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Steve Shallenberger has more than forty years of experience as a successful business owner, a trusted senior executive, professional corporate trainer, and a respected community leader. He also co-hosts the show Becoming Your Best.
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Episode 195 - Our American Dream; Cultivating a Life of Success, Joy, and Purpose
Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
Are you one of the people from all around the world, wishing to live the American Dream?When you don't have much, there's a level of desire and persistence that evolves. As an immigrant born in India, Andrew came to the United States, with one purpose: to help and positively influence the people around him, and he’s done that for over 30 years now. He encourages entrepreneurs to take calculated, bold steps in the direction of a pure and humble purpose because focusing just on making money, won’t bring the fulfillment we’re all looking for. Andrew Samuel is the Chairman and CEO of LINKBANKCORP, Inc. and also LINKBANK, and has a long track record of industry success. He has helped take banks from insignificant to really being listed on the Nasdaq Global Market and has been involved in the Mergers and Acquisitions of more than 10 companies, with an aggregate deal value surpassing $1.5 billion. Andrew has shaped workplaces that are listed as the best to work at in their region, and created cultures centered around servant leadership. Andrew lives in the Central Pennsylvania area, with his wife of 36 years. They are blessed with five daughters, four sons-in-law and 12 grandchildren.He says that our nation allows us to be whoever we want to be, as long as we put hard work into it.So, don’t miss Episode 195 of Becoming Your Best, to listen to the successful story of a skinny poor little kid from India that came to America and was able to do whatever he set his mind on. Questions I ask:Andrew, tell us about your background, including turning points in your life that have had a significant impact on you, on what you're doing today, and on your experiences. (02:07)What are some of the favorite principles or ideas, for you, from this book? (14:28)What have you found is the best way to eliminate distractions? (16:40)How do we learn to serve others when we live in a world where everyone wants to be served? (19:34)Do you mind just talking about boldness and how does that play out in our success? Why is it important? (24:23)In this episode, you will learn:How Andrew and his family made profit out of cow dung. (03:42)How Andrew decided to write his book, “Our American Dream” and what is the idea behind it. (09:52)One valuable principle from the book. (14:33)Andrew’s favorite chapter of his book. (15:28)What are the two parts that “Our American Dream” is consisted of. (19:03)Connect with Andrew:Andrew Samuel - Our American Dream: Cultivating a Life of Success, Joy, and PurposeLinkedInFacebook Page
Episode 194 - Why red light therapy is the best therapy you've never heard of
Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
A lot of times, when we think about improving our health and wellness it's easy to focus on the things that we put into our bodies - the liquids we drink, the food that we eat - but people often ignore the light that they are subjecting their bodies to.Companies are realizing that the blue light coming from the screens that we use every day, is dangerous to one’s body, and now they’re trying to limit our exposure to it.On the other hand, the red light spectrum is beneficial for our health, and Justin and his team, have dedicated their lives to bringing awareness of the advantages of using light therapy for improving your body altogether.Justin Strahan is the co-founder of Joovv, a global company that delivers the science of light therapy at your door, providing life-changing red and infrared light therapy devices. Before inventing and developing the Joovv, he spent his career as an engineer managing design and development teams.So, listen to Episode 194 of Becoming Your Best, to find out about this light therapy that has been around for years, but still, few people know about it.Questions I ask:Tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey, or at least about how Joovv came about and what the company is and how this started. (02:07)What are one or two of your key lessons learned as you've built this company? (08:19)What exactly is light therapy? (10:11)Can you just briefly describe what blue light is, versus, say, red and near infrared? (12:40)What is the future of this? (25:55)What's a good place for people to go so that they can learn more about this? (29:34)In this episode, you will learn:How Rob found out about Joovv and light therapy. (07:08)How blue light can negatively affect our health. (13:22)Some of the health benefits that people see when doing light therapy. (14:43)The mechanisms behind light therapy. (19:17)The advantages of LEDs over lasers. (22:06)The difference between red wavelengths and near infrared wavelengths. (22:43)Connect with JustinLinkedInResources mentionedWebsite
Episode 193 - The Triad of a Relationship, Build Trust and Have Fun
Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
Each one of you has a significant influence on those around you, on your team and organization, your families, but how can you really build strong professional and personal relationships that thrive, and bring out the very best in the people that you work with?The answer is something that we call, “The Triad of a Relationship.” In this episode, we are going to talk about this basic, simple, but yet fundamental agreement, that you should have in place with every employee, from the moment you hire them.So, listen to Episode 193 of Becoming Your Best to learn these three essential things that should be embedded in your company’s culture. In this episode, you will learn:About the three elements of the Triad of the Relationship. (02:27)Case study – committing to being trustworthy. (07:28)About the four parts of the Relationship Agreement. (08:45)Case study – committing to being the best at what you do. (10:52)Case study – committing to being fun to work with. (13:18)About the Harvard Business School’s study that demonstrated that criticism doesn’t help solve problems. (18:10)Resources:Becoming Your Best WebsiteBecoming Your Best University
Episode 192 - Change Your Language Change Your Life!
Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
How is your language impacting the outcomes in your life? There are so many things that we get into the habit of saying in “the negative.” Small, unconscious things such as shifting your language to, “I can’t do this,” to “I CAN do this,” can make a world of a difference. If you change your language, you will change the outcomes that you experience on a daily basis. In today’s episode, I chat with Thomas Blackwell, author of The liberty of Our Language Revealed. Throughout the episode, we discuss various parts of his transformational book and the fundamental idea that changing your language to reflect positivity will change your results and outcomes for the better. This will impact all parts of your life: your personal and family life, work-life, and even your health. So listen to Episode 192 of Becoming Your Best to learn how to change your language and change the world, one word at a time. Some Questions I Ask: Why should someone buy The Liberty of Our Language Revealed? (4:35)What proof do you have that reading the book will transform you? (11:33)Who specifically would benefit from reading this book? (19:27)In This Episode, You Will Learn: What inspired Thomas to write The Liberty of Our Language Revealed. (2:55)About the “captain and crew” analogy, and how it applies to all aspects of our lives. (5:16)How people’s lives have been transformed by changing their language. (11:42)Where to order the book. (27:06)Resources: The Liberty of our Language Revealed
Episode 191 - The Extraordinary Impact of Leadership How to Become A BYB Certified Trainer
Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
What steps are you taking to impact the world? All through time, humankind has made groundbreaking discoveries, accomplishments, and inventions that transform life. Each of these accomplishments is a result of individuals and groups of individuals that all share similar traits and practices that produce high performance and overall excellence. In today’s episode, I discuss how you, no matter who you are, can employ these principles and transform your own life, your team’s productivity, and the world for the better. So listen to Episode 190 of Becoming Your Best to learn how to become a leader that transforms the world. In This Episode, You Will Learn: About the strategies behind every single achievement, discovery, and accomplishment by mankind. (1:08)What the single factor that makes sustainable high performers more productive than everyone else. (4:16)Why accountability is essential to being an effective and productive leader. (7:18)What you can do as a leader to unlock enormous potential in your team. (9:43)How to become a Becoming Your Best Certified Organization. (13:52)Resources: “The X Factor in Productivity”Becoming Your BestBecoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful
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