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Mark Antony Rossi

Host & Producer of Strength To Be Human
Author of 15 titles including Walkabout: Thoughts on the Human Condition and Corrupt City of My Heart. He is the Editor in Chief of the online international literary journal Ariel Chart.
Recent episodes featuring Mark Antony Rossi
Episode 12: Waking the Lion: Inside Writing--- Rejection
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Strength To Be Human
Waking the Lion: Inside Writing -- Rejection Rejection is a mainstay in the world of art. Artists have struggled with this for thousands of years. In the modern era rejection has devolved into something impersonal and unproductive. This show will present a few categories and a few more thoughts on how to navigate the sea of negativity and still be successful. Not every ice cube is an iceberg and not every editor an unfeeling piece of furniture.
Episode 11: The Power of the Night
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Strength To Be Human
Since the dawn of humankind the Night has played an integral part of our lives. From rites about ancient spirits to the writer with a thought and muse the Night is a partner in our quest to find peace and promise.
Episode 10: Guest Haus (Fees, Facts and Flights of Fancy)
Episode of
Strength To Be Human
Episode 10 is the premier of our Show within a Show --- Guest Haus.  Co-hosted with writer and broadcaster John Patrick Robbins, Guest Haus will tackle the art issues of the day. In this segment we dive into the ghastly practice of submission fees and the ongoing debate involving online journals and print journals. 
Episode 9: Interview with Linda Imbler
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Strength To Be Human
World Premier Interview with Kansas-based poet and fiction writer Linda Imbler.
Episode 8: The Weaponization of Words
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Strength To Be Human
When words are designed to lessen our knowledge and manipulate our choices -- do free people remain free? This episode dives into that arena of doublespeak words (a la Orwell) and attempts to go behind the scenes and breaks down why this is done and how damaging it is to a democratic society and how Art might have a hand to removing it from our lives.
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Apr 3rd, 1965
Jacksonville, FL, USA
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