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Macken Murphy is the creator, writer, and host of Species. A lifelong animal lover, he has owned innumerable pets, spent countless hours watching local wildlife, read hundreds of books and articles about animals, and dedicated regular weekends to volunteering at his local parrot rescue. He is pursuing degrees in history and biological anthropology, and works as a professional audiobook narrator.


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Are seagulls real? Could a gull kill a lamb? How have gulls adapted to human expansion? Today, we talk about the King of Gulls, the scourge of Chihuahuas, the largest gull on earth, the great black-backed gull.  Bibliography Donate
This animal was extinct for 66 million years... Until they weren't. Come learn about an animal that came back from the dead, an animal the size of an NBA player, that hunts sharks from deepwater caves. Bibliography
Bonus: 100
In this episode, Macken celebrates episode 100 by answering your questions! Thank you to all the donors and listeners for helping us get this far!
Walruses are incredible animals. Their skin is so thick, polar bears struggle to draw blood. Their suction ability is so powerful, they can strip paint off walls. Join us for an episode on the walrus, and get the answers to the following questions: What does "I am the Walrus" mean? Why do walruses have mustaches? What's with the teeth? Come learn all about the largest penis bone of all time, on this episode of Species.   Bibliography
Marine Iguana
Millions of years ago, a group of iguanas were unbelievably fortunate; and now, we have marine iguanas. Hear that story, and learn all about the popular animal that can out-do dolphins underwater, and shrink their bones when necessary. Please nominate us for the Podcast Awards, nominations close in just a few days... Bibliography
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