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Michael Annis is a life long space enthusiast, registered professional engineer in the state of North Carolina and currently, he produces a weekly podcast on the history of space exploration called Space Rocket History.


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Space Rocket History #323 – Salyut 1
Space Rocket History Podcast
In record time, the OKB-1 rebels led by Yuri Semenov developed the space station designated DOS-7K. The station used the body of a vehicle from the Almaz project, but outfitted it with modified systems from the Soyuz spacecraft.
50th Anniversary Special – An Encore Presentation of Space Rocket History #224 – Apollo 11 – Moonwalk – Part 2 – One Priceless Moment
Space Rocket History Podcast
“For one priceless moment, in the whole history of man, all the people on this earth are truly one. One in their pride in what you have done. And one in our prayers that you will return safely to earth” … Continue reading →
Space Rocket History #322 – Apollo 14 – Recovery & Conclusion
Space Rocket History Podcast
Alan Shepard’s wife Louise was elated after watching on TV as Shepard boarded a Navy ship bound for Houston, where he would be safe behind the glass windows of the post-flight quarantine room.
Space Rocket History #321 – Apollo 14 – Splashdown
Space Rocket History Podcast
Gradually, as Mitchell worked and glanced at the bright crescent, he was filled with a quiet euphoria, great tranquillity, and an overpowering sense of understanding. It was as if he had suddenly begun to hear a new language, one being … Continue reading →
Space Rocket History #320 – Apollo 14 – Docking & Alexei Leonov
Space Rocket History Podcast
Would the docking probe that caused so much difficulty a week ago during the first docking work now or would Shepard and Mitchell be forced into a space walk in Lunar orbit?
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