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Pacific S. Obadiah is a freelance writer and multimedia editor who focuses on character-driven stories. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado he discovered his love of audio drama while attending the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Pacific began with the creation of Lake Clarity and quickly branched out, writing and producing episodes for Liberty: Tales from the Tower, The Alexandria Archives, and the Creepy podcast as well as co-producing The White Vault: Artifact. Between writing, producing, and acting Pacific has a deep passion for the arts, empowering those around him to become creators.
Recent episodes featuring Pacifis S. Obadiah
Introducing: Liminal Apocolypse
Lake Clarity
From Midnight Disease Productions, makers of Lake Clarity, Aftershocks, and The Enoch Saga, we bring you something new. Tune in to our new show, Liminal Apocolypse, a three-part audio adventure, Part I is out now! A story about the end of the world. Or is it?   Follow on Twitter: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Listen on Spotify:  
Presenting: Voices of the Abyss - 1. RMWU
Lake Clarity
Apple Podcasts Google Play  RSS   Day 1325... I think... Here at RWMU we hope to bring you the best of news and the worst of news and all news in general, really! And if we can't find it then we'll just read it from the paper. Word for word from the paper... God, I hate this ****ing place.   Writer: Bridge Geene Producer: Pacific Obadiah Directed: Mary Miller Technical Director: Vin Ernst Editor: Pacific Obadiah Music: Tom Rory Parsons Elana Richardson: Syndey Anthony Patrick Daly: Reino Harsh Timothy Tamsworth: Josiah Peters Johnnie Sims: Mary Miller   Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon! Midnight Disease Productions LLC  
Season Three Teaser
Lake Clarity
Where did I go?   We hope you enjoyed our sneak peek at Season 3! We'll have more content coming very soon! Sound Design by Pacific Obadiah Ally was played by Maddie Moore This minisode featured the song "Where Did I Go" by Erin McKeown   Support us on Patreon To stay up to date, check out our Blog Or even buy things from our Store! Wanna chat? We're on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr!  
Season Two SuperCut
Lake Clarity
Here's the full story...   Directed by: Larissa Flemming, Vin Ernst & Pacific Obadiah Written by: Pacific Obadiah, Larissa Flemming, & James Oliva Edited by: Pacific Obadiah & Michael Miller Music composed by: It's Teeth Sam - Mikayla LaMantia Natalie - Ianna Raspberry-Jenkins Steve - Scott "Paul" Allen Erik - Reino Harsh Sheriff Powell - James Oliva Courtney - Leroy Luna Guy Marshall - Aaron Middleton John Barlow - Toby Yount Lane - Vin Ernst Tiffany - Samantha Cruts Amber - Kaitlin Statz Alan Blackwell - Pete Lutz   Mrs. Sutton - Erin Banta Mr. Sutton - Dyan Sprague Seth's Mom - Lauren Cron Seth - Bear Omundson Trick O' Treater - Dakota Christiansen Private Tanner Daggit - Drew Knapp Sergeant Hicks - Thoreau Smiley General - Erik Kemp Joan Davis - Kristen Van Etten Dr. Amanda Asher - Addy Himle Dr. Rob LaMantia- Michael Evans Dr. Cornell - Travis Vengroff Mimic - Pacific Obadiah, Dakota Christiansen, & Mikayla LaMantia
The Enoch Saga - Chapter 1
Lake Clarity
Want to hear more? Here's the RSS! You can also find us on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify!   Kizzy opens a box.    The Enoch Saga was created by Matthew Williams Sound design by Pacific Obadiah Composition by Thoreau Smiley Dialogue Editing & Assembly by Dog and Pony Studios Las Vegas Narrator - Mary Miller Kizzy - Marisa Cardin Mother - Vin Ernst Mrs. Palmer - Tanja Milojevic Additional Voices - Danny Fain   Support us on Patreon To stay up to date, check out our Blog Or even buy things from our Store! Wanna chat? We're on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr!
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