatest of All Time
The School of Greatness
THE CRITICS ARE COMING. People understand that there will be challenges and fear when they chase their dreams. But they’re not willing to be embarrassed. Are you willing to look like a fool? To go all-in and fail? It’s a guarantee when you go after the thing you want. You have to keep putting your head out there knowing that it could get chopped off. The more you face your fears, the more self-confidence you’ll have. You will fall. You need to have the grit to use it as fuel to get back up. On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about relentlessly pursuing your passion with one of the most successful football players in history: Tony Gonzalez. Tony Gonzalez is a Pro Football Hall of Famer, retired All-Pro NFL Tight end, and father of four. He is currently an analyst on Fox NFL’s pregame show. During his career, he only missed two games and lost only two fumbles on 1,327 touches. Tony is open about his struggles with depression and self-doubt that he might not be good enough. But by working through these emotions, he has come out a more authentic and heart-centered person. So get ready to learn how to get into the flow of life on Episode 850. Some Questions I Ask: How do you get connected to the heart when there is so much ego? (8:00) When did you experience the most self-doubt? (16:00) How do people stop caring what people think about them? (31:30) Who was the most influential for you growing up? (43:00) In This Episode You Will Learn: How to get into the flow (6:00) How to use criticism as fuel (20:00) About Tony’s struggle to transition from football to commentary (22:00) An exercise for opening your heart (32:00) About the letters Tony wrote himself before games (35:00) How to parent with your heart (52:00) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at http://www.lewishowes.com/850 and follow at instagram.com/lewishowes
Stay True To Your Purpose
The School of Greatness
DON’T GET DISTRACTED BY SHINY THINGS. It can be exciting to receive connections to the rich and powerful. Fancy dinners, galas, and White House dinners can be tempting. But if these things are keeping you from accomplishing what you set out to do, you’re better off without them. Money comes with strings. If the people pulling those strings don’t align with your message, that money has too great a cost. For this Five Minute Friday, I revisited a conversation I had with Jacob Lief where he shared what has made his non-profit Ubuntu so successful. Jacob Lief is the Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund, a non-profit organization that takes vulnerable children living in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa from cradle to career. Ubuntu's programs form an integrated system of medical, health, educational and social services, ensuring that a child who is either orphaned or vulnerable can, after several years, succeed. Jacob has been able to stay focused on one area and one community of people by being consistent about what Ubuntu says yes to. It’s not the most glamorous route, but it’s the most impactful. Learn how to stay disciplined and focused on your goal in Episode 849. In This Episode You Will Learn: The thing that has worked the best for Ubuntu (2:00) Why you sometimes have to say “no” to things (2:30) About the struggle to keep people interested in your cause (3:00) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes, and more at http://www.lewishowes.com/849 and follow at instagram.com/lewishowes
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