Steve has been podcasting about Pokémon and hosting It's Super Effective since 2010. Since then, he has started other podcasts such as The Tuesday Knight Podcast and The Carve. Steve is currently a full-time Partnered Twitch streamer and podcaster.
Recent episodes featuring Steve Black Jr.
Gigantamaxing Fat Pikachu & Fluffy Eevee
It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast
Charizard, Pikachu, Meowth, and more get special BIG Pokémon treatment in the latest Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield trailer. Pokémon Masters has a roadmap based on last week's apology. Niantic is rolling out a map update to GO, as well as, a new $8.99 event that seems like a worldwide GO Fest. With Sword/Shield around the corner, an embargo lifted in regards to the first 90 mins of gameplay. We pull information from Eurogamer, IGN, The Verge, and Game Informer in regards to this news. 00:01:40 - Introduction00:04:20 - Pokémon Masters Roadmap00:13:20 - Niantic Wayfarer00:19:50 - Salami Island Spawns00:22:30 - Regigigas $8.99 Event00:38:30 - Break Music00:39:00 - New Gigantamax Pokémon00:56:00 - More Sword/Shield Info01:23:20 - Question of the Week01:27:00 - Pokémon of the Week01:35:00 - Post Credits🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
Discussion: Story and Room
The Carve: A Monster Hunter Podcast
We talk about our thoughts and feelings of Iceborne up to this point. There is a Sony x Monster Hunter speaker in Japan. SBJ spend $20 on room cosmetics. Micah gives his thoughts on the story of Iceborne. 00:00:20 - Introduction00:01:15 - Monster Hunter News00:12:00 - Iceborne Thoughts00:36:30 - Post CreditsAll Episodeswww.carvepodcast.comFollow on on the
Pokémon Masters and the Public Apology
It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast
Even the producer of Pokémon Masters thinks that the game is boring and a grind, we talk about the apology letter. Speaking of flopping mobile games, why is Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite a dud compared to Pokémon GO? Galarian Ponyta was finally talked about by the Pokémon Company, so we can go over what they said. Ash gets a female friend added to his roster for the upcoming Pokémon anime in Japan. 00:01:40 - Introduction00:04:10 - Pokémon Masters Apology00:19:40 - Harry Potter Failure00:34:50 - Break Music00:35:50 - No More Spawns00:40:40 - PokeDex Case00:46:50 - Galar Ponyta01:03:20 - Break Music01:04:00 - New Characters in the Anime01:06:40 - Question of the Week01:14:10 - Pokémon of the Week01:24:00 - Post Credits🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
Update: First Free Iceborne Content
The Carve: A Monster Hunter Podcast
New room stuff, fixes to Guiding Lands, and Rajang all shows up for the first FREE content update to Monster Hunter World Iceborne! We talk about the radial menu some more, some paid decorations for your room, and the Resident Evil stuff also coming to the game. 00:00:20 - Introduction00:02:40 - Resident Evil00:13:50 - Free Update, Including Rajang00:23:40 - Bug Fixes00:33:40 - Post CreditsAll Episodeswww.carvepodcast.comFollow on on the
Pokémon Sword & Shield Info Dump
It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast
Game Informer dropped a bunch of new Pokémon Sword and Shield information on us. Auto-save stuff, no HMs, why Pokémon were cut, new features, changing natures and more. A 24-hour live stream also showed off Impidimp and Galar Ponyta. Pokémon GO is doing Raid nights every Wednesday this month, and new shirts got added to the shop. Finally, Game Freak talks about how Max Raid battles were made before they were implemented and used in Pokémon GO. 00:01:40 - Introduction00:03:00 - Pokémon GO News00:09:20 - Ash is Back00:13:10 - No HMs in Sword/Shield00:22:40 - Exp Share Always On00:34:40 - Break Music00:35:30 - Auto-Save Being Added00:49:10 - Nature Changes00:57:40 - Max Raid Battles01:06:30 - Break Music01:07:10 - Pokémon Coming Back01:13:50 - 18 Gyms in Sword/Shield01:29:30 - Galar Ponyta01:39:00 - Pokémon of the Week01:47:00 - Post Credits🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
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