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The Voyage of the Ocean Trash with Jenni Brandon [EXTENDED CUT]
Episode of
Tumble Science Podcast for Kids
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a vast, swirling soup of trash, twice the size of Texas. Can we ever clean it up? That’s what 8 year old Ila wants to know. She lives in Hawaii and likes to pick up trash whenever she goes to the beach. She lives closer to the garbage patch than most of us. Finding the answer to her question, led us to create one of our favorite episodes of Tumble. We talk to Jenni Brandon about how she learned about the garbage patch, what it is like to be there, and what can be done about it. We’re on summer baby break, but Season 5 is coming in Fall 2019! We rely on listener support to keep making the show. Pledge on Patreon for bonus interview episodes, birthday shoutouts, and more!
Tumble Season 4 Favorites with The Show About Science!
Episode of
Tumble Science Podcast for Kids
We’re taking a listen back to some of our favorite moments from Season 4 of Tumble, with help from our friend Nate! Nate is the 9 year old host of fellow kids science podcast, “The Show About Science.” Nate interviews Lindsay and Marshall about the stories behind the science. This episode features clips from Rob Dunn (“Discover the Wildlife of Your Home”), Anne Hilborn (“The Secret to Cheetahs’ Super Speed”), Erika Rader (“What Would Earth Be Like If Volcanoes Didn’t Exist?”), and Robyn Grant (“The Science of Whiskers”). To hear the FULL episodes, listen in your favorite podcast app or check out our blog at! Super special thanks today to Nate and his dad Eric. Nate is a superstar interviewer and you should listen to BOTH his shows, The Show About Science and The Show About Politics. You can also hear him on our Season 1 episode, “The Case of the Invisibility Cloak.” We’re taking a break for the summer! We’re having a baby and we’ll be taking some time to adjust to our new life! We’ll be back with Season 5 in the fall. But keep listening - we’re lining up treats for you all summer! And we still rely on your support on Patreon - listen for fresh Patreon shoutouts and birthday messages!
The Butterflies of Paris
Episode of
Tumble Science Podcast for Kids
This is the last episode of Season 4, but stay tuned for our special summer lineup! We’ll be back for Season 5 in fall 2019. Why are butterflies so colorful? That’s what Zed, from The Petit Punk Podcast, wants to know. So we went on a family podcast field trip to the Museum of Natural History in Paris, where we met Zed, his mom Dana, and a butterfly scientist named Marianne Elias. Come with us as we visit the museum’s private “butterfly library,” and find out why some butterflies are toxic! Plus, we’ll learn why Marianne climbs trees when she’s not in her office. Also, a special original butterfly song from Dana & The Petit Punks! Love Tumble? Supporting us on Patreon is a great way to show it! Pledge at $5 a month gets you a shoutout and birthday greeting on the show, plus special messages from Lindsay & Marshall! Just $1/month gets you our bonus interview episodes featuring scientists on the show. Don’t worry, summer birthdays - we’d never forget you! (One of us has a summer birthday, so we know how it can be.) Listen for your shoutout airing across ALL episodes this summer.
The Hurricane of the Future
Episode of
Tumble Science Podcast for Kids
Why are hurricanes so powerful? Every year, monster storms develop in the Atlantic Ocean from June until November. It seems like they come out of nowhere. But scientists are working to predict them months, years, and even decades before they start. We’ll discover what makes hurricanes so destructive, and why they might become even more intense in the future. Might it have something to do with gnomes that ride on hamsters? Listen and find out! To hear more from our interview with Suzana Camargo, listen on Patreon or our Castbox premium channel! It’s just $1 to sign up at New patron and birthday shoutouts will be coming at our $5 Patreon supporters all summer long, even while we’re on break, as well as special blogs and updates. We have free educational resources on the science of hurricanes on our blog at Think others should know about Tumble? Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or spread the word any way you like!
The Launch of the Irish Satellite
Episode of
Tumble Science Podcast for Kids
How does a country start its own space program? Come with us to Ireland to find out, and meet one of the students whose childhood dreams of launching a satellite are about to come true. Lana Salmon is part of a team from University College Dublin building Ireland’s first-ever satellite. We get to step inside the lab and learn what it takes to design, engineer, and launch experiments into space. Want to learn more about EIRSAT-1? Visit our website at for great educational materials. We’ll have more from our visit and interview with Lana on our Patreon and Castbox Premium Channels. Subscribe at Our episode is brought to you this week with help from Pact, which makes super-soft organic clothing for kids. Use code TUMBLE at for 20% off your first apparel purchase.
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