In college, a series of late-night conversations led Mangesh and his friend Will to co-found Mental Floss, an award-winning magazine and website. Along the way, they’ve written books, created board games, and put a lot of terrifically bad jokes on t-shirts.
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Recent episodes featuring Mangesh Hattikudur
Fan Favorite: How Did Wine Fraud Become Such a Big Business?
When a billionaire realized his $125,000 bottle of wine might be fake, he hired a crack team to solve the case. This is the story of a private investigator, a motley crew of geniuses, and a fine wine that supposedly belonged to Thomas Jefferson! Plus: Will and Mango discuss Prohibition wines, the S…
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Fan Favorite: How does Rick Steves Think You Should Travel?
9/11 changed Rick Steves and how he wanted to approach writing about the world. In this special interview, Will and Mango sit down with legendary PBS host and travel writer Rick Steves to talk about the newest edition of "Travel as a Political Act", why watching a Sufi dance can be such a transcend…
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Fan Favorite: How Do People Game the Lottery?
From the Canadian professor who found patterns in Scratch-off lottery tickets to the Michigan couple that turned a lottery flaw into their retirement savings plan to the strange reason you should hold onto any lottery ticket that has Herbert Hoover's face on it, Will and Mango look into the long hi…
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Fan Favorite: What's the Science of Painkillers?
When you've got a headache, those bottles of over-the-counter medicines can feel interchangeable. But the truth is, the drugs work in different ways... and each has their own benefits and side-effects. From which drugs work best on toothaches, to which ones are best for hangovers, Will and Mango ex…
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What are the Greatest Things We Didn't Know about Brazil?
When's the best time to surf the Amazon? Can Brazilian termites help you make a better pizza? And: did you overpay on the black market for that venomous snake? Will and Mango scour the web for some fun facts on Brazil. (Plus, you probably did overpay for that snake.) Learn more about your ad-choice…
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