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Sherry Petersik is an Author, blogger, podcaster and product designer of Young House Love.
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    After hundreds of submissions from Australia to South Africa, we’ve rounded up some fascinating (and extremely charming) ways that you guys dress up your homes all around the world to celebrate a variety of holidays. We loved hearing about everything from colorful Diwali decorations in India to elaborate Nativity scenes in Colombia, along with a wide range of tales about who brings the gifts (Santa isn't the only game in town!). And we realized there's one common theme that ties pretty much every holiday together across the globe! Plus we’re sharing the painful wrench that was thrown into our master bathroom progress, and why we need to have a word with Taylor Swift. Oh and the movie that you should run, not walk, to go see.  Be sure to check out for notes, links, and photos from this episode.
    3 days ago
    Don’t we all want mo money without mo problems? Today we’re talking with personal finance expert Tanja Hester about how value-driven spending and setting a “money mission statement” can help you reach even your biggest financial goals - whether you’re saving up for a home in your dream neighborhood, a big renovation, or even early retirement, which Tanja herself has accomplished. She’s sharing easy ways to trim your budget, painless ways to put more in the bank, and why she thinks most of us have more financial freedom than we think. Plus, we’re discussing a new holiday decorating epiphany that Sherry recently had (oddly enough it was inspired by Halloween and not Christmas) and why you may want to grab an often overlooked painting tool that can save the day. And your back. Be sure to check out for notes, links, and photos from this episode.
    10 days ago
    It’s no secret that house projects can be stressful. Sometimes REALLY stressful. So today we’re sharing three ways we’re keeping a handle on it during our master bathroom renovation, especially around common stress points like broken budgets, creeping timelines, and decision fatigue. Plus, how you can you stop second guessing yourself! We’re also spilling the details about a part of this renovation we haven’t mentioned much, which oddly enough happens to be one of the things we’re looking forward to the most. We also have some holiday life hacks for you that were submitted by our listeners and why part of Sherry’s childhood has come back to haunt us (in the best way possible). Be sure to check out for notes, links, and photos from this episode.
    17 days ago
    Today we’re exploring an expert’s theory that your childhood passions (specifically around 5th grade) could hold the key to what you'll love doing most as an adult. It was fascinating to take a look back and see if the idea really held up for us. We’re also confessing to a mistake we made when hiring a pro for a recent house project and sharing what we'll do differently from here on out. Plus it turns out that plants aren’t the powerful air purifiers we were promised, and the nerdiest decorating project you’ve ever heard in your life. Be sure to check out for notes, links, and photos from this episode.
    24 days ago
    Getting rid of stuff is hard, especially when it comes to kids and their creations. So this week we’re sharing the simple trick we use to keep everything from arts and crafts to forts and cardboard box villages from taking over our house, without putting a damper on creativity. Spoiler alert: this trick works for adults and our favorite things too! Plus, armed with an expert’s advice and a new guideline for how much indoor greenery a home should have for optimal air quality, Sherry doubles down on our home’s plant collection. Also, why things got weird when we switched sides of the bed - and the embarrassing dangers of moving furniture.  Be sure to check out for notes, links, and photos from this episode.
    about 1 month ago
    Mar 19th, 1982
    Richmond, VA, USA
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