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407:  Out of the Closet & Back In – Alex Petrarca
Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ & Heterosexual Coming Out Stories & Advice for coming out of life's closets!
Love happens. Or maybe we should say, attraction happens, even if it isn't deep love. For some, that means the come out of the closet, then go back in. I know, I was one of those. For others, they believe they are gay, but based on family and societal pressure, religious beliefs, a distrust of oneself, or just downright confusion, some people give the heterosexual life a shot, only to find that, "Yep, this isn't for me, and I am truly gay!" Such is the story of today's guest. Alex Petrarca. She came out, went back in, then came out again. It's much more common than you think and it is multi-generational, even in today's more accepting society! This is her coming out story. About Alex Alex Petrarca is a filmmaker, podcast booking agent, and owner of After School Productions LLC. She has a BA in Film Studies from Rhode Island College and uses her video production savvy and compulsion to document everything in order to create episodes of Alex’s Vlog, a weekly Youtube series following the mundane adventures of a gay couple and their senior pets. Alex is also a volunteer for Vintage Pet Rescue and Girls Rock! RI in Providence. Connect With Alex Website Instagram LinkedIn
406:  They Won’t Win: Uncloseting the music within – Danny M. Cohen & Greg Lanier
Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ & Heterosexual Coming Out Stories & Advice for coming out of life's closets!
Music lifts us, binds us together, and when it's really done right, it makes us think, even if that thinking is about dark subjects that no one really wants to talk about. But if we don't talk about things, those things win. So what happens when you take a stand and say, "They Won't Win!" You get a talented, gay music duo (no they aren't a couple) who is tackling some dark parts of life, in the hopes of giving others hope so they can see that they are not alone. Danny M. Cohen and Great Lanier of "They Won't Win," met through an organic circumstance at a dinner. It all started with noticing a guitar in the room and from there the relationship blossomed into the two becoming music husbands, producing folk-rock songs that take on dark subjects like partner abuse, the LGBTQ struggle, and loss. Their debut album Lost at Sea, is out and making a splash and having immediate impact with people from all walks of life. Touching, endearing, and soulful, Lost At Sea metaphorically paints the picture that we are all lost at sea in so many aspects of life...both good and bad. About They Won't Win - Danny & Greg Led by Danny M. Cohen and Greg Lanier, They Won’t Win doesn’t shy away from the tough issues with their first studio offering. Lost At Sea is filled with soulful tracks that take a deep-dive on topics like coping with loss of friends and loved ones and the grief that follows, falling in love and heartbreak, struggling with acceptance within the LGBTQ space and outside of it, and same-sex partner physical abuse – in fact the album serves as a coming-out of sorts for Lanier who reveals he is an abuse survivor. While the album is peppered with difficult themes it is also teeming with redemption, pride, and love. More than a roadmap to the LGBTQ experience, it is a roadmap to the human experience. Connect With They Won't Win - Danny & Greg Website Instagram
405:  Uncloseting The Truth of Being A Reluctant Entrepreneur – Stephen Warley
Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ & Heterosexual Coming Out Stories & Advice for coming out of life's closets!
You're moving along in life. Doing the thing that you do. Then suddenly, that life plan is no longer going the direction that you thought it would. Happens to all of us and it's how we respond, not react that can make all the difference to moving ahead towards the life that you truly desire. Even if that means being a reluctant entrepreneur. Stephen Warley, a reluctant entrepreneur, has seen his own share of ups and downs as he went from being employed to self-employed. As a podcaster, coach, minimalist and vagabond traveler, he's discovered that living (un)closeted means doing work that matters using the life skills that matter to help him get there. His belief is that self-employment and becoming a reluctant entrepreneur is sneaking up on more of and more us as jobs are automated or outsourced, and that it's time for everyone to come out of the closet and learn about self-employment and embrace it. About Stephen Stephen has been happily unemployable for 15+ years now. But it hasn’t always been that way. He's been stuck and got himself unstuck many times to transform myself from compliant employee into an accidental (formerly reluctant) entrepreneur His journey to embrace the thread of his career has been a long and challenging one. In the end, it’s been totally worth it. He now lives and works on his terms. There are loads of experiences, stories and emotions he shares from his career over the past 20 years on his podcast Life Skills That Matter. He doesn't do social media, and he believes in purging on a regular basis, which makes him a minimalist. He is currently living a nomadic life for the next year to see what life will bring him. Connect With Stephen Website Life Skills That Matter Podcast
404: Losing it all to come out and be Great – Erik Bergman
Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ & Heterosexual Coming Out Stories & Advice for coming out of life's closets!
No one with a logical head ever said, "I'm going to make a ton of money, then blow it all, just because I'm not happy to see if that brings me happiness!" Just doesn't makes sense. Yet to be great, sometimes you have to literally make a ton of money to realize that many the most prevalent religion on earth. Just ask Erik Bergman, founder of Great.com who comes out of the closet today about moving from having "it all" to coming to terms with money doesn't buy you happiness. What might also surprise you is how once he opened the closet doors of truth about his success and money situation, he also shares another coming out story that he's rarely ever talked about regarding sex! This is a powerful episode about finding and living your truth on so many fronts! About Erik Erik Bergman is a co-founder of Catena Media, a company that went from 0 to 300+ employees in five years. Under this journey Erik made more money than he will ever need in his life, but at the expense of burning himself out, as well as his both business partner and his fiancee that also worked in the company. Now he has started the company Great.com. This time the focus isn't extreme growth but rather well being, transparency, trust and flexibility for the team and where 100% of the profits will be donated to help the environment. Connect With Erik Website
403: Stepping out of the status quo closet – Shane Mallory
Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ & Heterosexual Coming Out Stories & Advice for coming out of life's closets!
Bullied in school. At 17 left at the crossroads of pursuing a career as a DJ or becoming a police officer, he chose, the badge. Even with the badge, the bullying continued, but he survived for 26 years in the line of duty working his way up the ladder, leading the status quo life, becoming the "King of Shit," and then stepping up the ladder to become the "Shit of Kings!"  Finally, the status quo life sent him to the dark places of anxiety and depression. Joining us from Down Under, Shane Mallory shares his truth, his journey, and his uncloseting from living a status quo life, even when others scratched their heads thinking, "What's wrong with this bloke? His life looks pretty damn good to me!" About Shane Shane is an incredibly entertaining and engaging speaker, emcee, presenter and performer. With a strong record of achieving results – he brings to the stage boundless energy, enthusiasm, and large servings of funny and relatable stories and humour to keep your crowd engaged while they learn from him. Through story and relatable content, Shane really makes sure that your audience learns while having a fantastic time. Over 30 years of knowledge and experience in policing, teaching, IT, business ownership, change management as well as performing and directing live theatre, Shane knows what it takes to lead, work in many and varied cultures and spark creativity in all of us. He has an enormous depth of knowledge to pass on to your delegates. He is a highly skilled communicator specifically in respect of negotiation, mediation and workshop facilitation. 26 years of policing experience including operating as a qualified prosecutor, investigator, and lecturer, Shane can tackle any event. With degrees in Education, Training and postgraduate qualifications in Management, he has consulted to the Queensland Police Service Education and Training Command and TAFE Queensland in respect of curriculum and educational design. Connect With Shane Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram
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