Sara Yamtich, founder of Resonate with Sara, is a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist for soulful thought leaders. Sara combines spiritual smarts with analytical ass-kicking to create ad strategy that aligns with your soul. So if you want to reach more people, resonate with them, and convert them into customers who LOVE you.
After the year we’ve had, we’re all living through the pulsation of optimism and despair, grief and fear. Within that pulsation, a deeper questioning exists. Is it right to run Facebook Ads, or to market our businesses and talk about sales and marketing? Do we want to enrich huge corporations given what we know about them? 2020 was a pivotal moment for humanity, and we asked these questions at a much deeper level. I have personally grappled with the same questions for years, and I keep coming back to one thing I consider true. If money and social media are the master’s tools, we can use those tools to dismantle their house and create a new paradigm. We can use social media to awaken a critical mass of higher vibration to spark a collective expansion. As we step into 2021, there’s so much to feel optimistic about. More people will experience an awakening and raise their vibration, and our businesses will continue to expand to reach more souls. Instead of seeing social media as the enemy, we can use it to create the future we want. In this episode, I share the power of Facebook Ads in the work we do.   3 Things We Learned From This Episode - At a time with so much polarity and huge spiritual shifts, marketing can feel meaningless, but this is when it’s needed most. - Money isn’t evil. It’s an energetic exchange that keeps resources in flow and empowers the souls who are on the front lines of making our world a better place. - The power of social media is its ability to tap into a collective frequency and amplify a high vibration that will allow the world to shift.
For so long, there’s been a dark veil over marketing and money, but the truth is marketing is one of the most potent tools a light worker can have. It is the lifeblood to our ability to reach more people, touch more hearts and change more lives. It is the ultimate fuel for the collective awakening of humanity.    Right now, we’re in the process of creating a new paradigm. Through marketing, we’re giving it a voice. When we resist marketing, we can’t be of service in the way we’re meant to be. Releasing feelings of fear around marketing accelerates our effectiveness.    How can we reframe marketing so we can use it to help humanity? How does alignment in our content, community and marketing strategies catapult our work to greater heights? How do we shift our view of marketing from something seemingly dark to something necessary for the work we do?   In this episode, I’m joined by founder of SoulWork, Adi Shakti. SoulWork is a well known in-person and online education platform for holistic health practitioners. Adi shares how to sell in alignment, and why we need to start seeing marketing and money differently.  3 Things We Learned From This Episode The journey from Spiritual Enquiry to Empowered Leadership If we’re going to be in service of other people, it’s extremely important that we’re willing to explore our own blind spots and traumas to overcome them. If we want to make what we do more inclusive and accessible, part of the work we need to do is dealing with our own spiritual scars so we can be more effective and resonant.    Why marketing is important for our reach and visibility We aren’t going to necessarily find our clients within our local communities and where we live. We have to make the conscious effort to educate ourselves on marketing practices that pull people into the work that we’re doing.    How to sell without getting out of alignment The selling aspect can feel out of alignment if we’re just asking and hoping to receive. Building a relationship by giving first is a critical foundation to building a community that’s really excited to work with us. If we don’t have an authentic, giving first mentality, and the intention to resonate with people on a deep level, your marketing won’t work.    Guest Bio  Adi Shakti is the founder of SoulWork, a well known in-person and online education platform for holistic health practitioners. Adi specializes in the philosophy of freedom - offering the yogic teachings and lifestyle design education. Her own life is based out of an experimental yogic living permaculture center on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.   She has trained hundreds of yoga teachers in the 200 hour, 300 hour, Prenatal and Trauma Informed focus areas. She has also led international programs across the globe – including to Thailand, Cambodia, India, Guatemala and Ecuador.   To learn more about Adi’s work and offerings, visit and follow @adi_shakti_rising on Instagram. 
The heart-centered and soulful entrepreneurs of our world are architecting a new earth and pioneering new ways of selling and marketing. They are being led by a divine vision and creating a space where their work can inspire people and invite them into resonance. A path informed by divine vision doesn’t feel labored or forceful, it just flows beautifully into being.    If we’re living in alignment and deep resonance with Source, the process of creating our messaging and how we bring it into being will be divinely guided and authentic. The resources will meet us on the path, and instead of selling, we’ll receive and attract fruitful relationships.     Everything happens on an energetic level.    When we’re led by divine vision, the soul contracts and agreements we have with the people we’re meant to support allows them to find us effortlessly. If the creation of our messaging and offerings feels draining and confusing, that tells us we’re not in alignment.    What does a marketing model led by authenticity and divine embodiment look like? How do we make sure everything we put out is built on the right energy? In this episode, Visionary, Energy and Embodiment Expert, Intuitive Healer and Author, Sydney Campos shares how she built an authentic digital footprint, and how she’s ushering in a new way of marketing.    3 Things We Learned From This Episode   - How resonant brands attract by inspiring   A deeply aligned identity pulls the right people in effortlessly. We aren’t always going to attract people who are exactly like us. We’re also going to attract people who are a few steps behind us in the journey. Instead of feeling intimidated, they will feel inspired and see the possibility of what the path looks like.    - Why resonant content makes selling unnecessary  Depending on the offer and audience, it can take at least 40 days for a cold lead to want to purchase something from us. In that 40 days, we need to build deep resonance and connection through content. By the time you have something to sell it’s just an invitation not a matter of persuading them, and everything will fall gracefully into place.    - How to build our offerings and digital presence with energetic architecture  Whenever we create something, whether it’s a webpage, or a social media post, we need to have clear energy and divine intent. People are going to feel our intention from what we put out, because our offerings transmit energy. If we’re not authentic or aligned, we won’t resonate.   Guest Bio    Sydney Campos is a New Earth Architect, Visionary, Energy and Embodiment Expert, Intuitive Healer and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney offers guidance to all who are called to live consciously and fulfill their soul purpose with playfulness, authenticity and mastery. She is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments. In addition to being a seasoned Business Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner and Instructor.    Sydney shares her expertise through visionary consulting, intuitive healing, self-mastery courses, transformational mentorship and the Visionary Souls Podcast. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine. She gratefully resides at home on the island of Maui.   For more information visit, follow @sydneycampos on Instagram, on Facebook  and connect with her on LinkedIn.   To find out about Sydney’s upcoming offering the 5D Visionary Council, visit    Ready to reach, resonate and consciously convert with Facebook and Instagram ads? Schedule a Discovery Call at
Spirit and business are often treated like two powerful, warring points of focus that cannot co-exist or be of service to the planet.    It doesn’t have to be this way.    The two can be brought together harmoniously to the benefit of the collective. If we are in alignment and our business goals are in the service to spirit, we can be more centered and trusting.   We can surrender and let spirit lead the way, and we’ll never get pulled away from our purpose.    We can show up in the entrepreneurship space as powerful channels co-creating with the Universe.    How does trust in a higher purpose ground us in a marketing world of ever-changing social media algorithms? Why is it so important to be led by spirit in our businesses? How do we delegate and empower our people to get into their flow state?     In this episode, I’m joined by heart-centered visionary CEO, coach, and dance poet musician, Derren Ohanian. We discuss how entrepreneurship changes when spirit comes first.     3 Things We Learned From This Episode   - How to keep going when algorithms change  Algorithms change and marketing channels shift, this is something we have no control over. Instead of trying to fight against it, surrender and trust spirit to lead you gracefully into the next iteration. We have to let go and trust knowing that when we let go, the Universe will always provide the success and abundance we desire.    - How to empower our people by trusting the higher purpose  Trust in your team, let them do the work and get out of the way. If we hover over them and watch their every move, we put them in a fear state and disempower them.   We want them working from their zone of genius not a contracted state.    - Why entrepreneurship is incomplete without spirit Business owners who aren’t informed by spirit often find themselves in the trap of lone wolf syndrome. This manifests in us wanting to control everything, harboring self-judgment, and thinking everything needs to be perfect. Moving past those traumas and tapping into spirit gets us into flow so we show up as our best selves in business.   Guest Bio    Derren is a heart-centered visionary CEO, coach, and dance poet musician who is also known as Flowing River. He is the founder of Social Sensei and co-founder of Ascension Academy. Social Sensei is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Instagram influencer marketing, social media strategies, SEO optimization, and ad campaign management to help our clients gain more followers, increase engagement, and drive more sales.    Derren has over 13+ years of experience working with hundreds of startups and businesses to help them thrive. He blends entrepreneurship with philanthropic work to help co create and manifest a more beautiful existence.  To learn more about Derren and his offerings visit, and  Ready to reach, resonate and consciously convert with Facebook and Instagram ads? Schedule a Discovery Call at
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