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Nick Quah is the creator of Hot Pod, one of the most popular podcasting newsletters. He is a contributing writer for Vulture and New York Magazine. Nick Quah is known for being an influential voice in the podcasting industry, not only covering the latest news, but often providing deep analysis and insight into industry trends. His research has been cited by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired,, Bloomberg, Poytner, and the Columbia Jackson Review. According to Quah, he created Hot Pod Media in response to what he saw as the coming of age of the podcast industry and its unfolding possibilities. Hot Pod dishes the inside scoop on international podcasting, the latest podcasting technology, and the future of the industry, and has recently expanded with the addition of UK-based writer Caroline Crampton. Quah is an avid basketball fan and often tweets about college and professional hoops. Quah has been syndicated on Niemen Journalism Lab, and has also been featured in Slate, WIRED Magazine, Medium, WNYC (New York, NY), Paste Magazine, Salon, Media Shift, Competition Law Insight, and Editor & Publisher. Previously, investigative journalist Nick Quah worked for Panoply Media, BuzzFeed, and Business Insider. He was executive producer of Major League Hacking and content operations manager of Spoken Layer. Nick Quah has been featured in Redcode Media with Peter Kafka and has also appeared on a number of podcasts including CinemaJaw, The Vergecast, On Air Fest, Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter, and the Best of Tech & Startups.
Recent episodes featuring Nick Quah
Episode 364: Nicholas Quah
Nicholas Quah founded and writes Hot Pod, a newsletter about the podcasting industry, and reviews podcasts for Vulture. “I think to some extent I’m in love with the concept of momentum. Sheer velocity. It’s painful. It’s punishing. Physically, I’m worse off for it. But I feel like if I stop moving, something will fall. Something will break. And I’m over. It’s a horrible feeling.” Thanks to Mailchimp, Pitt Writers, Audm, and Bayer for sponsoring this week's episode. @nwquah Quah's archive at Vulture [13:51] Business Insider Intelligence [17:26] Season One of Serial Podcast [17:26] Longform Podcast #327: Julie Snyder [30:56] Megaphone (formerly Panoply Media) [52:30] New York Post's We Hear Podcast
CinemaJaw 422, Nick Quah – Rotten Kids in Film
Reviewed this episode: John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum Interested or Ignore: Brightburn Trivia: Bright/Burn movie Trivia Sponsored by: Lagunitas Kids are sweet, innocent, cute and loveable… except when they aren’t. This week, in honor of the new film Brightburn, we are taking a look at Rotten Kids in Film. This is CinemaJaw’s chance to shout “get offa my lawn!” at those damn teenagers in our collective minds. Joining us is a guy who is no rotten kid. Nick Quah started what has become the preeminent newsletter for the “inside baseball” scoop on the podcast industry, called Hot Pod. His background is especially well tailored for the task of being one of the best investigative journalists in the podspace – including writing stints at Business Insider, BuzzFeed, and Panoply Media. If you are searching for the best news on podcasting… here it is. In addition to our chat with Nick and our Top 5 Rotten Kids, we have a review of the new John Wick film complete with a post-credits Spoiler Lounge. It’s a jam-packed jaw as always!  
Luminary and the podcast wars to come, with Nick Quah and Ashley Carman
The Vergecast
The Podcast Wars are coming. After Luminary’s troubled launch, The Verge’s Nilay Patel and Ashley Carman sit-down with podcast expert Nick Quah of Hot Pod to discuss if Luminary or anyone could be “the Netflix of podcasts” and where the industry is headed.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dan Taberski and Nick Quah in Conversation
On Air Fest
Dan Taberski is the host and producer of two influential podcasts, Missing Richard Simmons and Surviving Y2K. Both shows are long form documentaries that track the kind of bizarre stories that prove truth is stranger than fiction. Both shows also hold pieces of Dan’s own story. In this interview with Vulture podcast Critic and HotPod Editor Nick Quah, hear how Dan chooses his subjects, what it feels like to release personal projects into the world, and what happened to him the night of December 31st, 1999. Mentioned in this conversation: Dan's documentary projects including Missing Richard Simmons and Surviving Y2K His newest project is Running From Cops Nick's in-depth insight into the business of the podcast industry is over at Hot Pod The kid's show on Cartoon Network Destroy Build Destroy True False Festival in Columbia, Missouri Special thanks to First Look Media and Leital Molad for helping bring this conversation to the stage.
Hot Pod's Nick Quah talks about the podcasting "tipping point"
Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter
Brian Stelter charts the growth of podcasting with Nick Quah, the founder of Hot Pod and a critic for Vulture. Has the industry "peaked?" Who are the major players? Are podcasts the new blogs? What do Spotify and Pandora's arrival on the scene signify? Quah says "the thing to watch over the next 4 or 5 years is... How does money change the fundamental nature of this medium?" via Knit
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