Lori Harder is a motivational speaker who is famous for hosting the Earn Your Happy podcast.
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Choosing to Own Your Story with Lori Harder
Minding Wellness
Hear from self love junkie, lifestyle entrepreneur, fitness cover model, author and beautiful human being, Lori Harder. Lori dishes all about owning your story, dropping expectations in relationships and following your curiosity. Her podcast is called: “Earn Your Happy”, and it’s one of Amber and Claudia’s favorite podcasts! https://www.loriharder.com/
014 | Lori Harder | Uncovering Your True Potential
So Much More Podcast With Carol Elizabeth
In this episode, Carol interviews Lori Harder – a HUGE proponent of self-love. A famous model and author of “A Tribe Called Bliss”, Lori reveals some important personal development hacks that will help you perform to your fullest potential. This episode is peppered with Tips and Tricks to set the ball rolling – and help you realize your dreams. Carol starts this episode by questioning Lori about her successful innings in the fitness industry. What made Lori gravitate towards the fitness industry? And, why did she opt for a career transition in spite of finding so much success? You will learn about Lori’s fearless attitude that has allowed her to buck the trend again and again. You are sure to be enthralled as Lori pours her heart out in this loaded episode. How did Lori overcome her inner fears to realize her dreams? She also shares some great business advice that can prove to be invaluable to listeners – especially for those who are planning on launching their own business. Tune in and discover from this fearless woman who also happens to have her heart firmly set in the right place.   What You Will Discover In This Episode:      The importance of rejecting conventional belief system to           realize your dreams      How to project your irresistible self to your target audience      The art of building a mentor-mentee relationship      The importance of discovering your own weird quirk Join our So Much More family:  http://iamsomuchmore.com/group Show notes: http://iamsomuchmore.com/
#19 - "Blissful Living" with Lori Harder
Making It Happen with Henry Ammar
Lori Harder is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. Her book "A Tribe Called Bliss: Break Through Superficial Friendships, Create Real Connections, Reach Your Highest Potential" is a practical book for the growing audience of woman seeking the sisterhood and connection they need and crave. This book encourages readers to examine life on a micro level, and Lori provides lessons and contextual self-work exercises on how to develop the kind of awareness of the present moment that is the key to a lifetime of blissful happiness.  Her extraordinary coaching methods, and programs, that helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, gain financial independence, and fall in love with themselves and their lives.  This episode talks about blissful living and how you can be mindful of yourself. Bliss is describe as a magnified emotional state of joy, personal fulfillment and happiness. Lori Harder will share her journey to blissful living that will help you be more mindful of yourself, happier, and have a sense of fulfillment. Have you heard of the word bliss? What comes in to your mind? The greatest question is how can we experience bliss on a daily basis?   Here are tips or tricks that Lori have done that may help people tap into  self awareness and blissful living.      03:00 We can become anything that we want to become and we're always been spoken to did have to choose from I just never felt that connection.   06:22 Lori talks about how fitness helped her find her passion in life.   08:02 How to deal with false Joy and identify real joy   09:35 The journey to self-awareness is tough and challenging.   11:44 Choose things that can potentially make you happy.   13:01 Lori talks about not letting people be part of her life.   15:02 Reasons why you need to keep moving   16:30 Self-love is a work in progress.   17:24 Self love means asking yourself what you want to do    23:15 Accept possibilities of greatness   26:30 Do only things that resonate with you and be awesome   30:19 Tips on being happy and how to tap into loving yourself. It includes having faith in yourself and celebrating the best you   30:53 Open up about yourself and be amazed of what is around you. You will be a magnet to people whom you desire to have around you.   31:23 Go to a place (in yourself) where you are good at and identify where does that fit.    31:41]What are your gifts? Bring it out - with practice, it will.   31:52] This Lori did in the retreat that males her feel more confident about her real self   32:29 If you think people around you who you can't be authentic, it's simply because you haven't been authentic to yourself and that's okay.   33:07 Say how awesome you are. Henry says you cannot give what you don’t have. So you need to own what you have.   33:37 It talks about owning your talent and improve.     33:55 Accept who you are and live yourself but it will not happen overnight   34:21 Lori’s journey to owning her awesomeness and her power to change within and the people around her.   34:40 Do not wait for someone’s validation that you are awesome and great. Give it to yourself.   35:16 Lori introduce the power mantra by inserting words after “I AM”   35:57 She talks about the exercise that she ahd with a group that helped here realized what makes her feel good and that she can be change to people who needs her help.    37 :16 Get out into the world and owning our power   37:40 The exercise could be saying words repeatedly like  Lori you're powerful. Lori you're a powerful, lori you're powerful.   41:49 How to create boundaries means showing how you respect yourself.   42:31 Live the  life that you want and have the relationships that you want and have the free time that you want.     42:53 How to set up your boundaries and the benefits of it.   44:60 Show respect when people give feedback because with little help comes a long way   48:00 Talks about ways to facilitate deep connection quickly.    Instagram | Twitter | Book: A Tribe Called Bliss
32: Conversation with Lori Harder
Today's Thought Leader
In a world that is more connected than ever, it can actually feel tougher to create real friendships. And yet this is something that everyone is seeking, especially women. Join me and Lori Harder (author of “Tribe Called Bliss”) as we jam on friendships, tribe-building, and the shit that holds you back from diving deep with others. This isn’t about “them”; this is about you taking ownership for the way in which you show up with your friends. Tune in, and shift the way you connect with your tribe. Connect with Lori: IG: @loriharder Get the book: www.loriharder.com/tribe-called-bliss www.loriharder.com
103: How To Find Your Tribe With Lori Harder
The Melissa Ambrosini Show
Lori Harder is the ultimate multi-passionate... A self-love expert, fitness guru, entrepreneur and podcaster, you may know her best from her hugely successful podcast, ‘Earn Your Happy’. She’s recently added ‘author’ to the mix too, with the launch of her powerful new book, 'A Tribe Called Bliss'. Head to https://melissaambrosini.com/103 for full episode resources and more inspiring weekly episodes. Lori credits finding her tribe with changing her from an anxiety-ridden, unhealthy, introverted underachiever… to becoming the confident, successful, powerhouse woman she is today. It’s this transformation that’s made her so passionate about helping other women find THEIR own tribe — so that they can experience this kind of soul-growth in their lives too. (And rest assured: Lori says that ALL of us have a tribe of soul sistas — and soul misters! — out there… you just need to know how to find them!) So if you’d like to find out how to break through superficial friendships, create real connections, and reach your highest potential, pop in those earbuds and buckle up, baby! This one’s a truly epic listen. In this episode we chat about: Why she wrote her book ‘A Tribe Called Bliss’ (05:48) How to call in your soul sistas and find your tribe (plus the exact scripts she used to do that) (12:38) The secret to making your relationships grow and thrive (19:41) The 2 essential elements to create epic connections (20:16) The one-liner that will rock all your relationships and take them to the next-level (21:24) The ideal number of peeps you want in your inner circle (and why this matters so much) (24:26) How to release your expectations when you’re finding your tribe (30:54) Do men need a tribe too? (35:22) Plus so much more! Head to https://melissaambrosini.com/103 for full episode resources and more inspiring weekly episodes. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
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