Sarah hosts MADIVA podcast to help budding voice actors navigate the madness, and voice acts in over 70 indie audiodrama podcasts including Scottish Podcast, 1994, Amelia Project, Hostile Worlds, Edict Zero, Ancestry, We fix Space junk, Minefire and more. She was Podhost for ADPP, and runs Quirky Voices, aiming to produce Teddy Stories and MADCAP in 2019 and more in collaboration ...
Recent episodes featuring Sarah Golding
Ep. 15 - Human Capital
Episode of
Station to Station
“HUMAN CAPITAL” - 1. Intangible collective resources possessed by individuals and groups within a given population 2. The area of overlap between high-risk and totally expendable. Also: fear and loathing on the endless highway. Starring: Emily Wang as Miranda Quan Nadine El-Amami as Janelle Cochrane Christina Pitter as Reva Luther Kristen Dimercurio as Jackie Simmons Zach Libresco as Eugene Loshank Georie Taylor as ???? Randelle Solomon as Adelaide Montague Additional Voices by Jo Chiang Episode written by Andrea Klassen Directed by Andrea Klassen and Alex Yun Audio Engineering by Alex Yun Theme music by Samantha Jean Rivers Support us on Patreon: Buy our merch: Station to Station is a creation of the Procyon Podcast Network. Follow us on twitter: @s2spodcast and on tumblr: Transcripts for the show are available at
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Bell's in the Batfry, Episode 222
Episode of
Bell's in the Batfry
Brad gets into a life-or-death situation!  Will he survive, or......?
THE CELLAR Episode 2 - Moonlight Becomes Magenta
Episode of
Narada Radio Company Audio Drama
"Do you dare to go down into...THE CELLAR?" Welcome to Episode Two of our all-new horror/suspense anthology series! Our stories are either original, or inspired by, or adapted from pulp fiction and classic literature. Season One of THE CELLAR already has 17 episodes written and cast, with more to come. Expect eerie or suspenseful tales from authors such as Ray Bradbury, August Derleth, Henry Kuttner and Robert E. Howard! Not only these, but you can expect an audio adaptation of a Eugene O'Neill play, AND Pete Lutz's own adaptation of a Lon Chaney-starred silent film. The possibilities are endless, the thrills are non-stop, and the stories are the best possible ones we could find.  With that in mind we proudly present Paul Witcover's tale, "Moonlight Becomes Magenta", adapted by my friend and fellow audio dramatist Mark Slade. Set in old Mexico, we hear the story of a young boy forced by fate to seek vengeance against the man who killed his father, and the supernatural elements that helped him do it. Viva la revolución! CAST: ANNOUNCER: Graham Rowat CADAVERA QUIVRY (Your Ghostly Host): Angela Young PABLITO as an Adult: Nick Wommack BENITEZ: Juan Perez PABLO: Orlando Segarra JAVIER: Micah Blain YOUNG PABLITO: Debby Leal-Ramirez CESAR: Joe Martinez MAGENTA: Christin Espinoza With Additional Voices by Merilee Robinson, Jonathan Montgomery, Lisa Michaud, Aileen Corpos, Mark Bruzee, Derek Rhein, Jessica Mathews, Dyanna Garza and Pete Lutz "The Cellar" theme composed and performed by Tom Rory Parsons Stay tuned til the end, for a preview of Episode Three! Music from the Public Domain, and/or thru a Creative Commons License, and from Kevin MacLeod of Sound effects from the PD and from and from Creative Commons License
Flames | Episode 9, Season 2
Episode of
A Scottish Podcast the Audio Drama Series
As darkness falls over Drumsyde Manor, the trio gather round the campfire to hear the gripping conclusion of Doug's High Fantasy manuscript.  Necromancer Bryar's undead horde approach the fragile defences of the Southern town wall, prompting the forces of Brutus the Merciless to launch an attack from the North. Against all odds, can the Empire forces hold out?  Credits Stories From 'A Scottish Podcast'
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