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Steven Schapansky is a Doctor, host and podcaster on Radio Free Skaro, Doctor Who MHC and Prog Neg Podcast.
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Radio Free Skaro #702 – Tin Dogs and Tin Gods
Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro
Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse is the Miniscope’s last victim for the year, and this week we’re looking at his work on “School Reunion”, “The Vampires of Venice”, and “The God Complex”. And it’s a good thing he has so much material, because the news this week was a study in minimalism. But if you want hot takes on the newest Black Archive release, the “Ghost Monuments” photo project and most importantly, a sneak peek at the LAX Marriott’a new carpet, then this podcast is for you! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – Black Archive does Battlefield – “Ghost Monuments” photo project – Jess Jurkovic’s Dudley Simpson IS Doctor Who, episode 4 – Preview of the new LAX Marriott carpet Miniscope: – Toby Whithouse – School Reunion – Vampires of Venice – The God Complex
Radio Free Skaro #701 – Don’t Scare The Skarasen
Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro
Rumors, nonsense and mumblesuch ruled the world of Doctor Who this past week, with the internet once again eating its own tail with claims Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall and star performer Jodie Whittaker are leaving the programme. The Three Who Rule dig into the potential falsities (of which there are many) and truths(?) of the situation. But on to finer fare, such as Russell T Davies talking at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, a Pat Gorman tribute from Toby Hadoke, Big Finish, the Game of Rassilon podcast live in Burbank, and a commentary about Zygon terror that isn’t from the 21st century! Titivate those fronds! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – Chibnall fired rumour – In Conversation with RTD – Pat Gorman tribute by Toby Hadoke – Doctor Who Magazine Target Books special – 3 new Big Finish Short Trips announced – The Game of Rassilon Live – This episode sponsored by BBC Audio Commentary: – Terror of the Zygons
Radio Free Skaro #700 - Valley of the Dollies
Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro
DOLLYGEDDON! There is no other way to describe the oncoming wave of plastic pals headed our way thanks to Character Options, spanning from Big Finish adventures to an Androgum-ized Second Doctor to the Imbecile himself, Harry Sullivan. There’s also a new batch of on-demand DVDs, the modern series of Doctor Who moving to HBO Max in 2020, A Christopher Eccleston memoir, and more! Plus we have an interview with TV Years impresario Graham Kibble-White about that very publication’s upcoming look at nostalgic sci-fi! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – HBO Max to be home of US Doctor Who streaming – Edge of Time gameplay – UK Blu-Ray Steelbook release of the Tennant Specials – Upcoming BBC Shop Region 1 DVD on demand releases – Colourized Tomb of the Cybermen Episode 1 – B&M Two Doctors action figure set – B&M 7th Doctor & Cybermen action figure set – B&M Sontaran Experiment action figure set – B&M 7th Doctor & Dalek action figure set – B&M War Doctor & Dalek action figure set – Eighth Doctor & Dalek action figure set – B&M Fifth Doctor & TARDIS Caves of Androzani action figure set – B&M Fourth Doctor & TARDIS Shada action figure set – Big Chief Third Doctor figure – Big Chief renews Doctor Who license – Christopher Eccleston memoir due September 19 – Big Finish First Doctor Companion Chronicles Volume 3 – Doctor Puppet original ending – This episode sponsored by BBC Audio Interview: – Graham Kibble-White – TV Years Sci-Fi edition
Radio Free Skaro #699 – The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’s Edge
Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro
Let’s get down to brass tacks here: the current Doctor Who Time Team are going to be action dollies according to teasings from the Character Options folks. All other news pales in comparison, but we do have updates on new Big Finish Productions, “The Power of the Daleks” photos going for a whole lot of cash at an auction, and an (unofficial) 13th Doctor LEGO TARDIS console room. But the true highlight is of course your questions and comments to us about that show we all like in the form of…Fluid Links! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – BritBox coming to the UK in 2019 – Character Options action figures of the current Time Team – LEGO Thirteenth Doctor TARDIS Console – Doctor Who Magazine 541 released – Two more Fourth Doctor Big Finish series due 2022 & 2023 – Big Finish follows up The Greatest Show in the Galaxy – More Big Finish Short Trips due 2020 – Intrusion Countermeasures Group novels – Power of the Daleks photos sell for almost £7000 – This episode sponsored by BBC Audio
Radio Free Skaro #698 – Chromophonic Workshop
Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro
Who would have thought we’d see the day Christopher Eccleston would grace the hallowed ground of Edmonton, Alberta, the sacred land of two-thirds of Radio Free Skaro? And yet here we are, as Mr. Eccleston will be a guest of Edmonton Expo (not affiliated with RFS) in September! Alas, North America isn’t so lucky when it comes to DVD and Blu-rayss, as we’ll have to wait until Christmas for the Colin Baker Blu-Ray set, but you can get Big Finish’s 20th anniversary extravaganza The Legacy of Time right now! And speaking of things you can do right now, why not listen to our interview with visual effects wizard, compositor and animator Rob Ritchie, veteran of Doctor Who animated reconstructions and special editions! Do so! At once! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – Christopher Eccleston announced for Edmonton Expo – Colin Baker Season 2 North American Blu-ray release coming December 3 – Complete David Tennant Blu-Ray due in North America September 17 – “The Macra Terror” North American release pushed back to November 19 – Matthew Sweet interviews Eric Saward about new Doctor Who novelizations – Big Finish “The Legacy of Time” now available – Big Finish “Donna Noble: Kidnapped” announced for May 2020 Interview: – Rob Ritchie
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