Rich Jones is a recruiting manager in Silicon Valley and co-host of Paychecks & Balances Podcast.
Today on the show we have Anthony and Jhanikla Hartzog. They cleared 114k in debt in just under two years. They’re going to be sharing their debt story and providing tips to pay off your debt quickly, while still maintaining a lot of the same comforts of your current lifestyle.   Their journey into paying down their debt started when Jhanikla bought Anthony Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” one Valentines Day. They dove into the course together and initially didn’t have a set date in mind of when they wanted to become debt free, but after three months into the process they saw how much money they were able to allocate towards debt payments and they made the goal of becoming debt free by Jhanikla’s 30th birthday.   The couple mostly focused on playing offense to increase their income and allocated all extra money to paying down their debt. In this episode you’ll hear how in addition to their 9-5 they both got side jobs at Equinox and started using Apps like “Rover” and “Turo” to maximize their earnings. It was important for them to make big monthly payments towards their debt but also maintain their current lifestyle.   Highlights: Working on a mix of student loan and credit card debt Using other peoples debt stories and testimonials as inspiration for getting out of debt Breaking down the numbers and setting a budget. Before you can make strides in paying off your debt you need to know where your money is going, and exactly how much is coming in and out every month Increasing income rather than cutting back on expenses Maintaining a relationship while constantly working and having more time apart than ever before Rewarding yourself along the way when you reach a debt payment goal Setting lifestyle expectations as a couple and determining what’s important to you as a whole and as individuals Holding off on making big debt payments during this COVID-19 Pandemic Look for a side hustle that’s related to your current career or skill set Finding a side gig that you actually enjoy You MUST have an online presence if you plan on maintaining revenue during this pandemic   Key Takeaway: You will inevitably need to cut some costs while trying to get out debt. But, you can also focus on increasing income and using that extra money for debt payments, so that you can maintain a lifestyle similar to the one you have now.   Paychecks & Balances Website: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:                            
Today it’s just Marcus and Rich on the podcast. They’re free styling the conversation and chatting about how they were both on vacation while the news was breaking that COVID-19 was spreading quickly and that the government declared it a pandemic. They also discuss the role that therapy has played in their decisions to stay calm during the current stock market crash and what could be the start of a recession. They reiterate the importance of making sound financial decisions and not jumping into buying stock or selling stock out of emotion. Remember, investing is something that should be part of your regular financial plan and a habit that you practice 365. Lastly, they give some tips on how to maximize your cash flow during this time, while still being strategic about paying off your debt.   Key Takeaway: It’s ok to be scared, but don’t make panicked decisions with your money or things in your day-to-day life. It’s important to follow good financial habits year round so that if you find yourself cash strapped or possibly out of a job right now, you can reflect and revaluate how you can make sure you’re in the best situation possible the next time a global or countrywide crisis happens.   Highlights: Being on vacation and disregarding the US media The fear of being left abroad Not worrying about what you can’t control Anxiety transfer “It’s ok to be scared” Therapy bringing out self-awareness – Making better decisions in the midst of a chaotic situation The stock market response to COVD-19 Capitalizing on fear and selling predatory products or services during this pandemic Maximizing cash flow during an emergency – Paying your minimum debt payments for a short time to keep your cash liquid Don’t make any financial moves out of fear or panic   Paychecks & Balances Website: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Books Mentioned In This Episode:  Maybe You Should Talk To Someone, by Lori Gottlieb - Atomic Habits, by James Clear - The Behavioral Investor, by Daniel Crosby -                    
Stephen Warley joins Rich on the podcast today. Stephen is the founder of “Life Skills That Matter”. Life Skills That Matter is on a mission to help you begin to start working for yourself and create a life and career that’s aligned with your personal values. If you believe that societies concept of “work” is broken and you want to disrupt everything that society has taught you about the workforce, Life Skill That Matter can help.   When you begin to set values based goals instead of monetary goals, you can start aligning your life’s purpose to the actions you take daily. What are your core values? You need to get curious and self-aware and figure them out. Some people want to be able to work from anywhere in the world, others want to work less and spend more time with family and friends. Once you figure out what’s truly important to you, you can begin to build a life that’s purpose driven. That’s where true success lies.     Key Takeaway: With some curiosity, patience and the right planning you can eventually work on your own terms and get paid to be exactly who you are.   Highlights: Automation disrupting industries is closer than people think What life’s like living and working abroad in Bali People in their early thirties have never been through an economic downturn Being intentional with your money and tracking where it all goes The pro’s and con’s of leaving inheritance for your children Raising kids with money Time, Energy and Attention – Your most valuable personal resources Starting a “life fund” not a retirement fund Identifying your core values and living your life in accordance to those values is true success What to do if you’re unhappy with where you’re currently at in life The importance of resting, to reflect Curiosity, Self Awareness and Connection – The three most important life skills     Paychecks & Balances   Website: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:     Stephen Warley Website: Twitter: LinkedIn: Podcast:                    
CEO of Bridge Tech Enterprises, Kassandra Dasent is on the show today. Kassandra is a member of Gen X, a financial expert, a singer-songwriter, caregiver and project management guru. Her money story started at a young age in Trinidad, where she grew up being a raised by a single mother who knew how to stretch a dollar during hard times. Her mom was a side hustler before it was popular and it was her mother’s work ethic that taught Kassandra the value of money and hard work. Her mother and her eventually immigrated to Montreal, Canada and some years later in early 2009, Kassandra found herself in 55k of consumer debt. She was ashamed and embarrassed because of the strong money lessons she learned from her mother while growing up in Trinidad.   After that, Kassandra began educating herself financially and started slowly changing her lifestyle to pay off her debt. Meanwhile she was hustling in her project management career, snatching up every raise and promotion that she could get. In 2012 she became debt free! Now as a financial wellness engineer and speaker, Kassandra teaches others how to take control of their finances through a concept of “holistic wealth” with an emphasis on building and maintaining what she refers to as The Four Pillars of Wealth (Mental – Spiritual – Physical – Financial). In addition to speaking and teaching about wealth, Kassandra used her 15 + year career background in project management to build “Bridge Tech Enterprises”, a firm that provides companies with project management expertise.   In today’s episode you’ll learn about how Kassandra’s background set the stage for her life as an entrepreneur, the idea of values based living, the keys to upward mobility at your job, getting your finances in order for the later stages of life where you might have to take care of family members and much more.   Key Takeaway: The role of mindset in improving your finances and career is paramount for success.   Highlights: The Project Management approach to life – identifying what you can realistically take on The importance of sleep Time management The process of paying off 55k worth of consumer debt Being mindful of your decisions – practicing self awareness is the only way to change your bad habits Going above and beyond at work and using a system to track your results As an entrepreneur, striving to employ and empower people in your community Getting your finances in order to take care of your parents or family members as they age Are you happy? – What baby steps can you take today to change your situation   Paychecks & Balances Website: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Kassandra Dasent Websites: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:                  
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